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Kick return 🏠 call! @NwangwuKene #Skol 📺: #NEvsMIN on NBC 📱: Stream on NFL+.

👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾@nateburleson nothing but luv and respect for @JJettas2!!#skol#nerpnerp.

With the diminishing role of Adam Thielen in the Vikings offense and the lack of relevancy from KJ Kevin O’Connell and Wes Phillips should consider increasing Jalen Reagor’role in the passing game #Skol.

Kirk on that throw to Reagor, just knowing you are going to get absolutely smoked. The under-throw makes a lot of sense now. #skol.

#SKOL Photo,#SKOL Photo by 𝐛.,𝐛. on twitter tweets #SKOL Photo

That was probably the most consistent offensive performance we have seen all year! #skol.

Let’s talk about Blake Brandel and his work today replacing Pro Bowler Christian Darrisaw for the second game in a and don’t forget that end of the game in very solid performances #Skol.

Like I said, this is gonna be a game of DEFENSE!! We can already see now! Need our O to keep up tho 😅 #skol.

Kirk Cousins with the scramble for the 1st CJ Mosley lowers his helmet to hit Kirk in the Mosley is down for the count and Kirk is ready to no flags #Skol.

He’s completed pass, caught a touchdown and led a dance class. @JJettas2 can do it all. 🔥 #Skol.

#SKOL Photo,#SKOL Photo by NFL Canada,NFL Canada on twitter tweets #SKOL Photo

On behalf of all Minnesota sports fans, I would like to say thank you. This is the first time a Minnesota team has had a win handed to the by officials in any professional sport. It’s an honor. SKOL.

Now Kirk with the long bomb to Jalen Reagor for the Cousins gets destroyed after the throw no flags #Skol.

We’re getting what we wanted! More utilization of Raegor & I love it 🙌🏼 #skol.

@Skol_vikings3 I agree. I just think the Vikings game planned and played so bad against Eagles and Cowboys..

I think Justin Jefferson has ended the debate on who’s the best wr in the league. #NEvsMIN #SKOL.

Gearing up to get myself one more plate of food before Thanksgiving is officially over. #SKOL.

#SKOL Photo,#SKOL Photo by A2D Radio (NoNotes),A2D Radio (NoNotes) on twitter tweets #SKOL Photo

I am on the #Skol in this game but that definitely should have been a face mask penalty on them as they definitely got Mac Jones in the face mask on that last drive. Terrible miss..

@AdamNew85 I guess our defense should always play 3 quarters in advance of every game to get on working temperature. 🤣 #Skol.

Pats fans big mad about refs “giving us the game” like TB12 didnt get 3 auto 1st downs/def holding calls in ONE DRIVE in their SB comeback win 😭 Tuck Rule, etc. #skol #NEvsMIN.

MIN defense was truly terrible the first 35ish minutes of the game, but turned it on when needed. NE Offensive Drives, from 10:41 left in the 3rd: 9 plays, 69 yards, FG Made 3 plays, 1 yard, Punt 3 plays, 9 yards, Punt 7 plays, 48 yards, Downs 3 plays, 31 Yards, EOG #SKOL.

Gotta pack a bowl because I literally cannot sleep! I’m so pumped. Talking shit about how much I love my team don’t quite hit the same at 2am but MAN, we are so much better than y’all. #Skol keep on doubting us. Keep living in the past. Watch..

The Minnesota Vikings have scored 28+ points in six of their past nine games. They’ve also scored 33+ in three of their past five. #Skol.

Mike Tirico noted that it’s the atmosphere closest to a European soccer feel and a reminder that the Skol chant is a play off the Iceland cheer and the captain of the men’s national team led the first cheer at US Bank..

Kirko looks a little off rn. He’s been hit multiple times today with no calls #SKOL.

When the Vikings bar in Denver plays @heiruspecs and it helps you calm down a little bit. #SKOL.

@FO_ASchatz They make plays at opportune times and capitalize on mistakes while limiting their own mistakes. They just let the other team beat themselves.

Vikings Fans! WHAT A GAME! 🔥🔥🔥 - A Win Is A Win! - Are The Vikings Super Bowl Contenders? Watch Here: - Predict The Vikings Final Record! #SKOL #Vikings.

#SKOL Photo,#SKOL Photo by Patrick Siepman,Patrick Siepman on twitter tweets #SKOL Photo

@Skol_Troy @Vikings I agree. But we wouldn’t have had that problem had the offense gotten some sustained drives. Kirk was off today, gave the Jets a lot more opportunities. Let’s also remember that they held the Jets to 5 field goals today and just 1 TD. Bend, don’t break..

meu vizinho ta ouvindo Um Homem Na Estrada - Racionais estralando uma skol na varanda.

This needs to be printed and autographed man. Love it. #ProBowlVote    @kris23db.

@life_skol @VikesCentral Jimmy is probably the least valuable starter on their team. Mr. Irrelevant came in and easily navigated them to a win. Any game manager can thrive with that level of surrounding talent.

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