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The newest #LSU commitment: Louisiana 5-star WR Shelton Sampson Jr. out of Catholic High..

Shelton Sampson Photo,Shelton Sampson Photo by Shea Dixon,Shea Dixon on twitter tweets Shelton Sampson Photo

BREAKING: Five-Star WR Shelton Sampson Jr. has Committed to LSU! The 6’4 190 WR from Baton Rouge, LA chose the Tigers over Alabama, Florida State, and Texas A&M. He joins LSU’s Top 10 Class in the ‘23 Team Rankings 🐯.

Shelton Sampson Photo,Shelton Sampson Photo by Hayes Fawcett,Hayes Fawcett on twitter tweets Shelton Sampson Photo

Baton Rouge 5-star WR Shelton Sampson Jr. is staying home for college. Here’s the moment he committed to #LSU..

The MOMENT @sampson_shelton announced his decision to commit to #LSU.

WATCH: Shelton Sampson talks about his #LSU decision via @sampson_shelton, @Coach_Hankton.

Leah Vann
Leah Vann

Shelton Sampson Jr. elaborated more on his commitment to #LSU.

@sampson_shelton @WillTStout This the hardest commitment video since I been keeping up with LSU Football man I’m a BIG FAN of this kid now this Louisiana all over it #GeauxTigers.

People who have alliterative names are more likely to be superstar athletes. If your name sounds like Stan Lee thought of it, you’re gonna be elite. Shelton Sampson✅.

BREAKING: Sad day for @Braves fans, lost out on 5 ⭐️ WR @sampson_shelton out of Louisiana who committed to LSU over the Noles, Aggies and Atlanta Braves..

@Hayesfawcett3 @sampson_shelton Chose the Tigers over the Atlanta Braves, Florida State and Texas A&M..

@AlexHulett True statement, but if this is in response to Shelton Sampson, that kid was never heaving the state of Louisiana barring something really weird (like seeing his stock plummet below 3-4 others and LSU filled up). That’s just how it is with Louisiana kids (and you’re not Bama)..


@sampson_shelton @WillTStout You couldn’t go wrong on your top 2 choices. Congrats on your decision to attend LSU. It makes it a lot easier on your family to attend your home games. But just remember, when FSU beats LSU this year, you can always change your mind. Tallahassee is only 8 hrs away, driving time..

Five-star Wide Receiver Shelton Sampson out of Catholic (BR.) committed to #LSU today. His coach, David Simoneaux, talked about what he brings, senior year expectations and more.

Shelton Sampson Photo,Shelton Sampson Photo by Peter Rauterkus,Peter Rauterkus on twitter tweets Shelton Sampson Photo

@sampson_shelton @WillTStout Congrats man. Good luck this year 🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅💜💜💛.

Recruiting: Catholic High wideout Shelton Sampson commits to LSU @CurDogFootball @LSUfootball.

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