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Rockies, Jurickson Profar reportedly agree to 1-year deal, per @MLBNetwork Insider @JonHeyman..

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Jurickson Profar goes to Rockies. $ total package ($ guarantee). Makeable incentives: 400 plate appearances needed.

Thoughts on the #Rockies new left fielder and probable leadoff hitter Jurickson Profar?.

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Wouldn’t have minded Profar back but he is a little too similar to Kim, Crone, and Nola. Plate discipline type guys with below avg barrel%..

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It’s a good signing. Profar is a switch hitter who mostly plays LF. He hits a lot of doubles, which will play at Coors Field. And the young players just aren’t quite ready yet. Plus, it’s a very reasonable salary..

Free Agent Jurickson Profar Finally Finds a New Deal, Signing with the Rockies.

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The #Rockies have agreed to terms with free-agent utility-man Jurickson Profar, per @JonHeyman..

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If Profar plays 1B/LF we could see Cron at DH more. If Moustakas makes the team Elehuris Montero is sadly the odd man out..

Not that wasn’t obvious Profar opting out was a bad idea, similar to Padres money on a 1 year deal is not breaking the bank.



Profar to the Rockies and *potentially* leading off. There goes any discount we were getting. Coors tax plus what should be a solid lineup spot..

The highest rumored ask I heard is that Profar was asking for 5 Years 65 Million, yeah he didn’t get that 😳😬.

O Colorado #Rockies chegou a um acordo com o FA outfielder Jurickson Profar, informou Jon Heyman, do The New York Post. O Profar terá US$ 7,75 milhões garantidos, mas pode chegar a um total de até US$ 8,75 milhões. Exames estavam pendentes para a assinatura até a divulgação..

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Jurickson Profar is headed to the #Rockies on a $ deal per @JonHeyman. What do you think about the signing?.

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For context to make enough LT space to have signed Profar the Yankees would have had to trade IKF and another player on the MLB roster.

Profar a los Rockies por $ y un año. Al menos sacó $ más, y en un Estado con una tasa de impuestos sustancialmente menor, de lo que hubiese recibido de haber ejercido su opción con los Padres para 2023. Pudo haber sido peor..

✅ Aceptan contrato de un año para Jurickson Profar según Jon Heyman @MLBNetwork.

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Profar got an insignificant raise to play for a bad team whose home park will expose him as a defender and whose philosophy offers no real chance of escape..


you can tell who knows ball and who doesn’t depending on if they wanted jurickson profar on their team.

Jurickson Profar Fun Facts: He’s the second player on the #Rockies roster to appear in the Little League World Series (also: Randal Grichuk). As a double unique, Profar can team with Grichuk and Yonathan Daza as an all-double-unique outfield this season..

@BrendanQ_1999 I wasn’t ever sold on Profar but non tendering IKF should’ve been the move even if they signed nobody.

@papa_cole45 @BrendanQ_1999 Yeah was gonna say the same thing. Idk if Profar really was the answer, and you couldn’t know a few months back that his price tag would drop to this point. But they absolutely could’ve just non-tendered IKF. I hope they know he’s tradable and just have him for insurance.

@BrendanQ_1999 Big L for Profar. Opted out of his deal only to take a 1 year deal for only slightly more than what he was making..


Jurickson Profar is headed to Colorado. 🏔️.

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@LetsGet2TheShow @robncypress Welll the profar idea (while bad imo, is no longer available anyway.

@ExtendGleyber @TalkinYanks my bad i forgot he plays multiple positions, i had him on my fantasy teams in the past and he had like 5 positions under his name lmao, but if we’re gonna have ikf play the outfield and have volpe on the roster i feel we don’t need profar.

@BrendanQ_1999 Still think IKF is gone before opening day, but I agree that Profar would’ve been a better use of $ than IKF..

@SergioMQuintero Profar was a great locker room guy. His defense definitely improved last year. But this year with Dahl and Azocar playing well in spring it would’ve been tough to pay Profar as a part-time player. With the OF mainly set with Soto, Grish and Bebo..

BREAKING NEWS: The #Rockies have signed OF Jurickson Profar to a 1 yr, $ contract (can be worth up to $ with incentives).

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@PadresFanTakes I’d take Carp’s “loud” power potential & overall obp/slg profile in our lineup this year over Profar’s. I’d bet the Carp/Cruz & Dahl platoon combo will outproduce Profar..

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