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Ken Silver opens the front door to Jim’s Steaks Monday morning after the Friday fire. I see Kobe Bryant,Bruce Willis, Lou Rawls & Big Daddy Graham pictures & autographs survived @fox29philly.

Hello 🌝 #VisitPhilly #PackLightPlanBig 📸: @.

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Curious that Rawls himself, when he wrote about abortion, did not ask himself what a fetus would choose behind the veil of ignorance..

I take Megan’s point, but this once again confirms my thesis that Rawls is not actually useful for anything. Especially now that there are no more political theory jobs..

@rawls_heather Two Grob motor gliders, enroute from Brighton it seems Beautiful sight!.

@asymmetricinfo @vkargatis The entire point of the whole debate is that “pre-born soul” is a religiously loaded and metaphysically questionable concept. Rawls also explicitly states that disembodied souls are not what he’s talking about.


Libertarians return of the repressed, Rawls, over and over again. How tedious..

In my admittedly limited experience the purpose of Rawls is as an example of the problem of standing unawares on the shoulders of giants in an introduction to the thoughts of actual giants..

Interesting thought experiment. But based on his argument that the veil of ignorance supports an extensive system of liberties, I suspect Rawls would argue for the pro-choice position. Curious for the thoughts of political philosophers such as @thephilosotroll..

@asymmetricinfo Interesting debate, but I don’t think Rawls intended any of.

@asymmetricinfo @vkargatis But Rawls’s fancy of a pre-born soul is a proxy for a human being with agency. Adult humans have the capacity to reason about what social conditions they would prefer without knowing whether they are particularly advantaged or disadvantaged. Fetuses don’t..

@edroso When Tom Nichols, of all people, has to explain Rawls to her, she really is lost. Fun fact, I am currently reading Rawls again for first time in 30+ years so she was actually timely..

The only thing worse than McArdle trying to use Rawls here is her attributing wishes/desires to the unborn and resting her argument on the notion of a soul. This is not how a Rawlsian analysis is done..

Improbable ! Il devient millionnaire après sa soirée alcoolisée dans un bar #Rawls.

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@dburbach Don’t bother yourself. He totally misunderstood Rawls’ veil of ignorance. Rawls’ veil is to choose ex ante rule, not alternative countries or physical places. If this was the case, the veil will be an absolue tautology. I just choose a world with fluffy kitten & no diseases.

@asymmetricinfo Apply Rawls’s veil of ignorance to the women and girls involved as well..

@dontbrexitfixit @rawls_heather Probably in whatever tax haven the track and trace billions are..

@rawls_juliet @ExactlyCharley Ha! Love the “pulling a Hawley”!!!! ⚓️⚓️⚓️.

@dontbrexitfixit @GlynSnowdon With that there would be no need of privatisation would.

@asymmetricinfo A philosopher friend of mine at San Jose State actually wrote an academic article on Rawls and the unborn:.

@SamanthaMalin Such a shame. But fret not. There are quite a few things that will grow in cooler months..

@jtlevy Yes, but that doesn’t help my broader goal of getting left-wing people to stop using Rawls as a trump card..

@asymmetricinfo The whole point of the Original Position is that as **adult, rational, moral agents** (NOT pre-born souls) we can imagine ourselves behind the Veil of Ignorance. Rawls made clear he was not talking about disembodied souls.

Rawls advocates for a just society where everyone has rights, hope this helps x.

@AlecCrisman At some point one should stop trying to cram all this into Rawls and just go read Parfit..

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