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@SidneyPowell1 claims Hillary Clinton used Dominion to beat Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary in 2016 and says Bernie kept quiet because he “sold out”.

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BarrDeceivesForTrump ()

@ThatUnholyHolly @ndrew_lawrence Sarah Sanders doesn’t actually go by the Bible. In this interview one of Sarah’s answers made it clear that she didn’t care about right or wrong, just who made her feel good:

Steel City Punisher
Steel City Punisher ()

Are we sure that Sarah Sanders is not a dude? I mean she looks more manly than Kaitlyn Jenner and she was a dude!

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KariResists ()

@poedoepie @ndrew_lawrence Sarah Sanders looks like a grouper. No offense to

中野 ()


Democrats in Array
Democrats in Array ()

Once again: If you approved of Bernie Sanders’ staffing decisions, you don’t get to complain about Joe Biden’s.

Bleeding Green Nation
Bleeding Green Nation ()

Does Doug have his faults? Absolutely. Playcalling has been questionable at times, utilizing talent (Golden Tate, Reagor, Sanders) has been miserable too, but the track record speaks for itself. Who do you think is coming in and matching that level of success?

Matt ()

@paultguitarist @SeaOTranquility Rob Halford - Vocals Marty Friedman - Guitar Alex Skolnick - Guitar Troy Sanders - Bass, vocals Danny Carey - Drums Not necessarily my favorite at each spot, but an interesting mix that could produce an interesting sound.

fire doug
Fire doug ()

stuff you can get trash doug about that doesnt have anything to do with Wentz - Alshon getting more snaps than Fulgham and Reagor - Miles Sanders lack of touches - bland offense - feel for the game - lack of roll outs

Blake Eddins
Blake Eddins ()

If Bielema is in the mix for the Southern Miss gets it. That means Bielema at So Miss Leach at Miss State Kiffin at Ole Miss Deion Sanders at Jackson St The after party at the Mississippi High School Coaches Association annual meeting is going to !

PhillyGuyInVA_Sign JT
PhillyGuyInVA_Sign JT ()

My observations from tonight : 1. Refs def sucked 2. Lack of running Sanders 3. Poor play calling, again, Doug 4. Too many passes 5. Lack of separation by receivers 6. Poor o line protection again 7. Wentz not scanning the field for open receivers

James Nagle
James Nagle ()

Doug Pederson tonight: - 6 carries for Miles Sanders. - Jeffery over Reagor/Fulgham. - 2 pass attempts for 20+ yards. - 28 min. until Wentz got out of the pocket. This man has gotten worse every year since 2017, but after tonight, he needs to be he’s awful.

кιєяαη ()

Wentz has been awful and struggling, so gameplan has been give Miles Sanders 6 carries and throw the ball 40+ times. Can’t make this stuff up

DivineMizzEmCee😷🌈❤ ()

@HCTrudo @BernieSanders Sanders is not even a Democrat. He gets zero say as to who Bidens cabinet picks are. ZERO.

MT ()

@ByADiBona Wentz had Alshon streaking wide open down the sideline on that sanders drop. Sanders also seemed to wave his hands up in frustration with the pass

Dustin Templeton (Parler: dustintempleton)
Dustin Templeton (Parler: dustintempleton) ()

Remember when the supposedly anti-establishment left said Trump was the establishment and Bernie Sanders was not? How stupid do those people look right now?

White Sheep of the Fam
White Sheep of the Fam ()

@Elsliimoo Not a great ball by Wentz on the last pass to Sanders, but he can catch a ball at his knees. Second Miles drop tonight. This offense can’t give plays away like that.

Gregarious ()

Attacking a well-qualified woman of color is not a good look. No wonder Bernie Sanders lost because of people like you.

Tyler Wittman
Tyler Wittman ()

@klh_sanders @FredFredSanders Yes, labeling “curious” the things we’d rather people shut up about can itself be an instance of curiositas!

MC 🏴‍☠️
MC 🏴‍☠️ ()

@katonichols @Rosales3413 I had him Watson and James Robinson this week 😂 up 70 am still got miles sanders tomorrow 😂

Blue ()

@ClahkyTheChief Bro it’s brutal ain’t it lol damn ya I got Seattle D, Metcalf, and M. Sanders tomorrow but he’s still got Jimmy graham and dionte Johnson so it’s gunna come down to the wire rn. I’m down 4 points

Gerald LeRoy
Gerald LeRoy ()

@7th_ET I was 18 when I voted for Obama in the primary. I went to school. I have made politics my career. A restaurant visit and an endorsement from Bernie Sanders isn’t killing Ossoff’s campaign. Anyone who thinks so is too online. Some people just aren’t satisfied unless they are angry

Lil Man (10-0)
Lil Man (10-0) ()

@Zirksee Minkah Tyreek Hill Lamar Jackson Or Kyler Murray Hopefully juju maybe Bob sanders if they have rights for him

Hovain ()

#NowPlaying Must Be The Money by Deion Sanders on @TIDAL

Sith Lord Bitmoji
Sith Lord Bitmoji ()

Barry Sanders threatens legal action against brewery over beer using his photo, trolling Lions via @Yahoo

MMA By The Numbers
MMA By The Numbers ()

Only two fighters in UFC history have scored a finish after being out-landed by at least 70 significant strikes. The winner of one (Derrick Lewis -82 vs. Alex Volkov) and the loser of the other (Luke Sanders +71 vs. Iuri Alcantara) are both in action this week. #UFCVegas15

Frank Wells
Frank Wells ()

@prageru @SarahHuckabee Dennis First, Tell the Truth Prager has a guest, I see.

Eric Weinstein
Eric Weinstein ()

Joe Biden is 78 Diane Feinstein is 87 Donald Trump is 74 Mitch McConnell is 78 Nancy Pelosi is 80 Maxine Waters is 82 Bernie Sanders is 79 Michael Bloomberg is 78 That makes Trump the *only* Boomer on the above list. This isn’t raising age in one particular case. This is insane.

David Sirota
David Sirota ()

super cool that libs lambasted Bernie Sanders for warning about this during a primary campaign taking place amid a climate crisis incinerating the planet’s ecosystem

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Sara A. Carter
Sara A. Carter ()

Sidney Powell slammed by critics for alleging election conspiracy involving Gov. Kemp, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders

Benny ()

@SidneyPowell1 claims Hillary Clinton used Dominion to beat Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary in 2016 and says Bernie kept quiet because he “sold out”.

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