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📰MLB🌎 ヤンキース、逆転サヨナラで貯金34 3点追う9回に一挙4点、ジャッジV打 👉 ✅ 土壇場で3点をひっくり返し逆転勝ち!勢い止まらず独走中📈 #RepBX 🎦 @Yankees.

Joey is slashing .200/.300/.486 in 11 June games with 3HR 8RBI. Compared to .177/.292/.339 in 20 May games with 3HR and 4 RBI. #Yankees #RepBX.

#RepBX Photo,#RepBX Photo by Bronx Muchachos™️ 🎙🗽,Bronx Muchachos™️ 🎙🗽 on twitter tweets #RepBX Photo

Miguel Castro really brought it in this series. Using him three times against Houston shows the faith the organization has in him. They used him in situations where the team was behind, but not hopelessly so. #Yankees #RepBX.

Did anybody else notice this from the @yankees twitter? 😂😂😂 #RepBX.

#RepBX Photo,#RepBX Photo by Yankees Updates,Yankees Updates on twitter tweets #RepBX Photo

The #Yankees are on pace for 122 wins this season. Wow. #RepBX.

#RepBX Photo,#RepBX Photo by Gerrit Cole (48-16),Gerrit Cole (48-16) on twitter tweets #RepBX Photo

In the last few seasons, if the #Yankees were behind it was like they just gave up and accepted an L. But this season they have fight and they battle every inning and it makes me so excited #repBX.

La última vez que un jugador de #Yankees pegó HR de 3 carreras sin outs en el final del 9no, fue el 10 de septiembre de 1929 ¿Quién? El Bambino Babe Ruth frente a Tigres de Detroit #RepBX.

There’s little doubt something very special is happening with the 2022 #RepBX.

New York it’s time to just depend on the Yankees again. Let’s bring a parade back please #RepBX.

Really good series Astros fans. I hate to admit how fun the Astros are to watch but they absolutely are. Still absolutely hate when we play them but was a fun ass series. GGs and #RepBX.

#walkoff para este mutante q ya tiene 28HRs! Last 13 gms 9-4 sin un off day vs TB/Tor/Hou 🔥🔥 #RepBX.

I was dismayed by all the panic and doomsday tweets that flooded Yankees Twitter this weekend. They have the best record in baseball. They never quit. Everyone loses. Deep breaths. Show a little faith! #Yankees #repbx.

Gina knows what’s up! #RepBX It’s also good to know she’s a Dolphins fan too! 💙💙💙.

2018-2021 the Yankees underperformed and disappointed. 2022 my girlfriend and I break up, 2022 Yankees are juggernaut world beaters. Coincidence? I think not #RepBx.

I thought the narrative was we don’t beat good teams 😴 #RepBX.

🙏🏽🙏🏽Night night @BlueJays #RepBX.

#RepBX Photo,#RepBX Photo by Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico,Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico on twitter tweets #RepBX Photo

Just like to point out ever since I got my Rizzo jersey a few months ago he’s been on fire 🔥 coincidence? I think not! @ARizzo44 #RepBX.

Very late but this team is incredible. Win, Rinse and repeat every night. Happy man. 48-16. #RepBX.

The @Yankees are kicking so much ass right now that all any haters can say is ‘first round exit’. 🤣🤣🤣 Oh man, I love it!! #RepBX.

@Yankees 2 things you need to do: 1. Pay Judge WHATEVER he wants. 2. Name him Captain. This tweet will self destruct in 5 mins… #RepBX.

3-0 Arron judge “I dont care fuck it” BANG YANKEES WIN by far the best player in baseball right now give him the mvp right now #Repbx.

If I’m Aaron Judge I’m not say a damn thing when I walk into that room tomorrow morning 😂 #RepBX #Yankees.

⚾🔥⚾🔥⚾🔥⚾🔥⚾🔥⚾🔥 🧑🏻‍⚖️💪🏼🧑🏻‍⚖️💪🏼🧑🏻‍⚖️💪🏼🧑🏻‍⚖️💪🏼🧑🏻‍⚖️💪🏼🧑🏻‍⚖️💪🏼 #RepBx #LosDelBronx.

The most calm walk off pitch by pitch breakdown I’ve ever seen💯🔥 #LFG @Yankees #RepBX.

Mi mamá me dio la vida. Aaron Judge las ganas de vivirla. 🗽 @TheJudge44 @Yankees #repbx.

@Yankees do it again! 🔥 Gotta get our pitching together though. Getting into these holes would be killing us if the #BronxBombers weren’t crushing the ball. Forget about the win record… let’s get some pitching so we aren’t going home early in the playoffs. #RepBX @YESNetwork.

23-9 against teams With record .500 or better. Best in MLB. But you keep going with the false narrative that Yanks don’t beat any “good teams” #RepBX.

Hicks Moneyball homer. Game of the year. What a finish. #RepBX.

Safe to say Aaron Hicks was NOT throwing away his shot tonight 😁 #RepBX.

#RepBX Photo,#RepBX Photo by Maya Tucker,Maya Tucker on twitter tweets #RepBX Photo

Well good night Yankee fans everywhere. Enjoy this team. They are hopefully gonna be pretty special. They are on their way and I can’t wait for the the ride. #RepBX #.

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