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The Senate Parliamentarian is back 🤣 Imagine being strung along by this nonsense.

BBB would have never passed the parliamentarian. We must get a few more senate seats and get rid of the filibuster. The current process is unsustainable..

@mattyglesias Like Kamala Harris, Goose also would not overrule the Senate parliamentarian.

@AliceOllstein If I was a senate Dem genuinely motivated to deliver for the American people (they’re not genuinely motivated), I would simply ignore the senate parliamentarian and penalize the ghouls running drug companies.

Senate Democrats get green light from parliamentarian on $430 billion climate, drug bill. #votearama #InflationReductionAct.

1-6 are democratic institutions. 7 is SCOTUS plus the Senate Parliamentarian..

Senate Parliamentarian Photo,Senate Parliamentarian Photo by Smörhuvud (he/him/surprise me),Smörhuvud (he/him/surprise me) on twitter tweets Senate Parliamentarian Photo

Senate parliamentarian OKs most of Dems’ drug price controls #SmartNews.

Senate parliamentarian OKs most of Dems’ drug price controls. ‘We are one step closer to finally taking on Big Pharma,’ Schumer says.

@ninaturner Senate Parliamentarian BLOCKED despicable democrat efforts dealing with ILLEGALS, Probably the $450,000 per ILLEGAL, and an apology for getting caught, BREAKING OUR LAWS, Not once, or twice, BUT THREE TIMES!! Y’all just fucking LIE!!.

Every time I hear about the senate parliamentarian overruling something, I imagine there’s a 400 year old English MP who sleeps in the cloakroom and he’s named like Spendthrift Pallidskin.

Fact-check: ✅ Senate CAN change the parliamentarian. With 51 votes, it can do whatever it wishes (within limits of Constitution, which says nothing about a parliamentarian). Dems are unlikely to get 51 votes for any serious change. But a GOP-led Senate definitely would..

Drug-Price Bill Pruned by Senate Arbiter in Partial Industry Win The Parliamentarian is up to their old tricks again. Better vote harder next time 😑.

@edroso So how does the Senate Parliamentarian have the unilateral authority to do what it otherwise takes 5 SCOTUS wingnuts to do?.

Senate parliamentarian OKs most of Dems’ drug price controls #SmartNews.

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