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Blake is the villain this season… production is gonna keep him around for the ratings. #ReadyToLove.

I thought the lounge was a safe space - Sue Ann just told who said what…for him to be all into her b/c no one else is into her…not cool …#readytolove.

So what happened to what is said in the ladies lounge was supposed to stay in the ladies lounge?! #Sue 🤨#ReadyToLove.

Sir, women have no issue discussing sex, however, every time you get together with the women that’s ALL you discuss. It shows your life pallet is limited and not well versed. It has nothing to do with cultural differences. #ReadyToLove.


there is nobody on this show that needs that lifeline, I swear just leave with them #readytolove.

From Blake’s reaction, I know Jefferi ain’t lying!!! SuSu needs to open her eyes but most “pick me” ladies only see what they want to see #readytolove.

They are only letting Blake slide because he’s decent looking. Sue Ann needs to stop giving passes #readytolove.

Most of these women want kids and Blake doesn’t so let that uptown fade Nigga go #readytolove.

And I already see the reunion having a few side eyes darted at this dude #ReadyToLove.

This work out group date was super cute!!! But, it clearly ain’t for the Tig Ol Bitties… lol #ReadyToLove.

Fabrice has some really beautiful facial features #ReadyToLove. I agree there was a difference culturally. Women want the physical, but want to be courted @OWNKeepItReal @nephewtommy..

@SayMyJRenee That part! And he’s found the right flunky to do just that! #ReadyToLove.

I kind of have a soft spot for Blake. I think he is struggling with learning to date in his new phase in life #readytolove.

Fabric, Fabrice needs to go home. Too old to be on this show. 50 something out here trying to find a sugar baby. #ReadyToLove.

Fabrice is an example of why I stopped fuckin wit old niggas. Not all but some are annoying kno it alls. Him telling her he knows her better than herself was annoying and triggering. Bye. They do fuck good tho #readytolove.

SuSu was hating on Jefferi hardcore cause she wants Blake. She’s hoping to be chosen by Blake #readytolove.

There were some hot seats tonight, but looks like Fabrice wasn’t #ReadyToLove. Catch a new episode next week to see what happens next, and stay tuned for more love stories on #SingleLadiesOWN up next!.

Well, she didn’t have to throw Jeffri under the bus though. It may cause friction. She should have just kept it as sharing feedback from the group. #ReadytoLove.

Blake and Febreeze should have been a double elimination they both toxic #ReadyToLove.

#readytolove #season7 🤦🏾‍♂️ Y’all got rid of Fabrice! He was a low key creep but funny as hell!.

Blake or Fabrice🤷🏽‍♀️‼️Blake do you know the purpose of this show? I’ll stick with Fabrice! Sue-Ann, Blake is probably your guy. Only. 🤣‼️#Readytolove.

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