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I can’t even come up with a hierarchy of loathing for these people. Tucker, Sean, Alex Jones, Bannon, Roger Stone, Mike Flynn… What a disgusting array of lunatics and bottom feeders, and the list goes on and on..

Brent Axe
Brent Axe

Sean Tucker with a catch and run for 15 yards and a first down. Tucker has also passed the legend Ernie Davis for 12th on the all-time rushing list at Syracuse..

For those at home, Sean Tucker is on the sidelines running around. I think he’s okay.

Need you to need to run something up the ladder for me on the network @chrisfallica . Sean Tucker should be at 25 rec yards and only showing 23. Totally selfless for me to let them know, no ulterior motives..

Told y’all that Nick Jackson sean Tucker meet was gone so numbers on the decimal chart.

Brent Axe
Brent Axe

Sean Tucker is out of the medical tent and is doing some sprints on the Syracuse sideline to get loose..

Sean Tucker has 9 attempts for 22 yards and a fumble against Virginia and people were calling him a top-tier prospect..

Sean Tucker is back in, Syracuse is driving, all is right with the world. A little under 5 to play. A nice long drive ending in a TD might be cool..

After rushes on 1st and 2nd down, Sean Tucker has carried 9 times for 21 yards so far..

Sean Tucker just passed Ernie Davis for 12th all-time rushing yards in SU history. What a moment for the halfback..

Sean Tucker is good at football. He’s just scheming the best way to end up on the Bills..

Brent Axe
Brent Axe

Rut Roh. Sean Tucker fumbles. Virginia recovers. Butler with the nice tackle to force the fumble on Tucker there. UVA with good field position..

ZOINKS. Sean Tucker fumbles on the first carry of the drive, recovered by UVA. After an Armstrong run, the Cavs have the ball on the SU 30 all of a sudden..

Oh no. Sean Tucker with a rare fumble, recovered by UVA. Welp, guess the Cavs have a second shot at this opening.

Get Sean Tucker going should be the mission for Syracuse. It’s hugely important for the rest of the season. Get horizontal with it..

@OhFuckYeahBud82 Yeah I feel like eagles will be in a prim spot to take one in the mid rounds. Evans got some juice! Sean Tucker another one.

Glad Sean Tucker is okay. A great football player. Some team is going to be really happy draft season.

Sean Tucker down with an Syracuse is up 13 but they’ll need to keep their foot on the gas.

That was a huge PBU from Garrett Williams to keep the Cavaliers off the board. If the Orange want to keep tacking points on, Sean Tucker is going to need to wake up. @SyracuseOnFN @McAllisterMike1.

RB Sean Tucker vient de dépasser le légendaire RB Ernie Davis (Heisman Trophy 1961) dans le classement historique des running backs les plus prolifiques du programme de Syracuse. 📸 @CuseFootball.

Sean Tucker Photo,Sean Tucker Photo by TBP College Football,TBP College Football on twitter tweets Sean Tucker Photo

A 15-yard pass to Sean Tucker leads to a Syracuse FG. The Orange leads #UVA 10-0 with 1 minute to go in the 1st quarter.

Sean Tucker passes 1961 Heisman Trophy winner Ernie Davis for 12th on #Cuse career rushing list on a Q1 carry, quick standing ovation mid-drive from Dome crowd as achievement is announced. #NNY.

Syracuse in the red zone again after a nice reception and 15-yard gain by Sean Tucker. Concerning for #UVa is LB Josh Ahern just had to be helped off the field..

I know we have said it so many times this year, but Sean Tucker is an absolute animal. #CollegeFootball.

Oronde Gadsden picks up where he left off; Sean Tucker moves past Ernie Davis on rushing list |.

Congratulations to Sean Tucker passing Ernie Davis on the all-time Syracuse rushing list. He has to be pl34sed with that..

🍊 7, ⚔️ 0 | 2:48 Q1 Sean Tucker passes Ernie Davis for 12th on the all-time Syracuse rushing list..

@NewhouseSports Syracuse Sean Tucker takes sole possession of fourth place on the all time rushing yards for Syracuse.

Sean Tucker is the best player out there character and talent wise #CFB #Cuse.

I really hope that fumble doesn’t make Sean Tucker not #pl34sed with his performance today 😰.

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