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Are you ready to LOVE YOURS3LF? 💕 Grab your nearest box of tissues 🤧 because #QueerEye3 is now streaming🙌✨🌈.

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I would never change myself for a But I AM ironing my t-shirts today for the first time ever because @TanFrance said so #QueerEye3.

And also, Antoni is way better this season. So much more useful and individual. #QueerEye3.

I just really appreciate that @tanfrance is out there fixing terrible American pronunciations. Doing the real public service right here. #QueerEye3.

Despite having a crazy-busy weekend so far, I have somehow still managed to watch all of #QueerEye3. Yet again I’m considering feigning utter hopelessness so a friend nominates me and I get a house full of free new furniture. 🤔.

I’m so excited to get amongst the newest season of @QueerEye Ready to get emotional, feel uplifted and inspired and above all smile uncontrollably #QueerEye3.

ok so #QueerEye3 owes me like a whole box of tissues cus i’m crying almost every episode.

I watched #QueerEye3 I cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes, vacuumed the house, did the laundry. Do I feel better? Yes. Am I dead? Also yes..

今シーズンはアントニもジョナサンも自分の辛い過去を語りながら諭すシーンが印象的だったけどカラモもなかなかタフな人生だったんだな。5人とも知れば知るほど素晴らしい人間だ #QueerEye3.

Ég er ekki að horfa á bardagann en ég er að hágráta yfir þriðja þættinum af #QueerEye3 😭😭😭.

@natebobphil @QueerEye We ordered our bottles the second we saw them walk into that bottling company. #QueerEye3 #jonesbbq.

Bobby: Renovates a whole damn house. Antoni: Eats lobster at a restaurant. Love them both, but 😂. #QueerEye3.

Eldest, Annie and I are binge-watching #QueerEye3 and we’re up to the episode with Jess who was disowned by her parents for coming out at 16 and I’m livid/bawling/livid again and full of mum rage. She wanted to build computers. I so want her to be able to build computers..

Until I watched #QueerEye3 I had no idea there are so many Black people who live in Kansas. #TIL.

You can never have too much @QueerEye! Stream the full episode now on the @ParamountNet app. #QueerEye3.

can we take a moment to appreciate bobby’s PERFECT note taking skills #QueerEye3.

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ร้องไห้ตั้งแต่อีพีแรกแล้ว season 3 #QueerEye3.

Episode one: a makeover of a woman who‘s an @NRA member, hunter, and correctional officer who trains with firearms every and she thinks gun laws need to be much stricter. Yes, hunny. #QueerEye3.

#QueerEye3 features a lesbian hero for the first time. Have you fallen in love with her yet?.

And just when the world feels a bit too much, and the dark forces too prominent, #QueerEye3 arrives and reminds us all about the amazing power of kindness 😍.

If you kick your kid out because of their sexuality or gender identity, you are awful and can fuck all the way off. #QueerEye3 #QueerEye.


Binged #QueerEye3 today and was surprised at how I cried during every single episode LIKE I HADNT BEEN CRYING AT IT ALL DAY.

Just binge-sob-laughed-wept-cheered my way thru #QueerEye3 Like I’ve done every season of #QueerEye But there’s something about this more. The Fab 5 are angels on Earth, I swear. They make me want to treat myself better & change my life to reflect that.❤️.

You mean to tell me I have spent all day working and running errands, when I could have been watching the new season of queer eye?! What?! This needs fixing. Now. #QueerEye3.

Are you ready to LOVE YOURS3LF? 💕 Grab your nearest box of tissues 🤧 because #QueerEye3 is now streaming🙌✨🌈.

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