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Updated: October 15th, 2021 02:42 AM IST

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レッド・ホット・チリ・ペッパーズ、新作は「俺たち4人らしいもの」 #RedHotChiliPeppers #RHCP

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@_IamTrueHate Rage was my go to…rhcp not so much for me…pearl jam stp bush green day sums up my 90s rock…im italian and spanish btw lol

@simonemahara I frequently have days where I wanna hear nothing but rhcp. Ol girl TRIPPIN

@MCJHYPE @PatsOnYaBack INCUBUS!!!! I think a lot of Black people know A LOT about rock bands especially if they were alive when MTV still played music videos. If you were alive and watched Rob and Big in real time, you have listened to FF, RHCP, LP, Incubus. I would throw in a bunch of pop punk, too.

@GeeDee215 As somebody whose RHCP fandom peaked in about 1993, the fact that the three songs mentioned in this thread are from their 1999 comeback album is making me feel even older than I usually do.

The way my whole TL is filled with angsty 40 yr old & our love for RHCP is giving me so much joy.

Lol how old are you? Anyone that grew up in the 90’s with MTV knows RHCP, regardless of race.

@nwhitmal @PatsOnYaBack i saw fishbone open for rhcp many years ago and the fishbone guys danced in the crowd through the whole peppers set - literally bouncing off the walls

What’s everyone’s favorite RHCP song? Most days it’s “Parallel Universe” and other days it’s “Otherside”

what is this man talking about? flea is top 5 bassist doa across all genres. AK is AK. Travis Scott’s last album was an ode to RHCP.


lloro es esos que te dicen a mi me gusta una banda que no conoce nadie y te pasan a decir los rhcp

@naima I would do RHCP songs at karaoke at Nancy’s Pizza Buckhead and EVERYONE had their phone flashlights on singing 🎶 TAKE ME TO THE PLACE I LOVE 🎶

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The same RHCP that had their early work produced by George Clinton? 😂

john frusciante coming back to RHCP was one of the best things to happen in my lifetime.

@maritesu Me encantaría ver a Arctic Monkeys, RHCP (porque cuando vinieron no los seguía), David Gilmour porque ya logré ver a Roger Waters y BTS Por supuesto quisiera SKZ pero lo veo poco posible ahorita😞

Eu fui trouxa ontem por causa da Taylor e agora por causa do rhcp meu deus do céu, pq não tens piedade de mim?

Black Person☑️ Mentioning RHCP☑️

RHCP Photo,RHCP Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

RHCP definitely exist and go very hard in my timeline. Better go talk to The Watcher or something @jfreewright

@_raviee People are being really weird. My Black ass went to see RHCP with a Black friend in Columbia a few years ago, and we just so happened to meet another Black friend and her brother there. Like people are being very strange on this bird app.

Terrible theory, RHCP was a lot of Black people’s gateway into rock music. Them basslines? Flea never came to play. I know more yt people that didn’t fuck with them tbh

@kdc He’s he think Black people just randomly shout out that they like RHCP? Does he ask people when talking to them and the subject of music comes up, or does he just assume? This is a weird thing to bring up on this app.

@PatsOnYaBack Nahhhh. RHCP is top 5 bands. Granted Weird Al is 200% the reason I discovered them, but been fucking with the Chili Peppers since the mid 90s

mermao, fiquei o dia todo jurando q não ia chorar nesse discurso da chorei que só o carai

@anacvazzoler Se de alguma forma vc conseguir ingressos, consiga um par de sneakers ó Não existem palavras para descrever o que acontecerá com teus pés se tu for de all star ou congêneres. Eu só suportei porque eram os rhcp.

Also if we’re keeping it super real, RHCP, and other groups like Black Flag and Operation Ivy, wouldn’t exist without the influence of Bad Brains, pioneers of the funk meets punk and hardcore sound.


Are you from LA or did you move here? Because RHCP is a v CA experience.


@dopegirlfresh RHCP wouldn’t exist without black ppl. Like what are they talking about? I believe Chris Rock even directed one of their music videos in the mid 2000s

Jejejejjee me voy a regalar d navidad la entrada a los RHCP esta vez si voy a entrar a verlos jejejejejjej

tem alguém escutando RHCP aqui perto de casa, se um dia eu odiei meus vizinhos não lembro

Groups I remember non-Rock fan Black folks being into 90s-early 00s (to varying degrees) RHCP Radiohead NiN Audioslave Nirvana Foo Fighters Rage SoaD Linkin Park Evanescence My Chemial Romance The Killers Just off my head.

レッド・ホット・チリ・ペッパーズ、新作は「俺たち4人らしいもの」 #RedHotChiliPeppers #RHCP

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