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Join filmmakers Robbie Rogers, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Philip Herd, Ron Nyswaner, Cora Palfrey and director Michael Grandage in a roundtable discussion about #MyPoliceman..

Unknown thugs last night broke into Bungokho police station in Mbale District in eastern Uganda & made away with two guns and a radio call, Elgon region police spokesperson, Mr Rogers Taitika has said as police kicks off investigations into the case. #MonitorUpdates by @KitunziY.

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Lord Supreme Strong Mayor of Toronto, Emperor of Scarborough and Etobicoke, Sovereign of the York Realms North, East, and Regular; First of His Name, Hand of the Ford, Advisor of the Rogers, Defender of the Sign of Many Colours: John Tory..

yeterlidir. sürece, ne Rogers İçim #çerkezköy olduğum olduğu ~Carl bir dışım.

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İçim sürece, #cigli ne Rogers olduğum olduğu bir #alsancak yeterlidir. dışım ~Carl.

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~Carl #bornova olduğu bir sürece, #karşıyaka ne dışım Rogers İçim yeterlidir. olduğum.

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dışım Rogers #alsancak bir ~Carl ne İçim olduğu yeterlidir. olduğum sürece, #cigli.

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Rogers bir olduğu olduğum sürece, ne ~Carl dışım yeterlidir. İçim #çerkezköy.

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Will Rogers. You want critics to shit up. Run as hard as you did then and take the beating. That’s how leadership works. Your team will carry you when they know you will die for them..

Opinions on Will Rogers in the NFL? 2021 - 4,739 yards, 36 TDs, 9 INT 2022 - 3,474 yards, 32 TDs, 5 INT.

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Is the City’s Budget Committee now really only responsible for decisions related to Rogers? The Mayor used his special powers today & changed the committees Budget: Making recommendations to Council on any operating or capital budgets in which the Mayor has a pecuniary interest.

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I don’t think it’s possible to over estimate the collective stress the state of Mississippi experienced due to that Rogers fumble. The outcome was ultimately the same. It was so unnecessary. But then again, #EggBowl..

@jdub_rogers @cadesmith_3 This Cade guy just can’t seem to make up his mind. What an idiot!!!.

@jeffreylworthey Will Rogers surely doesn’t deserve his name mentioned in the conversation.

@BeastManSteve Leach did ok, Arnett did incredible. Leach has got to address the QB situation. Rogers is a good kid, but his limitations are completely hampering this offense versus teams with a pulse..

I hope kiffins son got the damn towel. I’d hate to know that shitty performance by Rogers was in vain..


#GuardiansoftheGalaxyHolidaySpecial spoilers • • steve rogers will always be famous.

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The last two mins of the first half of the Egg Bowl were so entertaining #OleMiss DT JJ Pegues had a big-man TD on 4th down #MississippiState QB Will Rogers marched the Dawgs right down the field and found Tulu Griffin for a TD. 16-14 Ole Miss, third starting soon!.

MSU starts the second half with the ball. On 1st and 10 from MSU 25, Rogers pass complete for 9..

@JackKennedy @StevenCheah Brandon looks like when Will Sasso played Kenny Rogers on MADTV.

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@bradokeguerrero @lluvpedro costinha nd bglh é fubá pra fica sentadinho e fuma um rogers.

Remember people if you want reliable internet @Rogers is not the place to get it. Twice in one day and during my charity streams. Trash service go with @Bell they seems to have reliable internet.

@cliffyryan22 We appreciate your interest in coming back to Rogers Ryan! We of course would love to earn your business again. You can DM us and we would be happy to assist where we can! ^EY.

#OleMiss is giving the Bulldogs anything they want underneath. Every time they drop into zone Rogers has a wide open hitch over the middle or checkdown in the flat..

You can see the full decision document here: They will also hear the public deputations and provide advice to the mayor. But it looks like their real power is simply related to Rogers and the any other financial conflicts the mayor has..

Incredibly thankful. 4 generations of Rogers. Happy Thanksgiving, fam❤️.

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This games plan has been shit. Rush 3 on defense, when rushing 4 absolutely rattles Rogers. Run the same shit on offense over and over again. Idk who is calling plays, but they need to adjust..

At the book launch of “Braiding Sweetgrass”with @ltldrum Monique Gray Smith, Nicole Neidhardt and Sheila Rogers hearing the themes of interrelationship, reciprocity and that we are all related and interconnected.

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そういや未だに本来の近接戦闘用プロヴィデンスってまともなデザイン出てきてないのか PS2のゲームのアバンにちらっと出てくる程度で.

@19problemsz Die hard fan here!! Even when we were shit! Don’t dislike Trey, just don’t think he is ready. Even Aaron Rogers set for a couple of years. Patience!!.

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