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The plan all along was to stay with the Houston Texans ~ @KingTunsil78 THAT WAS SAINT OMNI 😂😂 #PMSLive.

In an ultimate middle finger to the NFL, which sent an email to all teams last year ordering them not to negotiate with Saint Omni, he hands to an NFL employee the news of a deal that the player supposedly negotiated on his own, with no help whatsoever from Saint Omni..

When Saint Omni and Ken Francis team up to create Saint Francis Management >>>.

@_sikter @TomPelissero Ehhh they also sent a letter out about that “saint omni” guy that “broke” the tunsil deal..

The memes and tweets from this whole Ken Francis/ Saint Omni situation are going to be generational. I can’t wait.

@bubbagumpino Saint Omni getting Eric DeCosta to sign the fully guaranteed dotted line.

@Freshh_LA @TomPelissero Tunsils contract this week is a good example. He openly said Saint Omni was advising him on the side. He just knew he couldn’t have direct contact with the team itself. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t just take the time to become a certified agent, but that’s beside the point.

I wonder if Ken Francis works for the same player agency as Saint Omni? 🤔🤔🤔.

Saint Omni Photo,Saint Omni Photo by Faux George McCaskey *Parody*,Faux George McCaskey *Parody* on twitter tweets Saint Omni Photo

@Stepbro12440886 @A1Murph Saint Omni can’t help him. He needs an agent that can actually negotiate directly with clubs. He needs a legit, real registered agent. He wants a $200M GTD not $60M. You can’t skimp. Get the real thing..

Per Saint Omni, #Texans star LT Laremy Tunsil is once again the highest-paid tackle in NFL history, securing a 3-year deal worth $75M with $50M fully guaranteed and $60M in total guarantees. The blindside protector does a true reset on the market. Tunsil represented himself..

This just cracked me dafuq up. Per Saint Omni 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 or am I missing something here? Figured that was just a Ro Smith kind of thing or is it used for players who represent themselves.

Saint Omni is negotiating and consulting in these deals. Not for free either..

@RapSheet yeah i’m sure Saint Omni had nothing to do with it. Just a fly on the wall huh 😆.


Saint Omni helped Tunsil on his last extension also. He’s been involved in 2 of the highest inked contracts in 2023 where players have represented themselves. I remember when some Bears fans were saying he wasn’t even a real person..

Need to know what kind of fees Saint Omni is collecting here and with Roquan.

@walterfootball @ProFootballTalk The only thing I can find on a Saint Omni, had something to do with roquan Smith. So who is this mysterious man?.

@JoePompliano this is totally wrong, he is represented by NFL agent Saint Omni, per @RapSheet.

@runbackdave @RapSheet He’s paying Saint Omni. Not that it really matters when you get $150 mil.

@AdamSchefter @PatMcAfeeShow I think this is your fault. Saint Omni got to much press and had to switch up the name to something more generic…. Like Ken Francis.

Ken Francis and Saint Omni. What a weird agency..

Saint Omni Photo,Saint Omni Photo by Chad Alenduff,Chad Alenduff on twitter tweets Saint Omni Photo

@Lj_era8 @PatMcAfeeShow Saint Omni didn’t wanna get found so used an Alias… Ken Francis. Big diversion tactic. Smart.

@AaronLemingNFL my theory: Saint Omni is an imaginary/fake person made up by Roquan Smith to troll NFL executives bcz he simply can. He likely went to church every week in Georgia as a kid, maybe it is a statue he knew of or saw regularly + the Omni is the old sports arena from that area.

@Lj_era8 @TomPelissero What about Saint Omni ??? I need to know if he is real 😂😂.

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