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Observation #15 in MIN win over NE - Ryan Wright bombed punts tonight to pin the Pats, and the last punt was a big reason NE could not mount a final drive. He averaged yds and celebrated when he got pound for a personal foul to give his team 1st down. Our kind of guy!.

#Vikings Team MVP. #SKOL 1. Justin Jefferson 2. Ryan Wright 3. Opponents Ineptitude.

Ryan Wright pins the Patriots to their own 13 and Jalen Nailor comes up with a big tackle as well!.

Things I’ve learned from this game: 1. Greg Joseph is gonna be cut 2. Ryan Wright ultimate flop boy 3. JJ is gonna get a MASSIVE contract 4. No pats fans, that wasn’t a catch 5. 33 points against that defense? Grit 6. SKOL to the mf bowl😤😤.

If Justin Jefferson and Ryan Wright aren’t unanimous first team All-Pros, the system is rigged..

Might have been the best punting performance ive ever seen what a game for Ryan Wright.

@PurpleForTheWin I can’t cause it’s true #ProBowlVote Ryan Wright, actually more like #Allprovote Ryan Wright.

I know I’m not tweaking they just hit Ryan Wright again I’ll let the no call slide.

@rjwright14_ I saw a ton of people wearing #14 Ryan Wright jerseys at the Vikings Dolphins game. Were they your friends?.

Ryan you are an absolute weapon. I need a Wright jersey confirmed..

@Arsenxls @Patriots That punt, I’m not sure why he didn’t let that go into the endzone unless he was expecting it to bounce back. Ryan Wright booted that shit but i still think the punter returner could’ve played it better..

#vikings Ryan Wright will be getting an academy award for his performance tonight 👏.

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