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#Eritrea: Debre Sina Holy Trinity Theological College & Fnote Birhan Spiritual College have conferred Diplomas & Certificates to 221 Graduates on theological subjects in their 2nd Commencement. Ceremony was presided by His Reverend Abune Qerlos, 5th Patriarch of Orthodox Church.

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@lmcheifetz Yeah Reverend it’s easy to be an extreme ideologue in Nashville when this doesn’t happen in your neighborhood isn’t it? ..

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Reverend Adekunle and Dani looks cute together actually #BBNaija #AdekunleOlopade𓃵.

The 18-year-old boy who stabbed his father Reverend Garnet Foster Sr to death in Westmoreland last year July has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. Read more: #GLNRToday.

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HAPPY Hoggard! REVEREND LIBRA,ft. Harvey Mason. To check out music/video links & discover more about his musical legacy, click here: @jayhoggardvibes #SOULTALK #LONDON.

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🎶 I was strolling one day through a lonesome graveyard When a voice from the tomb seemed to say, I once lived as you live, walked and talked as you talk, But from Earth I was soon called 🎶.

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they dont gaf about me they just want to feel my presence, if i would die tomorrow my casket would only see the reverend.

@LRoy3 @ReverendWarnock We all know “Reverend” means nothing to this woman beater. He’d rather beat the baby out. A 15 week limit on abortion, except for rape, incest or health of mother should not be a bad thing for anyone. 15 weeks! Babies can taste and feel pain at 15 weeks. #stopMurderingBabies.

@MissouriKid3 @ReverendWarnock It’s called separation of church and state. That’s what the reverend believes! Government shouldn’t be in the OBGYN’s office!.

@ReverendWarnock You would think a “Reverend” would be against killing of babies, like God would expect him to be….

Graveside services for Bennie Neal, age 80, of Quitman, MS, were held at 11:00 , Thursday, September 22, 2022, at Old Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Quitman, MS, with Tubby Dyess and Reverend Jason Castle.


@ReverendWarnock Thank you for inspiring me every day Reverend. I believe Dr King will be looking down on you with love - for you continuing to carry on his work for the oppressed, the sick, the poor. God Bless You.

@ReverendWarnock Hey ‘Reverend’, can you please show me exactly where in the Bible that abortion (that is, killing the unborn) is allowed or encouraged? I’ll wait..

The Nightmare After Krustmas (s28, e10) 'Krusty and his daughter spend Christmas with the Simpsons; Reverend Lovejoy seeks converts to boost attendance at church; A Christmas toy scares Maggie.'.

@ReverendWarnock Nice talk reverend. The issue should almost never be about abortion. It should be a birth control ( free for all) ( there should be a pill for men too. Life is precious and we must have better options.

@ReverendWarnock I’m sure he would also vote to keep domestic violence and chile abuse illegal. I don’t think you would fake “Reverend”. Didn’t you get popped for wife beating and child neglect? Should you be preaching any type of morals? Curious!.

Moloch needs his offerings! You ARE a Just not for God..

@Tajraider99 … they’re talking about daily stress events, not massive trauma. It’s literally the context, and yes, I think someone who lives in New York has more experience controlling their anger than someone who lives in a beach bungalow..

@FTiafoe @youngchase907 You are a reverend son of a bitch with balls and playing with all your soul in an exhibition. You are a fucking loser so you will be remembered for the rest of your life.

@ReverendWarnock Warnock is a RINO - Reverend in name only He wants to kill babies in the womb. Kill. Babies. In. The. Womb God’s creation. Let that sink in, Georgians. Did they teach you that in Sunday School?.

@ReverendWarnock Yea, why would a “Reverend” want to end abortion ??? 🙄🙄🙄.

@Tajraider99 Jen lives in a city and a job with constant stressors and can’t be angry. Bruce’s whole job is being and angry or being secluded. He doesn’t deal with stress, he runs or fights. Jen has no choice but to quash it. Obviously she’s better at it. Besides that….

@ReverendWarnock Why would a “reverend” be so determined to allow babies to be killed? Do they not have a right to life? WWJD?.

@ReverendWarnock You need to revisit the “Reverend” part. Show me a biblical reference to the acceptance of abortion that’s not tortured and twisted..

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