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Updated: November 26th, 2021 07:42 AM IST

ref show on Thanksgiving 13 penalties for 129 total yards get Shawn Hochuli off my TV

Shawn Hochuli Twitter

On behalf of NFL fans across the globe, we need Shawn Hochuli investigated @NFLOfficiating

Shawn Hochuli has just thrown a flag on the officiating crew of the Bills-Saints game for not throwing enough flags so far in this game.

That first quarter had one penalty for five yards. Shawn Hochuli is likely throwing flags on his way home trying to call some fouls.

Cowboys and Bucs had 19 penalties in their game officiated by Shawn Hochuli

Unabated to the quarterback ❌ Unabated to the kicker ✅ Shawn Hochuli got the chance to correct his announcement 😂😎

KO’d from #CircaSurvivor last year on Thanksgiving by the Cowboys because the Ravens couldn’t figure out how to not get Covid. KO’d this year, because Greg Zeuerlein can’t make a PAT and the Shawn Hochuli’s crew thought they were the show today.

@coopmavs @NFL I think Shawn Hochuli thinks people came to see him & not the Cowboys vs. Raiders.

@KDDrummondNFL Shawn Hochuli about to get his second game sealing drive again at the Cowboys this season.

A couple people have pointed out its the same Shawn Hochuli Yikes guys

@MySportsUpdate Shawn Hochuli and his crew for the Pro Bowl. Name me another group of people who have impacted a game more?

Shawn you realize the center head bobs on every play. I can’t watch this anymore. Shawn Hochuli, I just want to let you know that you have done a horrendous job today. You should be put in a small closet in the dark with nothing but yourself, and think about this performance.

Shawn Hochuli isnt satisfied carrying on his dad’s legacy, he’s trying to reach Jeff Triplette levels.

Somebody fucking tell Shawn Hochuli that the center can move his head. That’s not a false start

@NFL Shawn hochuli and this garbage crew need to be suspended immediately. FYI: the center can bob his head to get the snap count. That’s not a penalty.


Remember…. The NFL would rather have trash ass Shawn Hochuli throw a million flags in a game than see kickoff returns like this…..

Can’t believe Shawn Hochuli let that exciting 100-yard kickoff return upstage Shawn Hochuli Day.

ref show on Thanksgiving 13 penalties for 129 total yards get Shawn Hochuli off my TV

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