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That “patriotic” friend of yours you’re currently texting about protesting Trump’s arrest in NYC is a federal informant and your text messages from today are going to be read out loud in front of a jury of 12 NYC communists who hate you. Just a heads up..

PTI workers are protesting outside the European Parliament in Brussels. There’s another protest starting soon outside 10 downing street (UK PM Residency).

Jon Cryer
Jon Cryer

What’s hilarious about the Republican reaction to possible Trump indictments is that none of them are actually protesting his innocence. They know he’s guilty as hell. They just want him to be able to get away with it..

@kylenabecker @ChadFugal Agreed 100%! He should be talking about protesting with your vote and hitting them back in the 2024 election..

@gatewaypundit We are in a two tiered justice system. BLM and antifa free crime sprees no prosecution. Trump supporters protesting are violent terrorists and are prosecuted beyond the max. Political prisoners for a Failed and corrupt system..


@DailyMirror People don’t care, these nurses have been over worked for years. If they cared they would be out in the streets protesting instead of ducking clapping in the plandemic!!!!!.

@ChuckCallesto @willsmi1 Well, the Democrats don’t want the truth that bad actors were put in place on J6 to tarnish Trump, bring Trump down & stop supporters from protesting- peacefully - just know BLM & Antifa are free to protest violently!!!.

@Clown_World2022 @disclosetv Do you understand they are protesting on behalf of socialism?.

@carlbildt They should be protesting against Israeli atrocities committed against Palestinians.

@askamys @jeremycarl4 And THAT is what I’m protesting. I’ve witnessed it get worse. It started with Obama telling everyone to use their positions at work for political activism…and many ppl in the govt and law enforcement took that to heart. From Lois Learner to Peter Strozk. None arrested..

@w_terrence If you protest, protest away from Manhattan. That place has a geo fence set up to collect phone numbers of folks protesting. It will be the same as j6..

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