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.@stylebender is ready to slow down the Pereira hype train 🛑🚂 (via @ufc).

#Karachi’s Shara e Faisal earlier today, Please slow down and drive carefully on the wet roads. #KarachiRain.

growth takes time, change doesn’t happen over night, baby steps count. slow down and grow at your own pace, be mindful. enjoy life, we only get one chance. something i think we all need a little reminder of that sometimes..

@TrutherVictory @CBCNews The reason housing prices are so high is because there’s high demand, it’s basic economics lol. To lower prices, you need to build houses. Regulated markets severely slow down the process via permits, zoning laws, rent control, etc….

honestly bobby v and this first album alone could’ve cleared the other 2. they don’t have nun for slow down tell me or my angel. & ray j got a lil bag too this matchup was not even.

Bobby V is hilarious lmfaoooooo 😭😭😭😭😭 ….. why he slow it down for that weak shit.

June is ending! Pre-res is so near BUT in everything, there has to be DRAMA. Politics getting in the way and delaying my plans.🙄 However, we can take it as a sign to be more prepared, right? Half a year has gone by & 2022 was like a Formula One race. Can we slow down a bit?.

I had my mom go pick my car she talkin bout “this got some power I see why you got it”..then she had to slow down cause she got scared, thinking she was about to lose control🤦🏽‍♂️…BRING ME MY CAR WOMAN!!! 😭😂.

She gently held his hand back, looking down at it smiling. “I think I’m good at dancing. I don’t know about slow dancing…I’ve never had anyone to slow dance with,” she tightened her grip on his hand..

@uh_rona Noooo it’s the drama on Apple+ that imagines a world in which the space race didn’t really slow down.

done ranting at hyv that they need to slow down with events that are related to the relationship of the mc and ml.

I don’t ever want to see Bobby Valentino on stage again. I’ll slow it down on my own time. Put the mic down sis..

@ScottDemeo11 @ThisIsKyleR Case isn’t closed, this brave kid helped to slow down a lawless wave of lowlife thugs that’s sweeping our nation. What’s your solution, just sit back and watch!?!.


@TidyTim63 Cheech and Chong, “ slow down, your driving too fast”. “Uhm we’re parked “ Lol. I would much rather meet a stoner on the road than a drunk..

Venezolana Las personas que viven con el VIH tienen marcadores de envejecimiento acelerado. Aquí está cómo reducir la velocidad.

Or like, let us stack things we carry but have it slow us down (ie not being able to sprint while holding two items).

@iamkaylanicole Instead of “Slow it down” someone needed to tell Bobby to “Turn it down”.

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