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@Subliners Thats why crim was the one who got carried by scump for most of his career lmao.


@intelCDL Optic HAD to win control, if Scump rushes pred Thats 1 shot and Dashy holds hill under the stairs, they win even if scump dies Dashy is already set up to trade him out unless pred goes top radio. Either way there’s no reason why optic lost like that.

Shoutout to the GOAT @scump For always showing out at champs! So unlucky! GG’s #GreenWall.

@NotoriousNando_ I genuinely think the only ? For next season is Scump. Hopefully he gives us one more season at least. We had so much potential we didn’t get to see this season.

Just remember Scump won the World Series Of Warzone Solo Competition. A PRO CDL player. A PRO CALL OF DUTY player. That’s it that’s all..

So we have had a fucking 2 hour delay and it’s got a random guy on the desk showing scump on warzone omfg what is this shit #CDL2022 @CODLeague.

@scump they did you dirty, bro. caught you saying while packing up that you need to use the restroom so bad lmao.

@Subliners Idk what he’d learn from , not my GOAT lol. Scump >>>>>>.

@jimbob363 @Crimsix Dude who cares you never see scump say to crim go win an event after a loss.

@Crimsix Don’t retire man. You and @scump gotta keep the age doesnt matter narrative alive brother. Solid year with all the adversity. Keep your head high and ride on to mw2..

When Scump retires I don’t think I could watch COD with the same energy anymore 🥲.

@scump You probably won’t see this but the green wall is so fkn proud of you and the boys. We never had the chance to be full potential but we did the best we could and the wall couldn’t be prouder. 💚💚 ps: Please don’t retire. You run the league.

@Momobroh This team has so much ice but sometimes no ice at all and I don’t understand it. I’m just begging that Scump doesn’t retire.

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