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I came to I came to count down til 9pm when #RHOP premieres Season 5!!!!!! #dragSlay If you haven’t heard my new single you’re slackin in a major way 🤣🙌🏾❤️🌸

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The ladies put the spotlight on Candiace TONIGHT @ 9/8c on a new #RHOP!

Gregory Stewart
Gregory Stewart ()

Cherise is trying so hard to come back on the show. Not gonna happen! She was boring as hell #RHOP

Keirn ()

I love when a new cast member just fits in perfectly and has their own voice and story to tell. Wendy will be a great addition, regardless of how I’ll feel later on. Certain housewives adjacent to BH could learn what TRUE EMBRACE means. #RHOP

The Peach Report Daily™
The Peach Report Daily™ ()

Just finished watching episode 2 and it is sooo good! Maybe even BETTER than the first? 👀👀👀👀👀 #RHOP

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Ange ()

@steph6_xox I agree if it was for something normal, but I did think that if you are having something 12 months after your big wedding and expecting presents for this occasion as well, that she probably should have paid for people’s drinks. Who throws a party for their anniversary? 🤔 #RHOP

Kyle Richards’ Bangs
Kyle Richards’ Bangs ()

Gizelle’s kids have truckloads more sense than their mother. And for her to say “we are the adults” 😂😂 #rhop

Curtis 🍯
Curtis 🍯 ()

“I am not talking about Charisse.” - good, leave her in the past. Non of us asked for Charisse 💀 we want KATIE! #RHOP

Curtis 🍯
Curtis 🍯 ()

It’s nice to see Gizelle hold somebody accountable that isn’t Monique or Karen for once. Growth 🙄 #RHOP

“Nah”-la ()

I just love Monique. She really is a sweet soul and anyone who has a problem with her, IS the problem #RHOP

Kim Jong Makemse Un
Kim Jong Makemse Un ()

Karen: I just know botox is a fucking miracle worker but freezing a booty hole is a whole nother can of whoop ass #rhop

Deanna Grey
Deanna Grey ()

Candiace is not a happy person. Someone who is that dark and vindictive is not happy inside. #RHOP

Sarah A
Sarah A ()

Hope Wendy makes her own opinion about the ladies and doesn’t prejudge them because of #RHOP

xX Mrs O Xx
XX Mrs O Xx ()

I swear if @iammrssamuels leaves #RHOP after this season because of what happens, I’m DONE - she MAKES this show what it is!!

Alara Fair
Alara Fair ()

Candiace is selfish as hell. A year ago her mama spent beaucoup bucks on that ostentatious wedding and she needs an expensive anniversary party a year later? Can you say champagne tastes on a beer budget?🙄 Seriously get real #RHOP

xX Mrs O Xx
XX Mrs O Xx ()

I am team @iammrssamuels all the way! You can clearly see in the video that she was being antagonised by the way she was approached. Last season she was invited to drag someone - don’t ask and then moan when it happens!! #RHOP

Auntie Rabbit
Auntie Rabbit ()

Funny how these girls think not getting into a physical fight means they haven’t lived up to the stereotype. Meanwhile they out here arguing and being catty every episode. Ok sis. #rhop didn’t one of y’all pull a knife on the other last season? 🥴

Tria ✨
Tria ✨ ()

Monique done brought this potty to this lady her 9 month old he went in it?!! #RHOP

Lori Barrack
Lori Barrack ()

#RHOP What a beginning. Love the African Grey - family had Candiace is still a spoiled child & her outfit looked awful; sure hope someone kicks her ass. The new babies are beautiful!! High energy out the gate!! Hope Wendy is better than hateful, trouble-inducing Candi

Cammi ()

I’m surprised Gizelle isn’t really listening to her girls about their father. The fact that they feel he calls them just to impress Gizelle is definitely something to pay attention to. #RHOP

Wanda Sky
Wanda Sky ()

@Tiffluvs2shop @LoveAndyC Thank you. Gizelle is a narcissistic opportunist her damn self. She ain’t fooling nobody. The streets no different. ☕️☕️☕️☕️ #RHOP

Dulce ()

I dont like Gizelle but I love her daughters. They’re so young and wise. Kid goals #RHOP

Maya ()

Nobody looks at Gizelles life and says “wow, I wish I had her life”...not even her daughters. #RHOP

Dani_Carm ()

Finally listened to @iammrssamuels Hazel aka Monique Samuels- Drag Queens- Official Lyric Video via @YouTube can I just say AMAZING! And I don’t hear her promoting violence. I feel the music was about bringing her back to who she is! Love it #rhop

Wana ()

If she was confused as to where their relationship was, why did Candace invite Giselle taste testing for her party? #RHOP #RealHousewivesOfPotomac

💫✨ ()

Imagine being with a man for over 20 having 2 of his he hits you with “we gotta keep growing as a couple” regarding #RHOP

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Shala ✨
Shala ✨ ()

I hope this season of RHOP is not focus on Michael on the down low the entire season!

Spoiled. ()

Watching the season finale of last season’s #RHOP before this season’s premiere episode. Ashley’s mental health needs to be evaluated. How and why she continues to return to this show, only to be embarrassed by Michael is astounding. Everyone isn’t lying about him.

Peaches ()

The excitement for RHOP makes me realize RHOA needs to step it up.

Monique Samuels
Monique Samuels ()

I came to I came to count down til 9pm when #RHOP premieres Season 5!!!!!! #dragSlay If you haven’t heard my new single you’re slackin in a major way 🤣🙌🏾❤️🌸

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Monique Samuels
Monique Samuels ()

It’s PREMIERE DAY!!!!!! The wait is finally over! I can’t believe we are finally here! Y’all better buckle up because every episode is a ride!!!!! See y’all for live tweeting tonight and go live with me on IG after the show 🌸🌸🌸 #RHOP

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