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I think Aaron’s gonna choose Stormy but she’s gonna tell him “nah” because she’s still seeing the preacher #readytolove. At least that’s how it goes in my head.

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Aaron is a wanna be player. Immature ways. Damn ladies, how are you falling for this crap? #readytolove #own.

I only ask someone be a person of their word. That’s it- very simple #readytolove.

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@OWNTV I understand Tiffany. It took a lot to open her heart— Alex came on strong and she doesn’t want to be abandoned. She is strong, so people may not see her vulnerability. I hope Alex can, and they move a little to the middle, towards each other #ReadyToLove.

Angel while your giving Aaron space, he is getting close with Stormy. So please cut it out. He is playing the field. #ReadyToLove Shanta knows what shes talking about.

The corniest thing people do is block folks who don’t agree with your tweet about people on the show. It’s an opinion and people are allowed to have a different one. If u tweet something don’t expect everyone to sanction it. Especially hateful mean stuff. #nutcase #readytolove.

At this point, I can’t even figure out how Aaron made it through the screening process 😒 #ReadyToLove.

Lol @ Rita saying Aaron needs to grow. Didn’t she say she is a serial side chick - in her 40’s. Aaron isn’t the only one who needs to grow, honeybun. #ReadyToLove.

Guys will pull a WYA or WYD in a woman’s texts early and often, but they don’t want a woman doing it to them because they deem it controlling. That’s so hypocritical. Throw all 3 of these guys away, please. #ReadyToLove.

To choose a woman because she wants to have children is foolish. There’s no guarantee she can actually have them. So, if she can’t, is Michael leaving her? #ReadyToLove.

Alexx was scared ass hell to tell Shanta she gotta go 😭😂😂😭😭 #readytolove.

When I hear a man say “I don’t deal with drama” I hear “I never learned how to deal with conflict” RED FLAG sis, RED FLAG!! #ReadyToLove.

I wasn’t a Shanta fan, but she is growing on me. She has her third eye OPEN in dealing with these guys. But to say something about Shay to Michael?!. She crossed the line. That’s messy. #ReadyToLove.

It’s sad to hear Aaron lying about Melinda. He is telling these women what they want to hear rather than the truth. #ReadyToLove.

I’ve been trying to figure out where all this handsomeness is these women claiming Aaron is. Is atl that bad y’all? He looks like his breathe is hot to me #ReadyToLove.

#READYTOLOVE I don’t like when a man calls the incident of a woman communicating with them ! There’s no drama bruh, you’re just immature and incapable of handling conflict..

“A man makes a way, not an excuse!” ~ Tiffany #ReadyToLove Good show on @OWNTV.

Did I miss something? Christina & Ashlee both seemed playful, but Christina was labeled immature & Ashlee made the cut with Alexx? #readytolove #OWNTV.

I think Aaron’s gonna choose Stormy but she’s gonna tell him “nah” because she’s still seeing the preacher #readytolove. At least that’s how it goes in my head..

Shanta was just calling Aaron out. Like why be nice if he is full of ish and you know it. Don’t beat around the bush be straight up. #ReadyToLove.

I would also like to thank @OWNTV for letting the cast share about their businesses!!!! #ReadyToLove.

I love this show. I’m a fan straight up. Saturday nights are taken for a few weeks. #ReadyToLove.

Shanta did something that everyone needs to learn “PROTECTING YOUR PEACE” She was feeling Alexx but at NO COST was she going to let his struggle to choose affect her!! We all gotta be willing to sacrifice for the purpose of keeping our inner peace!!#ReadyToLove.

I’m with Shay. Younger men have a way of seducing older women into trying to keep up with them. They’ll leave her and the kids behind. Mike would have to agree to be the primary caretaker. #readytolove.

Thank you @OWNTV for such an awesome show as #ReadyToLove. It appears @willpowerpacker has a hit..

Shanta is a pretty lady!! A BOLD woman!! And I respect her so much!! She makes me think about my great grandmother!! She had the same kind of personality. #ReadytoLove.

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