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Não aguento mais chorar e passar raiva assistindo Naruto To chorando até agora por causa do.

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@Shippuden_UN huhh sanırım doğru yola cevrilmis bulunmaktayım tekrar, tesekkür ederim cok.

Naruto: ‘Mc has too many asspulls, and the writing/plot twists in Shippuden are downright stupid’ Jojo’s: ‘ they all dress weird ass hell, they also have weird scenes, oh btw iss weird’ OP: ‘Too Long & hard to get into😴’ DB: Plot is shit FMA: *crickets*.

@sentinelsmark yapabilirsin sana inanıprum izlersen kusarsın kusmak iğrenç bir şey değil mi mesela bu sebepten izleme dostum.

faut que je finisse les 52 épisodes de shippuden avant de regarder autre chose mais j’ai trop envie de commencer un nouvel animé mdr my mind 🤯.

That’s not a picture of episode 133 of Naruto Shippuden..

#Shippuden #Toonami Behold Manda 2 FUN FACT: This Manda resembles Manda from the Godzilla film series (And plus like the ordinary Manda he is named after him).

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i miss hidan already that bitch was the funniest character shippuden ever had and hes dead eye-.

The Hidden Leaf OG is storming in! #Shippuden on Toonami West Coast..

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@naruzebito shippuden bien évidemment (Ui c’est paq vraiment un anime mais c’est le premier que j’ai rged quand j’etaite petite🥴).

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@EmberAkiga @jotheanimator at the beginning of shippuden, it was the very first arc.

This is the goat shippuden OP idc what anyone has to say otherwise.

Imagine watching Naruto/Shippuden as it aired just to be bombarded by all those filler episodes and battles full of flashbacks lol I would’ve lost my mind.

when you realize this guy gave the slip to 2 future kage (Kurotsuchi just now and Kakashi in the first series). #Shippuden.

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When we first saw tobi as photo I remember being one of the few that had a strong feeling that wasn’t madara. Lol my cousin was so mad #Shippuden.

Kabuto took yamato captive. Purpose? To interrogate his nine tails intel. #shippuden.

Well at least now I can ignore naruto’s existence outside of Boruto Sorry Char Aznable I love you a lot but not enough to sit through Shippuden for 12 weeks.

The face you do not want to piss off in a battle #shippuden.

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Say bye-bye to Yamato as a character, ladies and gentlemen! As of this moment, he joins the list of those in the wasted bin. All that character development and all for nothing! #Shippuden.

#shippuden is finally getting to the good parts in the anime this might be good.

Ok gonna say it. Kabuto is now the evil Harry Potter in this one!! (Had that thought inside for years!!) 😅😂😂😂😂 #Shippuden.

Next week episode256 “Assemble Allied Shinobi Forces!” #Shippuden on #Toonami.

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shippuden ended in like ’re still showing the english dub half way thru the war on tv in 2019.

No really, can someone tell me why Naruto is trying to get his Boy Scout Badge in Animal Gynecology? (+10 points if you get that reference). #Shippuden.

Não aguento mais chorar e passar raiva assistindo Naruto To chorando até agora por causa do.

Naruto’s Tsunade surges ahead in this dynamic diorama-style figure from Bandai’s Figuarts Zero collection!.

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