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Updated: November 26th, 2021 06:41 AM IST

Larrys Mabiala with the break through! #RCTID #MLSCupPlayoffs

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Trash red card for Asprilla. Total garbage, should be rescinded. Don’t @ me. #RCTID

This Red card appeal is gonna be interesting for sure. 😂 #RCTID will we get off the hook I hope so but will see.

@PROreferees if @daironasprilla deserved a red then that trash rapid player did too. #RCTID

Honestly I’m so heartbroken for Dairon. Everyone celebrating and there he is and he knows it. To have a career year and not get to help the team next game has to be crushing for him. We won’t let one moment define the season for you, Dairon! #RCTID #PTFC

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@TimbersFC Congratulations and Happy Thanksgiving!! Have a safe trip home 💚💛💚💛 #RCTID

To come out on top is a really beautiful feeling. Steve Clark on the importance of our win and the excitement that surrounds it. #RCTID

LATE DRAMA IN DENVER!😱 #RCTID progress to the #MLSCupPlayoffs Western Conference final!

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Dream season for #Rapids96 comes to an end. Portland staying live in playoff time. Where have I heard that before? #rctid

Another look at that stoppage-time game winner from Larrys Mabiala to send is to the Western Conference Finals! 🔥🔥🔥 Larrys now has two goals in two games in the playoffs! Absolutely magical! 🪄 #RCTID #MLSCupPlayoffs

Colorado was a gutsy opponent, but playoff magic is playoff magic. Belief. Beyond. Reason. Let’s go! #RCTID

“We’re not fazed….We’re a complete team right now.” #RCTID  is off (or coming home) for the Western Conference Final.

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#RCTID Clark, “nos sentimos cómo un equipo completo, incluso quienes no jugaron. Nunca sentimos pánico de defender profundo. Aprovechamos momentos y tratamos siempre de estar compactos. Tenemos buenos centrales, Diego Chará y Paredes hacen un trabajo fantástico” #MLSCupPlayoffs

@realelijahblack And that thought in mind would be incredibly dangerous and the path to failure. #RCTID

Clark says Portland is a team that is comfortable defending deep. No panic in the first half, when Colorado was all over them. #RCTID

Victoria de @SomosTimbers en la última jugada del partido después de un tiro de esquina muy mal defendido. Superior @ColoradoRapids en el 1T, donde abusó de los centros y se encontró con un gran Clark. #RCTID creció en el 2T igualando el trámite a pesar de la lesión de Blanco

That mentality is similar to the what the team had when Seba went down. We have a good team, and [when Seba went down] we expected somebody else to step up. #RCTID

Larrys Mabiala with the break through! #RCTID #MLSCupPlayoffs

Could really do without the NFL birds eye camera though tbh, box action demands a steady cam. #rctid

65’ OFF THE LINE!!!!! Beautiful build-up play from the Timbers in the box and Van Rankin’s low shot is cleared off the line. #RCTID

Just a disappointing game on Turkey Day. Had this been a European game somebody would have been up 2-0 already. Per usual, MLS teams have to eek out a 1-0 victory. Just painful to watch. On to 🏈 #RCTID

@ariellec I don’t know if your tía is #rctid but I’ll send her a No Pity scarf if she is.

Unkel, wanna explain how Badji coming into DChara late after ball is gone isn’t a booking? 🤡 @PROreferees #RCTID

63’ Badji cleans Chara out from behind after the ball had already gone and Ted Unkel doesn’t brandish a yellow. #RCTID

60’ Yimmi makes a brilliant run in behind Abubakar and puts him in the blender, but the Rapids’ defender is able to recover and block the shot. #RCTID

Two dives in box by same player in a game. Unkel waves it off. Zero cards. Great job @PROreferees #rctid

This game is there to take. Timbers needs to pick up their intensity. Decision making continues to be terrible. #RCTID

The question now is Blanco’s injury a deflator, or is it a ‘do it for Seba’ moment for the Timbers. The season rests on which way that leans. #RCTID

Bad hamstring injury for Blanco. He knew it right away. Healing thoughts, Seba! #RCTID

Una pena án Blanco🇦🇷 se ha tenido que retirar del campo cojeando y llorando. Pelos de punta al ver la que no sea nada pero no pinta nada bien. Estaba siendo el mejor de #RCTID

And here’s where Gio’s narrowmindedness becomes a critical liability. He should shift Asprilla central and bring Valeri for Chucky. But he won’t do that. #rctid

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