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@CaseyJ_516 Seaver, Wright, Keith and Piazza. Feel like it should only be past Mets legends..

@CaseyJ_516 Honestly, it’s sad, but I don’t see much debate about it. Seaver, Jake, Piazza, Wright. Honorable Mentions: Doc & Straw (careers too short), Beltran and Alonso. Alonso will take Piazza’s spot if he keeps on this pace for a couple of more years..

@CaseyJ_516 Seaver , Piazza , Wright and the 4th slot is open. If Jake takes us to the promised land it will be him #lgm.

The answer is Seaver, Hernandez, Piazza, Wright. All four changed the culture of the team with their arrival and were the faces of their era..

@THEEJoeMess @CaseyJ_516 LMAO. The dude is the franchise leader in almost every important offensive counting stats except HRs and SBs, and is 2nd in WAR behind only Seaver.

Seaver, Piazza, and DeGrom--the Mets HOFers. But who from 86? Knight? Darryl? Mookie? Keith? Orosco?.

@CaseyJ_516 In a decade, it’s going to be undisputedly Seaver, Jake, Wright & Alonso.

Seaver, Piazza, Wright are want to leave the fourth one blank for either deGrom or Alonso though..

@CaseyJ_516 Anyone answering this that doesn’t have Seaver on this has no business being a Mets fan..

Seaver, Hernandez, Piazza, Wright. One guy on the active roster is very close. Let’s see how the rest of this year shakes out..

@CaseyJ_516 Gil Hodges, Tom Seaver, Mike Piazza, William Shea. Why Shea? Without Bill Shea, there would be no NY Mets. When the Giants and Dodger moved west, no teams wanted to move to NY. Bill Shea and the announced Continental League, forced MLB expansion. #LGM.

@CaseyJ_516 My top 4 #Mets Mount Rushmore would be: Seaver, Degrom, Piazza, Bonilla’s contract. The greatest paycheck ever.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @mets #lgm.

@Machin3ry @CaseyJ_516 Tom Seaver, Darryl Strawberry, David Wright, and Dwight Gooden..

@NYMetsChief @CaseyJ_516 Seaver would say the Mets go nowhere in 69 without Gil Hodges but if you have to do that take Hodges off then fine put De Grom in his place and maybe Wright but i rather go Koosman even over Wright the guy got 222 wins career most with the Mets ..

@CaseyJ_516 Seaver, Carter, Piazza, they were all the hearts and souls for their respective teams. When you think of Mount Rushmore you think of great presidents in history, as in not current..

@EvanRobertsWFAN PAY THE MAN! Mets got a discount on the last contract, catch him up. Don’t make the same mistake as we did with Tom Seaver. Make it happen.

@CaseyJ_516 seaver, piazza, i guess degrom and the fourth could be any of a number of players.

Seaver, Piazza, Beltran, deGrom Only those who are or will go in the HOF as a Met.

@EvanRobertsWFAN In 1977 the Mets unthinkably traded away Tom Seaver and it’s been a black cloud over them ever since. They can not, under any circumstances, let Jake pitch for anyone else..

@mrandywood @CaseyJ_516 I am with you on Seaver, Carter, & deGrom. The last one, though, I have to *adamantly* disagree with you on. How can you put me on Mt Rushmore when I never even played for the team?! I appreciate the shoutout but I will respectfully decline..

@CaseyJ_516 If I don’t include current players: Seaver, David Wright, Piazza and Mookie. If you include a current player. Same but DeGrom instead of Mookie..

Gotta be Tom Seaver David Wright Dwight Gooden Mike Piazza.

@ChiTownSports Tom Seaver did not play for the Giants, so he was ineligible for my list..

@CaseyJ_516 Wright, deGrom, Piazza, Seaver all time. For current players its deGrom, Pete, Lindor, Diaz.

@CaseyJ_516 Seaver, Piazza, Franco, Kranepool. Seaver is the Mets goat. Piazza is the 2nd greatest Met. Franco is the Mets goat closer. And Kranepool is Mr. Met. It has to be those 4. Notable cuts: Wright, Reyes, Straw, Degrom..

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@OmarMinayaFan Seaver is obvious, and I think Wright is as well. I do think that Keith Hernandez needs a spot on there. Probably him and deGoat (provided Jake re-signs this year and the team wins a WS with him).

Seaver, Piazza, Wright, deGrom, potentially Alonso and Lindor depending on how they age, HMs: Keith, Doc, Straw, Beltran, and Fonzie.

@CaseyJ_516 Seaver, Wright, Gooden, Piazza Want to see what deGrom does the next couple years to possibly move into the top 4.

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