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❤️‍🔥 Roger and Rafa. Will play doubles together. Tomorrow night..

Roger and Rafa Photo,Roger and Rafa Photo by Roland-Garros,Roland-Garros on twitter tweets Roger and Rafa Photo

Roger Federer will play the last match of his career tomorrow, around 9pm London time, alongside Rafa Nadal. They will face Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe..

Roger and Rafa Photo,Roger and Rafa Photo by José Morgado,José Morgado on twitter tweets Roger and Rafa Photo

FIRST SET Rafa and Roger. Not as many enjoyable points as I was hoping for but the vibe is still there. Atmosphere looks sick icl.

rafa is saying i wanna play longer with roger and i do respect that a lot actually😭.

If Roger really is retiring, he and Rafa HAVE TO play doubles in at least one Slam next year. Please.

Roger and Rafa teaming up while Nole being on the same side cheering for them from the sideline, this is Tennis heaven. #LaverCup #Federer.

I love the fact that Djokovic is the biggest cheerleader for Rafa and Roger. 😭 #LaverCup.

Love seeing how animated @DjokerNole towards Rafa and Roger. Amazing 👏🏻💪🏻🎾 #fedal #LaverCup.

Pretty special to be able to hear the chat between Roger, Rafa and Novak in between games. The 3 greatest of all time. 🐐🐐🐐.

Set! Roger and Rafa looking strong. John McEnroe having none of getting caught up in the hoopla. 😂😂😂 #LaverCup.

@TennisChannel This match is thrilling, and even more special is the way that Roger and Rafa smile at each other..

@ManMadeMoon On the plus side, watching Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal (on tv) …this is tennis heaven..

Must be weird/tough for Novak Djokovic to watch Rafa Nadal & Roger Federer and know that however many grand slams he wins he will never be as loved as much as #Fedal #LaverCup2022.

Roger and Rafa are one set of wholesome moments away from ending up on a cruise for a romantic getaway this weekend together.

Roger and rafa going for toilet breaks together. Which level are they unlocking?! 😂.

I like how Rafa just let Roger handle that little back and forth with Tiafoe. 😂 USO got him like “Nah bro, you got it.”.

@NeilMcMahon I could watch Roger and Rafa play doubles like this with all of the greats on the sideline for the rest of my life it’s that good..

rafa they look like twins rafa and roger 👏🏻 watching roger set 1 for rafa and rafa and #LavarCup.

Rafa Nadal: “It’s unbelievable when you don’t play doubles how slow you are at the net.” “You have two hands on the backhand (volley).” Rafa: “Why? Because I don’t have time.” 🤣 Roger Federer and Rafa comedy. #RForever #LaverCup Link:.

Watching Roger and Rafa play doubles here is special! End of an era 🐐 🐐 #LavarCup.

Really thought I could rally behind Team World but maybe I will switch sides for a moment and give my boy a send off. Roger and Rafa for the win! #LaverCup.

@Martina This is such a bittersweet match to watch. So happy to see Rafa and Roger together while on the other side no one wants it to end..

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