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When Kyle Rittenhouse becomes a hero instead of an inmate, donโ€™t be surprised when more of this happens..

SCOTUS Justices Seek Protection From Mobs By Lighting The Rittenhouse Signal via @TheBabylonBee.

If you are going to have the word truth in your handle you should probably tell the truth. If Kyle Rittenhouse was out to kill black people he must be a lousy shot as he only killed white folks. I would file a misinformation report, but what would be the point?.

@mrklarth @AP Rittenhouse defended himself from criminals This guy is a racist terrorist Totally different.

@jackharlow @citygirls No RICO charges for this man, much like no charges for Kyle Rittenhouse. Funny, I wonder what they have in common with each other!?.

@RepAdamSchiff @WarnockWarrior In Ohio,Republican super majority keeps passing foolish gun laws. Like you can carry a gun to a protest & shoot someone dead if you feel scared - like Kyle Rittenhouse did. Except they made it legal to shoot 1st ask questions later. Not to mention conceal & open carry no permit..

2 Parties with 1 Agenda servicing their owners the 1% donors! #PoliticalKabukiTheatre brought to you by Lockheed Martin, Raytheon & Northrop Grumman. #nowarwithrussia.

@skyriders1 Just like Rittenhouse did and others are still doing it. Assault weapons need to be banned from being owned by citizens not in the military!.

@Its_Reece @Cruze_xo Sorry, had to respond. Do you youโ€™re brainwashed? For real, thereโ€™s no way you can look at the evidence on roof and rittenhouse and lump them together. ONE, and most basic, KR didnโ€™t shoot anyone black. How do you classify him as a racist or white suprematist? Iโ€™ll wait.

@NickAdamsinUSA The kid travels miles to get there. Guess someone took your advice literally and raised their kid like Kyle Rittenhouse like you posted. ๐Ÿ˜‡.

@marlo2u @RepAdamSchiff Please do stand up and fight. We all saw how that worked out for Rittenhouse..

Totally. But is our government supporting these people? Ukraine?Where is Kyle Rittenhouse these days?.

@being_steve He wants more fame and fortune than Rittenhouse. He probably plagiarized it all..

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