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I do think its time to take [Trump] both seriously and he is saying that the real enemy is not Vladimir Putin, the real enemy is other Americans -- this is the nub of Trumpism to turn Americans against one and other. - @SykesCharlie w/ @NicolleDWallace.

These Democrat demons are asking for a civil war. They allow real crimes to go unpunished - from the BLM thug’s terrorizing cities, to Biden’s own crime family - then prosecute innocent Americans purely for political gain! No more equal protection under the law means no more….

If these New York hacks put President Trump in cuffs for these bogus charges, watch his poll numbers soar. The Left & Establishment still don’t understand that real Americans see right through their desperate, pathetic, political witch hunt..

@SenStabenow Reminder: Americans live out in the real world and know your words are lies and your deeds have caused great harm..

@piper4missouri Made social security recipients pay taxes on their already paid for benefits, made waitresses pay taxes on their tips. Reduced the tax rate on the wealthiest Americans from 70% to 28%. A real friend of the workers of America, for sure!.

@fkeyamo Us or Korea congratulate or not ..We Nigerians will not accept the elections unless everything was done so kafancha or hell can congratulate him but REAL CITIZENS KEEP FINGERS CROSS .. AMERICANS OR OTHER NATIONS ARE NOT THE OWNER OF OUR WE OWN IT.

Stay strong Real Americans love what you’re doing and stand for.

@Jim_Jordan Real Americans want you out of office so real issues can be taken care of. All you want is stupid retaliation and investigations.

@jsolomonReports The persecution and prosecution of Trump should make every real Americans blood boil. This continued haranguing of a man because the dem marxists fear his return should align every thinking and aware person behind him. He is the last solution remaining to save USA from Marxism..

@realDonaldJNews Trump shall be arrested in NY, GA, and Federally ... all 3 and he might even be the MAGAtard candidate , but 70% of Americans are ACTUAL REAL PATRIOTS and we reject MAGA fascist unamerican bull..

@elonmusk Hey Elon, so many wacko haters on twitters roster. Sorry to hear they hate so much of our freedom in the USA. Are you sure these are real Americans?.

@RonFilipkowski Everyone, regardless of where they reside on the petty partisan insanity spectrum, should be pissed if Trump is indicted on fake charges. If the charges Trump may be indicted on are bona fide, then no one (same insanity spectrum caveat) should be pissed, even real Americans..

@POTUS The 2A isn’t about recreation, it’s about the right to defend yourself and your country. Considering how close we are to WW3, Americans need it..

Companies like Facebook, as soon as you started typing the words would prohibit people from sharing that website. Yes it was brutal, watched live James Foley beheaded, people cut up with chainsaws. AMERICANS NEED TO SEE THE REAL WORLD.

@Jim_Jordan So the majority of us who live here are not REAL AMERICANS?...So what do propose to do to us???.


@Sandhills99 Shovel it to NYC and build the wall ie escape from new york style to keep it away from real Americans 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.

@maxdubler I’m at a loss for how we change this. The real estate speculation keeps Americans in poverty and crime high, it even causes obesity and mental health problems 😭.

@RonFilipkowski Message to Margie… you are a fascist and a cult member. Enjoy the Orange Koolaid…real Americans are thrilled Joe Biden won by over 7 million votes!.

@BodegaCatLA @alx Apparently your NOT HUMAN! You would rather live in destruction/violence that’s how you kind of people live. Not real Americans do pie hole..

@ArizonaJan @catturd2 They can keep letting the real criminals go. You know murderers, rapists, and keep letting those in prison go without serving their sentences. Politicians on the left like the real criminals in my opinion. We keep letting them sell drugs on the streets, and true Americans die..

@RonFilipkowski Scary when cultists gain power and influence. How do we get some normal people to represent us and get away from all this BS shading the real stories for Americans..

@Jim_Jordan All 25% of you? So 75% of us are not real Americans?? Good to 75% of us know that YOU are the sham..

@RonFilipkowski Yeah ok real Americans see the government as the enemy except when they get that ssi check once a month.

@RonFilipkowski Yes!!! Put the morons in charge. The dumber the better. Real Americans..

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