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Will @otiswwe show up shirtless for his big date with @WWE_MandyRose ? My guess is yes! Anything else would be a disappointment? #SmackDownOnFox #ValentinesDay

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The Wrestling Mark ()

He MAY have surpassed Cody Rhodes as the most sympathetic babyface in all of wrestling at the moment. He might sit at 2nd place at the very least but holy shit how can you not feel bad for Otis after watching that segment? #SmackDownOnFox

The Great Fowler ()

The amount of people acting like the Otis angle on #SmackDownOnFox is real is hysterical. It is also why it is working. Props to @otiswwe for making an angle that should be painful to watch, so real for many.

Rhys ()

So happy that Cesaro and Sami referenced the classic SNL cowbell sketch! 😂 #SmackDownOnFox #SmackDown

Corus lyonz ()

Smackdown was in Vancouver. You knew there was going to be a Vancouver Canucks reference somewhere. Sami Zayn slams the Sedin twins, having their numbers retired. Major heat with the crowd. #SmackDownOnFox #smackdown

We Watch Women’s Wrestling ()

Omg! That was an incredible match 🤑-Carmella’s finest work 👏🏼 #SmackDownOnFox

WrestleFoz ()

Overall #SmackDownOnFox was alright last night. I’m here for Otis destroying Dolph in the future

Daniel_2k19 ()

So sad to see @otiswwe being sad on #SmackDownOnFox ...i hope he gets his revenge on @HEELZiggler

Corus lyonz ()

Dolph ziggler sweeps in and takes Mandy from Otis wow. This storyline is going to be interesting. #SmackDownOnFox

B-Dolla ()

FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN REVIEW 2/14/20/Otis Valentine Day Date/Hogan & Wyatt Interview/Bayley vs Carmella #SmackDownOnFox #FridayNightSmackDown

John Connor ()

Anyway good night @itsBayleyWWE an love ya as a fan get well soon and see you next time on #SmackDownLIVE #SmackDownOnFox

🌻Broserweights but make it Fashion🌻 ()

Ceasaro has normal skinny jeans on tonight #SmackDownOnFox #SmackDown

Bernardomayne 💯 ()

#SmackDownOnFox the whole business, no one is good on the mic with charisma and star power than, the rock, john cena and stone cold.#SmackDown these guys can make u look stupid with wordplay.

Max “Moon” McTonight ()

Thanks for reminding us that heel Michael Cole was a thing, WWE. Really appreciate that. #SmackDownOnFox

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Annice 💚🦅💪🏾❤️💙🏁 ()

I noticed how Bray Wyatt used blue marker to cross out Hogan. YALL BETTER COME ON WITH THE DETAILS!!! 💙 #SmackDownLIVE #SmackDownOnFox

❤️Sparky’s Mama❤️ ()

Seriously best thing to happen on #SmackDownOnFox aside from Naomi showing up tonight


- تأكدت الان ان جولدبيرغ بفوز، تواجد هوجان بالمقابلة وأشادته بقوة جولدبيرغ يبون يعطونا ثقل وزخم ان بيرغ قادر على ايقاف سلسله الفيند. !! الفيند فاز اللقب بالرياض = وبيخسره بالرياض END #سماكداون | #SmackDownOnFox

🌺Baby 👶 James🌺 ()

Who do you guys think will be Roman Reigns parter tonight? I say one of the Uso’s! #SmackDownOnFox

Adam Bernard ()

I legitimately laughed out loud when Bray Wyatt ripped off his sweater like Hulk Hogan, and posed. 😂 #Smackdown #SmackdownOnFOX

Dakota Fuqua ()

WWE needs to combine the Universal and WWE Titles and give it to Bray so he can keep one and give the other one to the fiend #Smackdown #SmackDownOnFox

Deztonya ()

Bray Wyatt is so entertaining 😂💯 #SmackDown #SmackDownOnFox

Mark Coleman ()

I felt the power of Bill Goldberg when I was in my prime @HulkHogan really Hulkster ... in your prime? #SmackDownOnFox

🌺Baby 👶 James🌺 ()

Damn after that Bray Wyatt promo I’m actually hyped for the Goldberg vs The Fiend match at #SuperShowDown #SmackDownOnFox

Mick Foley ()

Will @otiswwe show up shirtless for his big date with @WWE_MandyRose ? My guess is yes! Anything else would be a disappointment? #SmackDownOnFox #ValentinesDay

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