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Rodney Hood would be a tough matchup for us. 😈 But actually we only played 1 game so far. It’s just 1 game. #DukeintheNBA

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Chill out he way better than MJ compare MJ to someone actually on his level like Rodney Hood.

“Jordan Clarkson & Rodney Hood put up numbers on their old teams and now they’re struggling. I thought LeBron made teammates better?!?!?”.

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I explicitly remember a guy saying LeBron held JR Smith back from being a superstar and that Rodney Hood was a good player..

Although we came out with a loss tonight , lots of positives to take from it. Sexton looked very good and experienced , Rodney hood took control of the game and TT looked great again..

My fantasy team ‘Last Flashdance,” took @DwyaneWade off waivers in exchange for Rodney Hood, AS A CONSOLATION PLAYER (& BECAUSE YOU CANT TAKE THE HOOD OUT OF RODNEY), AND NOW I’M SUFFERING MORE THAN GABRIELLE BECAUSE HE WANTS TO SIT OUT FOR THIS BABY AARGGH. I don’t want to lose..

How come when decent/semi decent players come to the Cavs they suck? (Looking at you DRose, DWade,Larry Hughes,Jamison, Deron Williams,Rodney Hood,Korver,IT,Jae Crowder).

@swanggyz O unico motivo pra vcs terem encostado é Rodney Hood kkkkkkkkkkk Tava endiabrado.

I know it helps with the lottery but you really want to win a game where Rodney Hood dunks on somebody..

Positives TT looked great again, Sexton continues to grow, learn, and develop. Cavs come back from big deficit and almost win on road. Rodney Hood gathering confidence. Still not a win but competitive basketball, and that is going to have to be what we hang our hat on for a bit.

When he says, “one of the best” what he means is, “one of the okayest.” But yeah we’re going to be incredible together. Like LeBron & Rodney Hood, baby!.

Rodney Hood - Cleveland Cavaliers 20 PTS 2 RBD 2 AST [FD(: ) DK(: )].

Rodney Hood was heating up and they give Colin Sexton the ball for the last how do think that ended?!? 😂😂😂.

Meh, good loss to get Barrett. Sexton continues to impress since being a starter and Rodney Hood caught a Carter.

@Visca12321 @cavs Noooo I ACTUALLY think Rodney Hood is the best athlete in Cleveland history. Come on bro..

not hard to see why Rodney Hood is so tantalizing. dude has so much ability, just can’t seem to do it on a night to night basis.

Rodney Hood catching bodies this that’s the one good thing to take from the Cavs season..

A Rodney Hood BOOM over Wendell and the Cavs cut the lead to 1! A costly turnover with 13 secs ball! Bulls 99 Cavs 98.

Rodney Hood has a very perplexing game and demeanor. Should be way better, way more often, than he is.

Rodney Hood definitely seems to be happier playing on a bad team with no pressure.

Rodney Hood would be a tough matchup for us. 😈 But actually we only played 1 game so far. It’s just 1 game. #DukeintheNBA.

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