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Remembering my friends we lost 32 years ago today. #LetTheMusicYouLiftUp.

. @Reba turned to social media to honor her late bandmates on the anniversary of their tragic plane crash:.

“My grandpap performed [at Madison Square Garden] and my dad roped caves at the Madison Square Rodeo in 1946 and ’47. So for a McEntire to get to go back in and perform there, that’s going to be really sweet for all of ” @reba.

Let’s talk about how Reba has barely aged. See what happens when you drink water and mind your business.

予想通りではあるんだけど渋すぎ😱 忠彦丸だけツ抜けしてるのは久里浜行ったのかな?.

@sonic79894 @AdamantxYves Now I want to hear Mary do I’m a Survivor and I wanna hear Reba do Family Affair.

話も聞いてくれる人も居ないし発作出ても受け止めてくれる人も居ない そろそろもう辛くて自害しそうだ.

@TMDace @reba SOLD OUT - those are such beautiful words for our Queen and all of us!!!!.

If Reba or Kelly Clarkson ever betray me, y’all are gonna have to come check on me!.

Henry’s Weibo update #henrylau @henrylau89.

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@__theerealestt @houseofwarwick Reba getting ready for the show.

Reba Photo,Reba Photo by Kim Richards’ Bunny,Kim Richards’ Bunny on twitter tweets Reba Photo

Betty White is still my number one girl, to be clear. But Reba & Kellisha Clarkson are beloved in this house!.

@becky_ballenger @LivingInThePas5 Ok, I was thinking it was Reba McEntire. I just remember seeing it on some show on TV..

reba mcentire and shania twain are aging so beautifully like… they’ve been the same age my entire life 😭.

@scottgayham @houseofwarwick why you play reba like this!?!?!???!??,?????!!!!!!??😭😭😭😭.

Reba is me when I walk and try noding my head to music in my headphones & not the steps😂.

Henry’s Weibo update #henrylau @henrylau89.

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君を忘れたくないから 君に忘れられたくないから(Tara-Reba/androp).

@Fancyreba1 @bigdan071288 Exactly!! Reba says “if you have a job to do get out there and do and don’t whine about it.” She’s a real professional and will do what she needs to do to rise above negative crap! I doubt that half of what that rag printed is true..

Go off Reba!!!!! Dolly, girl where you at?????? Lol….

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今日は何故か実家に泊まる事になったので母とチェンソーマン見てる 鬼滅ハマってたから新たに開拓していく.

Akira reba message yawe ubundi umbwire ukuntu cogebank yabuze imihango🥺🥺😎.

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Ik for a fact Vette didn’t think Reba was gon be walking to this song 😆.

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