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Sevy gets out of the inning with the bases loaded. We can breath, for now.

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@LordChozen @alanhahn Sanchez. Didi. Gardner. Gio. EE. All non existent. They out scored Astros 9-3 in Houston and split. Pitching other than Otto has been lights out. Even sevy battled. 2 solo HR. From the 2nd to the 7th Astros had 2 hits. Savages at home were anything but..

@LeNorthSnobby With the exception of the first inning I felt Sevy was decent. The bats need to wake up. But to your original point you are 100% here we are hoping for a rainout so we can possibly use the only guy we trust. World Series teams arenโ€™t run this way..

@LeNorthSnobby I think Sevy was having an issue at first. The offense given like 4-5 chances with RISP and got a big goose egg for it was the biggest problem. That lineup order was not right either..

@BubbleTitos They might. But they knew what they were up against in this ALCS. How many more years of cheap Torres/Judge/Sanchez/Sevy you gonna get?.

Sevy is not an Ace! We had plenty of chances to completely demolish this pitcher! DJ should bat third!.

Can we get Tanaka to pitch games 4 and 7 and have an opener (Green) pitch game 6? I dont trust Paxton, Sevy or Happ..

@GregWhited4 Theyโ€™ve had way too many chances to do something. Too many runners left on, pitching mistakes by Sevy early on, and Ottavino later on, just too many missed opportunities.

@YankeeNationNYC We have above average starters compared to the rest of the league but we lack a dominant ace. Sevy is that guy when healthy over a full season but it does seem like we need another true ace to be dominant. That said we can still win this series.

@DonChytil2dot0 Nah, they might let didi go, but they invested too much into sanchez and sevy to let them go now. They too cheap now to get rendon or cole..

I mean like Didi, Sanchez, Sevy, and then go hard for Rendon and Cole. This is frustration speaking. Donโ€™t take this too seriously..

Gurriel and Correa both hit Sevy so I put them in the 2 mvp slots. All 3 others I picked hit a HR. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Son of a bitch ๐Ÿ˜.

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trade gary. let didi walk. trade sevy. keep judge and gleyber. trade the rest of the fucking team rebuild 2020.

@rydunleavy So because Gerrit Cole is literally the fucking Cy Young winner what does Bumgarner have to do with this? Sevy gave up two earned runs. So did Verlander in game 2. Like what?.

@BNightengale Trade Judge, Gleyber, and Sevy. Release Gary. Let Didi walk. Rebuild the whole shitty franchise never will win shit..

@VBeltiz Home plate umpire like 20 Sevy put 2 we got out of it..

@RobertPorubsky Yes, but they both came on home runs when Sevy was ( hoping the Yankees can hit some off of their bullpen )..

I am shocked Boone didnโ€™t go get Sevy. Didnโ€™t have an issue with with Green in Game 2. This one I worry about..

Looks like Boone is trying to steal a couple of outs here with Sevy. Interesting to see how this goes.

By the way, if Boone had chosen to go get Sevy right after the umpiring change, it would have been one of the all-time great troll jobs in MLB history..

@YankeeNationNYC Yankees failing to put a guy across the plate is unfair to Sevy :).

A-Rod thinks Severino is tipping pitches again. In his last home playoff start, Sevy was tipping and allowed 6 runs over 3 innings for #Yankees in 2018 ALDS loss to Red Sox..

@MelissaNY27 @thestevenwoods Not great that Sevy canโ€™t go deep but at least you know can hit Cole. Fastest ones travel the furthest..

2-0 Astros. Weโ€™re playing too sloppy. Sevy doesnโ€™t have It today. Gotta keep it close and scrap runs across when we can.

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Sevy gets out of the inning with the bases loaded. We can breath, for now.

- Sharp Sevy - Defensive positioning - Swing, Swing, Swing @YankeesWFAN lays out what the Yankees need to do to take back the lead in the ALCS.

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