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I love how these chicks are really telling a person how they should grieve 🙄 WTH?! #rhop.

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Damn the lady can’t even speak about her son without Candace rolling her eyes. She’s so unnecessary #rhop #RHOPReunion.

I’m for sure watching #rhop reunion tonight but I’m waiting to wake and bake and will tweet when I get to watch it again tomorrow.

I hate how they be tryna play Candiace like she’s just so evil she actually be having valid points #rhop #RHOPReunion.

I think Ashley found some gay stuff out about Michael and threatened to tell the world so they came up with this baby agreement to keep both parties covered lmaooo goodnight I’m going bed! #RHOP.

Dorothy is so hard to watch and listen to. #RHOP #RHOPReunion She’s dismissive and nothing makes sense..

Its annoying that everyone acting like they dont understand where Candice was coming from about Ashley. Like girl, you tryna give birth to a Corona bottle or nah ?#RHOP.

Whoever dressed the women on tonight’s #rhop reunion should lose their job? Every damn dress was doing too much. Feathers on pleats? A cape on a pantsuit made of lace and crystals? Too damn much..

Imma guess the #RHOP S5 storylines: builds her LaDame Empire across America. moves into the new family home with her ex-husband. Candiace ...and Chris try for a child. Monique / Ashley ...bring up newborns amidst all the drama. chases after Juan.

@JaniceHuff4ny loving you and the weather forecast on #WWHL @Andy bring the drama #rhop.

#RHOP: Ms. Dorothy working the hell outta her 15 🤣. Karen is sending shots and they all hitting!! Ashley is looking like she got her lies down pat, Monique happy to be out the house lol, Gizelle’s tude is starting to show on her face, and Robin’s serving up LambChop realness.

Candiace is making me side with Ashley and for that, she can go. I’m done with her #RHOP.

Giselle don’t want Jamaal. Giselle need to pay for her house to be finished chile. And you best believe the good parishioners of New Birth will pay for it. Lord help me I know you don’t like ugly. #RHOP.

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The #RHOP exes are rekindling their romance 12 years after their divorce..

I love how these chicks are really telling a person how they should grieve 🙄 WTH?! #rhop.

We not gonna sit here and act like Sherman didn’t come because of little ol me 😑 #rhop.

I cringe everytime Robyn and Juan do everything EXCEPT get remarried! Juan does not seem interested tbh #RHOP.

Are there not enough candidates for new cast members? Is that why Robyn’s still on the show? #rhop.

I, as a Black woman, do NOT find it hard to believe that a Black woman named Candace (from #RHOP) has such a dysfunctional relationship with her Black mom that they only communicate thru her white husband. This is what happens when you spoil your kids. Pay attention.

Katie season 1: I am legacy. Charity is in my blood! Katie this season: I’m not wearing deodorant and I haven’t showered today. #rhop #bravo.

Potomac has been great this season. Maybe throw a new friend into the mix and see how she does, but otherwise, I want these six back full-time next year. #RHOP.

Gizelle is such a fake friend. She know she wrong for saying how she feels in the confessional but not to her face #rhop.

Thanks for the love and support! Tonight was such a huge success. For those of you trying to order you may also purchased La’Dame at The Bloomingdales information listed below. They will be happy to ship your order to you. #rhop.

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Any year-end best TV shows of 2019 list that doesn’t include Real Housewives of Potomac season 4 will be invalid #RHOP.

Gizelle did not deserve that shout out from Karen. I’m sure she had real friends she could have acknowledged during her time to shine #RHOP.

And that’s what I did! Wouldn’t have missed my girl’s event for anything!!!! #rhop #QueensSupportQueens.

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