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Shewmake at SS again. The writing is kind of on the wall here..

@b_outliers This is pretty insane. How many people even thought to themselves, “Braden Shewmake has a real shot to be our SS.” A week ago? Hands up…you’re a liar..

Snitker: Braves shortstop decision is between Vaughn Grissom and Braden Shewmake.

Increasingly possible/likely that Braden Shewmake -- and not Vaughn Grissom -- begins the season as the Braves starting SS..

If there was nothing Grissom or Shewmake could do to win the job, not signing a shortstop is stupid. That only made sense if you thought one of them was ready to take the role, and they’ve done nothing to disprove that..

@b_outliers Raising Shewmake’s value to parlay a trade with him, Anderson, Elder for Tim Anderson or Adames lol.

Starts at SS for the Braves this week: Braden Shewmake: 4 Orlando Arcia: 2 Vaughn Grissom: 1 (Tuesday).

@jbrownie__ Shewmake defense has won him the job I think his bat will get going as the season goes on..

@mlbbowman Maybe they’re trying to raise Shewmake’s value and use him, Elder and Anderson to trade for Adames 😂.

@brad_altman @mlbbowman Wash will probably be the first to tell you that it’s a process Semien, Dansby, etc. It took time but with reps they became great. Grissom would probably be no different but Shewmake might be the better option right now. Not a big deal.

True, this might be more accurate. Shewmake/Arcia to split shortstop duties. Clearly the Braves are considering it..

Arcia at SS for now… surprised they sent both Grissom and Shewmake down..

Say what? “Shouldn’t come as a major surprise”?????????? Dude the narrative all offseason was Grissom is good enough to earn the job. Then Shewmake emerged and it was a battle. Grissom did nothing to lose it. So yes it’s a surprise and acting otherwise is pretentious.

@DOBrienATL Who the hell is Shewmake? Damn I haven’t paid attention to offseason baseball at all. The real season bad needs to crank up bad..

Snitker knows you have to a guy who consistently makes the routine play at shortstop. Shewmake has earned these opportunities despite Grissom being the early favorite..

@BravesAceBsbl He could offensively. But we’re talking about defense. Which is why it would make sense to have Shewmake come up and let his bat develop here..


@BeaneaterB Why can’t he fully develop at the MLB level like any homegrown talent we’ve had in the last few years? Besides, its not like the OD roster is the be all end all. If Grissom struggles he can easily be optioned for a Shewmake. But I would much rather bank on the upside of Grissom.

@chucky_stone @DOBrienATL Last thing they want to do is have another dansby on their hands where he’s brought up too soon and struggles so much that he has to be sent back down. They’ve said the whole spring it’s a competition so let Shewmake have his crack at it and get Grissom experience at AAA.


@mlbbowman Just how good is Shewmake looking defensively? Just better than Grissom or is he looking like the has Dansby potential?.

@BravesAceBsbl And the fact that Grissom is 22 and Shewmake is 25 is also a factor here. Let the 22 year old fully develop and see what you can get there..


@BeaneaterB Most projection systems think shewmake will be a 20-30% below average hitter next year, he would have to be Andrelton Simmons to provide value. And, if you’re going to bank on development, why not bank on the 22 yr old who’s dominated every level he played at?.

@5GrootsPie @Jonesy2x4 I mean, yeah. Shewmake ultimately isn’t gonna be worth anything bc he’s a dime-a-dozen above avg defensive shortstop with zero offensive worth. Hell, all Alex was able to get for Waters was pool money and he even had to throw in an extra player. And Drew was a former top 50..

I better not see no damn Braden Shewmake starting on opening day I will not watch man.

@HonestBravesFan @mlbbowman Shewmake has made his presence known and could very well be the opening day starter. It’s not a clear cut for Grissiom as it was coming into the spring.

@BravesAceBsbl Shewmake has always been a good defender which they have always valued. His bat looks much better right now and good enough for me to say it can be justified with him batting 9th and hope it continues to develop..


@b_outliers I think they had set their minds on Grissom/Arcia and we’re ok with it. The Shewmake scenario is a surprise to them, too, I think..

@DOBrienATL DOB — What is it they weren’t seeing out of Grissom or have seen out of Shewmake that has created the competition between the two?.

@mathomp_501 If Shewmake plays SS they will move Grissom to outfield. You don’t move an Allstar 3B like Riley quite yet. Maybe one day but not now. They have some young guys for 3B that are 2-3 years away..

@BravesPatriot @JustinCToscano Shewmake has vast upside - Braves need to come to their senses. He is a career shortstop who, with time, will be a top-flight player. Learning curve with Grissom much longer, if he ever really becomes a SS at all..

@Niceguy_Braves @b_outliers Well, they’ve always liked Shewmake’s glove and AA cares a lot about defense up the middle. We wouldn’t be the first WS contender to play a defense first guy at SS bat him 9th and hope the bat continues to develop..

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