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Andre Ware one ups himself each week. It’s only week 4 and he just called DARTH SHRADER an NFL QB. Where will be come November?.

Brent Axe
Brent Axe

Shrader gets some of it back on a QB keeper on the next play. Virginia timeout. 1:17 to go. Andre Szmyt hits the 31-yard FG and SU retakes the lead. Syracuse 22, Virginia 20..

@BigGameBoomer As a Cuse not so sure. Shrader has shown flashes of improvement but also some of the horrible inconsistency he had last year. Teams have been planning well against Tucker as well. Also look at their schedule after the Wagner game. Brutal..

I love Shrader by the way. Love his game. But he’s just had a brutal game all around so far.

Brent Axe
Brent Axe

Shrader sacked on the first play of the 2nd quarter. Andre Szmyt is out again and converts the FG. Syracuse 13, Virginia 0. 14:28 to go in the first half..

Final box score UVA: Armstrong- 19/38, 138 yards, TD, INT Jones- 13 car, 87 yards, TD Thompson- 8 rec, 55 yards SYR: Shrader- 22/33, 277 yards, INT Tucker- 21 car, 60 yards Gadsden- 7 rec, 113 yards.

@CuseMilitia Ugly win. Syracuse was very inconsistent on offense, with costly fumbles, an interception, and poor decision making at times by Garrett Shrader. I’m not sure if the team showed any progress since the Purdue game, but there it is..

Regardless of the result, both Shrader and Tucker better have beep tests and wall-sits scheduled this weekend. So poor tonight. And Andre Szmyt is owed a few dinners. #OrangeNation.

Garrett Shrader has the worst internal clock in his head for a QB that I have ever seen. My goodness. Zero awareness..

@Bec_Shrader @emilykmay I kept saying, “Yes!! Me too!!” Ugh. It hurts to have all these feels and no place to safely take them..

Shrader is staring him down and Courtney not running that route like he wants the ball smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ #Cuse.

Syracuse 13, Virginia 0 | 11:32 2Q Garrett Shrader throws his first interception of the season. The Cavs take over at the Orange 32-yard line. 🎙 FM,.

That’s a baaaaaad pick thrown by Garrett Shrader. Two turnovers now for Syracuse Virginia has the ball at the SU 32.

Shrader throws an interception straight to UVA. 2nd Q | 11:32 | Syracuse 13, Virginia 0.

Shrader throws his first pick of the season. UVA safety Jonas Sanker came from across the field and had a clean grab..

Brent Axe
Brent Axe

Two runs for Tucker but nothing doing there. On 3rd and 10, Shrader throws his first INT of the season..

Shrader sacked on 3rd & 8. 32 yard field goal attempt from Szmyt is GOOD. Syracuse 13, Virginia 0. 14:15 Q2.

At the end of one quarter, Syracuse leads Virginia, 10-0. UVA: Armstrong- 3/5, 14 yards Armstrong- 4 car, 16 yards Wicks- 2 rec, 16 yards SYR: Shrader- 6/10, 91 yards Tucker- 7 car, 20 yards Gadsden II- 4 rec, 64 yards.

Last second pass from Shrader goes way right intended for Devaughn Cooper. End of the 1st quarter. Syracuse 10, Virginia 0.

Garrett Garrett really cant go wrong with the Garrett twins from Syracuse.

Brighton 2023 RB Carson Shrader had a key touchdown in the win and ran hard all night. He talked to The D Zone about the trust, the brotherhood and being 5-0. #22 Brighton beat #32 Northville 17-14 @godogs_football @carson_shrader.


@SSN_Syracuse @CFBTalkDaily Shrader has been finding ways to win but I agree. Winning these last two with Tuck under 3 YPC is impressive regardless.

@CuseFootball Is tuck and Shrader sick still? They both seem lethargic and the O line - what happened to blocking for tucker ? U did it all last year when running was your only play..

@JamesSzuba The defense massively bailed out the offense. Massively. I appreciate that he’s a gamer, but Shrader needs to make better and quicker decisions. That should have been a blow out..

Garrett Shrader took the 17 yard sack because he wanted to give his kick more room for the field goal… #CollegeFootball.

Costly sack to take them by Shrader, but he makes up for it with the 12-yard rush. This game is coming down to the wire buckle up.

@TuckerBlanc That’s just Shrader being Shrader. That is exactly why I still don’t trust Syracuse to be a top team. 4 turnovers don’t help them either. They’ll probably win this game but it been ugly..

Die Turnover gehen weiter. Garrett Shrader mit seiner ersten INT der Saison - DB Jonas Sanker fängt ihn ab..

Awful INT by Shrader. Cuse keeps doing nothing other than keeping Virginia in the game.

2nd turnover of the season for Syracuse. Shrader throws off his back foot. Lazy. #DDSN.

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