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Randy Quaid is one of the best actors in Hollywood and the left can’t stand how he’s also a Trump supporter..

Randy Quaid is threatening to murder people if Trump is legally indicted for crimes he actually committed..

Randy Quaid Photo,Randy Quaid Photo by Machine Pun Kelly 🇺🇦,Machine Pun Kelly 🇺🇦 on twitter tweets Randy Quaid Photo

Randy Quaid Says Trump’s Arrest Will Make Jan 6th Like a Kid’s Birthday Party: Social Media is FURIOUS.

This is the perfect tweet to confidently say that I try to be woke. People who think the word “woke” is a negative are people like Randy Quaid…and @PierrePoilievre..

[moments after Trump gets arrested, Randy Quaid steps to a microphone] 🎶 All that’s known In History, in Science Overthrown At school, at home, by blind men You doubt them, And soon they bark and hound you Till everything you say is just another bad about you All they sa.

Randy Quaid. Hollywood has been, #MAGA Terrorist. @RandyRRQuaid.

Randy Quaid Photo,Randy Quaid Photo by Bryan Dawson🇺🇸,Bryan Dawson🇺🇸 on twitter tweets Randy Quaid Photo

#TrumpIndictment Randy Quaid admitting J6 was a MAGA coup attempt.

Randy Quaid Photo,Randy Quaid Photo by itsallrealitv,itsallrealitv on twitter tweets Randy Quaid Photo

Randy Quaid doing his best to let everyone know just how psycho the Trump cult are! #TrumpIndictment.

Randy Quaid Photo,Randy Quaid Photo by Carol,Carol on twitter tweets Randy Quaid Photo

I thought Randy Quaid lived in a shower-less cave. Can he still get Truth Social using 3G?.

Randy Quaid is predicting that America will be as distressed by Trump’s arrest as they would be if Quaid released another movie..

I’m sorry but if you’re batshit enough to listen to Randy Quaid or Donald Trump I don’t think anyone can help you at this point..

WTF. I thought Randy Quaid saw his shadow and was going to disappear for 8 more years..

THIS is what Joe Rogan meant when he said Trump is the “King” of the “Morons” 👇🏼 Christ, Real America has had just about enough of the #MAGACult Go, protest with Crazy Randy Quaid in Manhattan or Mar-a-Lago, after Arresting Trump they can arrest these Morons too..

@FossGregfoss I see you Foss shouting from the rooftops for well over a year now #Bitcoiners are like Randy Quaid in Independence Day They all laughed for years, but the west is about to learn why we #Bitcoin There’s still some ⏱️ before 💣 Get off zero and buy some insurance now.

@realTuckFrumper More and more I have come to believe Randy Quaid’s portrayal of ‘Cousin Eddie’ from the National Lampoon Vacation films wasn’t such a big stretch for the.

I hear that Randy Quaid and James Wood will lead the revolt on Tuesday while Scott Baio and Kevin Sorbo @ksorbs take it up the rear..

@realTuckFrumper This is all one needs to know about Randy Quaid:.

@wittykitty47 @queenthiab Same. 45 appears to be crapping his pants and throwing ketchup and Randy Quaid is calling for another insurrection..

⚠️Randy Quaid a radical maga extremist continues to incite violence! Randy Quaid Says Trump’s Arrest Will Make Jan 6th Like a Kid’s Birthday Party: Social Media is FURIOUS via @NicoleJames.

@fabumimi Randy Quaid and the lot of Trumpers are mentally ill, as evidenced by the amount of crazy Q 💩 they cling to. The adulterous, narcissistic, covetous, vain, proud, lying, worships $$, wears orange makeup Trump- and you think he’s some hero. Crazy..

@Paultx890 Wow, randy quaid either went to a lot of really horrible birthday parties as a kid or threw some dangerous and scary ones for his kids as an adult. His frame of reference is way over the top..

@KellyScaletta Randy Quaid is batshit crazy, but don’t dismiss him. I have no doubt that the MAGA morons will be throwing fits, but hopefully they’ll look at the insurrectionists and not repeat their actions..

Saw Randy Quaid trending and thought, “I wonder what new film he’s in” before remembering..

@realTuckFrumper I feel sad that Randy Quaid has been caught up in MAGA propaganda. Encouraging people to riot is wrong..

@MFighter69 The last coherent thing Randy Quaid ever said was, “Good morning. Shitter’s full.”.

The best thing to do if you encounter Randy Quaid is to hand him a buck or two and silently continue on your way without looking back..

Kinda wild to think that Randy Quaid turned out to be even a bigger horse’s ass than Chevy.

@realTuckFrumper Randy Quaid is a raving lunatic and we will not be held hostage by the magats. ARREST TRERRORIST TRUMP!.

@RandyRRQuaid @TuckerCarlson Randy Quaid: Tucker Carlson keep lying to the willfully ignorant like me. Also, Randy Quaid on Nov 12, 2020 - Fox News is dead to me..

@patriottakes Randy Quaid Ludes obviously has the moonshine tube set up next to the recliner. The only spring awakening is you getting a check up from the neck up and replace the coloring books with the National Lampoon collection..

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