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Looks like Rian Johnson has left his planned #StarWars trilogy behind -.

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Pues si, Rian Johnson sigue trabajando en su trilogía de Star Wars..

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Star Wars 8-Hasser weinen: Rian Johnson arbeitet nach wie vor an seiner Star Wars-Trilogie.

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@OdinsMovieBlog @DDayCobra So rian Johnson gets kicked out at the same time as the appearance of will Smith’s genie? Someone’s wish was.

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So just to go over the rumours from the last week. Title going to be revealed at the Disney earnings call. - False Disney open to making movies based on Legends stories - False Rian Johnson no longer making his Star Wars Trilogy - False..

Rian Johnson parts ways with Disney after they turn down his request to make the new trilogy just 9 hours of pod-racing.

Rian Johnson himself has debunked the rumour. So delete the pointless article..

STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI (2017) VFX: ILM Director of Photography: Steve Yedlin Director: Rian Johnson Crew:.

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Yoda learns of rumors of Rian Johnson being fired from his Star Wars Trilogy..

To this day I still think Rian Johnson was one the best directors for a star wars movie. I knew that I could trust him for The Last Jedi after seeing Looper and breaking bad..

@blake_ison @jtimsuggs There were rumours that Rian Johnson wasn’t doing his Star Wars trilogy anymore, but he confirmed himself that it’s not true..

I can’t believe Rian Johnson had to quit the Star Wars trilogy to work on the Breaking Bad movie under the working title It’ll Just Be The Fly Episode But 4 Hours Long with Intermission.

Rian Johnson confirma que sigue trabajando en una nueva trilogía.

Lo de esta noche con Rian Johnson me ha hecho recordar como, para mí, TLJ y Rian Johnson, dentro de su particularidades, es a SW lo que BvS y Zack Snyder son para DC. Para mucha gente, dentro cada fandom, esas pelis son una autentica genialidad mientras que.

『スター・ウォーズ/最後のジェダイ』ライアン・ジョンソンが企画中のSW新三部作から離脱する…という噂を、本人が否定!噂が広まっていたが、Twitterで「事実じゃないし、現在も三部作に取り組んでいる」とコメントした #HIHOnews.

every month something trends like OFFICIAL: RIAN JOHNSON HAS DIED IN A SALMON FISHING ACCIDENT, HIS STAR WARS TRILOGY IS CANCELLED AND THE LAST JEDI WILL B REMADE and then we hear everyones takes on it and then rian johnson has to briefly stop livetweeting baseball to be like .

Its ironic all the pro rian Johnson TLJ fans are losing there minds over a fake news to what the fandom menance had to deal with for nearly the whole of 2018! we were called racist/toxic/sexist/manbabys/basement dwellers etc in so many SJW clickbait articles.

I have to wonder if Rian Johnson does go ahead with this trilogy will be making even more love or hate it film just to give the finger to those who did not like Last Jedi?.

You guys just know there were youtubers who shot, edited, & we’re uploading their videos on how ‘Rian Johnson was fired’ in the hour span of the news breaking & Johnson reconfirming it lmfaooooooooo.

@bsbd2511 I never said it was a failure. What i said is that rian johnson has damaged the star wars brand. You are blind if you dont see that. I think its weird that you defend a bad story.

THOUGHTS ON THIS RIAN JOHNSON This is a reminder to *never* get worked up about uncorroborated rumors. Not just because “scoopers” like DanielRPK are consistantly wrong, but there are asshats who, with *zero* inside knowledge, pile on w/ vague tweets to gain clout..

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What is this the second or third time this rumor was made up only for Rian Johnson himself to say it’s ridiculous and he’s still working on them? And people still believed the rumor? Seriously?.

rian johnson eu 🤝 odiar nerd.

@screenrant The last jedi sucked so I hope Rian Johnson never makes another star wars movie ever again. He needs to go back to film school so he can learn how to make good movies..

💗💖💕💘💓💞💝💞💗💕💕💗💞💞goodnight to rian johnson’s new trilogy 💓💖💖💕💘💓💞💝💞💗💘💖💖💓💞💝.

Looks like Rian Johnson has left his planned #StarWars trilogy behind -.

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