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Yo WTF?!?? Sammy when I told you I wanted more TV time this is not what I meant….

Brother Sammy’s Appreciation 🙏 Energy with a touch of Kumerican vibe at our Coronation.🔥 #Fabucensus #AKSC.

Sammy Photo,Sammy Photo by Asante Kotoko SC - 21/22 GPL Champions🥇,Asante Kotoko SC - 21/22 GPL Champions🥇 on twitter tweets Sammy Photo

Wow. Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner says the Colorado River Basin states will need to cut water use as much as 4 million acre-feet next year to stave off catastrophe. Details from @ByIanJames:.

Sammy Vi about to perform at @NFT_NYC social hour! Coinbase theater 6th floor at the Marriot! Come through! @SammyArriaga.

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Lawrence Livermore National Lab has published a bunch of research making the case for carbon capture & storage. Turns out at least some of that research was funded by a dark money group with ties to an out-of-state power company. My latest for @latimes:.

Sammy and Christian heel turn tonight. both flawless. 🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻.

Kohli this year in tests : Played in SA and still has an avg of 37 Rohit played in India - 30 avg.

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How can you make one of the most enjoyable parts of AEW into the most horrible part? Just add Sammy & Tay. (I know Y2J will pull it off anyways but still😭) #AEWDynamite.

Chris Jericho & Minoru Suzuki & Sammy Guevara vs. Eddie Kingston & Wheeler Yuta & Shota Umino oh wait….

Just finished #AEWDynamite Great show Thoughts: -Ortiz is gonna look more badass bald - Sammy might be the most hated heel now that MJF is MIA - Happy to see Matt Hughes after getting HIT BY A TRAIN! - Thunder Rosa is the most likeable woman - Christian always been a great heel.

Tay Conti de uma street fight que causou até mesmo troca de farpas entre a WWE/AEW, para ser a dama do Sammy Guevara, é o maior declínio da história da AEW..

@ilynathsz o primeiro não sei mas depois é o sammy e manu off só sei que é a manu por causa do emoji que parece ela.

There’s 4 of us kids & when we were 13,11,9&7 Dad bought a tiny little boat and told us before we were allowed out on it we all had to watch Jaws so he would have an informed audience when he said the line “we’re gonna need a bigger boat” in the middle of the bay 😂.

Thank you to all my sponsors this week, a dream coming to reality now playing in a major championship. Let’s play some golf. Lastly, Gigem 👍🏽.

Un rocker de coraza, alma rebelde y espíritu a su lado un tal Sammy Hagar.

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@Phuket_Sammy I essentially bleed sevral 1,000 thb notes every day because of problems like this. Move to Thailnd they Everything is cheap in Thailand they.

CINEMA DYNAMITE, two 5 stars bangers, Sammy and Tay got so much heat joining the JAS and Christian turn god damn heel and we even see Suzuki Gun coming together!.

@AEW 1. Osprey vs Dax 2. Cage Turn heel 3. Young bucks new champions 4. Sammy bat to Ortiz 5. Ortiz shaved his head.

ド文系だからSFや特撮や宇宙は好きでも細い所まで理解しようとしてこなかったが #シンウルトラマン 観て超弦理論や量子力学や物理を触り程度に学んでクリストファーノーランのインターステラーにテネット見直したら面白さ倍増だった 既知の言葉も不知の言葉も知って観ると違うね #シンゴジラ も同様ね.

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@TheRose_0803 EEP ⚰️🖤🌹😭🎉🎉🎉 hajoon woosung our sammy dojoon jaehyeong-- we missed you!! @TheRose_0803.

Sammy Photo,Sammy Photo by 𝔇ΞΔN⁶ⱽ⁶RVNG?🤘MIITO👁IS COMING💙,𝔇ΞΔN⁶ⱽ⁶RVNG?🤘MIITO👁IS COMING💙 on twitter tweets Sammy Photo

@time_of_Sammy おにぎり界としてはすごいリッチにいきましたね(^-^).

@BWDBlackWrestl1 If you upset Mother Evans we all got nothing for you Sammy… Sammy went full on Bookman tonight but he thinks he’s Big Daddy….

I love love LOVE AEW but I haaaaaaaaaaaate that they’ve turned Tay Conti into nothing more than Sammy’s arm candy at this point. She’s a badass who deserves better (most of the women’s division deserves better too, actually)..

guys one of the best jr heavyweights in the world is in the ring and its not sammy.

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@Sammy_king18 You have 1 Tournament to brag Rohit still leads Kohli in ICC tournaments And even in that SF , Rohit scored 43 , took risk so that Kohli can anchor.

Sammy. Pleasure P, Ray J & Bobby V had a hell of a show 🔥🔥🔥🎶🎶🎶 #Verzuz.

@DMAC_Skins @Jeronimobrat It’s hard for the guys none of us (or few of us at least) saw, but I think 100% Charley Taylor, Sammy Baugh, Larry Brown, and Ken Houston need to be on this list somewhere. Chris Hanburger should be in mix as well..

i have officially had tickets for greta van fleet for 100 days, only 65 more days to go until im in the same building as sammy <3.

I just wanna vomit every time I see Tay and Sammy kiss like that on TV. 🤢🤢🤢 #AEWDynamite.

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