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Sami Zayn had some decent reasons for interrupting The Undertaker.

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[email protected] used the Kinshasa and assistance from Sami Zayn to retain his #ICTitle #WWEClash.

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Con ayuda de Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura retiene el Campeonato Intercontinental ante The Miz. 🔴 EN VIVO:.

Sami Zayn ensures Shinsuke Nakamura is still your Intercontinental champion.

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@gregmparks Sami Zayn is the Kanemura to Shinsuke’s Taichi? Only Sami the American know..

Toujours champion Intercontinental : Shinsuke Nakamura ! Qui attend avec impatience un match contre Sami Zayn maintenant ? 🤔 #WWEClash.

The Miz looked like the biggest fucking GEEK imaginable. WHAT AN IDIOT. Match was not bad but Sami Zayn made that match much more enjoyable than I expected #ICTitle #WWEClash.

Nakamura retiene el título Intercontinental. Anotenle la asistencia a Don Sami Zayn. #WWEClash.

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Post-SmackDown Fight-Size Update: Undertaker Chokeslams Sami Zayn, Reigns vs. Rowan, More.

I wish I could put down “Sami zayn And bayley source/GIF account” on my job applications and get hired because of it.

Remember when Sami Zayn interrupted The Undertaker instead of Bray Wyatt? 2019 is weird. #SDLive.

@BayleysAStarr KO should enlist/join Sami Zayn after that miserable look on his face..

Taker’s Like “I’m Getting Out Of Bed & Getting Dressed, And All They’ve Got For Me Is To Beat Up The Already Unsalvageable, Beyond Buried Sami Zayn?” 😂.

The Undertaker’s reaction when Sami Zayn’s music hit was priceless. #WWE #SDLive.

I feel so bad for Sami Zayn. The dude is legit one of the best wrestlers of this generation. #SDLive.

Anyway if y’all need me I’ll be watching 2014/2015 Sami zayn matches on nxt.

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Sami Zayn interupts Taker WTF where is The Fiend we want The Fiend #SDLive 😩🤦🏼‍♀️.

@AdamsBayBay Agree! Sami Zayn is an amazing talent who is far from *cough* the man deserves better! Stan Sami Zayn! 😤.

They just keep burying the taxi driver . I fucking love it . Sami Zayn sucks cock.

OH MY GOD! ‘Taker selling Sami Zayn just being Sami Zayn is CLASSIC! #SDLive.

And here’s me, ending this thread by hoping that WWE will finally push Sami. Anything would better than this. He could be in the title picture, he could re-become a “luchadore”, heel or top underdog. Stan Sami Zayn!.

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me and @BayleysAStarr will be starting a Sami Zayn Protection Squad. you can now submit applications. thank you..

@vanessaafs Yeah but he was in the opening of the show & buried Sami Zayn. So I’m not sure if he’s going to make another appearance twice on the same night..

@BPM_Broly Breaking News: I heard that Nick Rekeita is actually Sami Zayn. Lawyer by day, Wrestler by night. Shocking right?.

Sami Zayn interrupts The Undertaker #WWE #SDLive Thoughts 👇🏻 🔹.

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Sami Zayn had some decent reasons for interrupting The Undertaker.

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