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Tonight @WWEonFOX #SmackDownOnFox Go Lexi!!!!! @AlexaBliss_WWE ❤️😁❤️😁 pew pew pew pew !!!! Get her!!!!!!

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Tony Wait ()

#SmackDownOnFox Let’s hear it for WWE for putting on several AMAZING performances including Raw,SDLive,NXTUK, 205 Live AND under extreme LOVE YOU guys! Your all awesome! ( sorry MiZ ) #fansince1967

Lance Storm ()

I’ve set my DVR to record #SmackDownOnFox “the series” a dozen times and it will record one episode and never again. 😡

Ricardo Jaquez ()

@itsBayleyWWE looks like she needs to speak to Best Buy’s manager right now with that haircut #wwe #SmackDownOnFox

Kwinn pop ()

Things get personal on #SmackDownOnFox . A huge match is announced and leave it to @WWEBrayWyatt to keep the battle at home.

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Wrestling Writeups ()

Fiend Challenges John Cena To Firefly Funhouse Match #WWE #SmackDownonFox

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AhmadAbuJamous ()

At least this should be better than House of Horrors since were actually familiar with the Funhouse, and it’s a much more unique place. Should be fun. #SmackDownOnFox

Jack Bottomley ()

Commentary is making the difference in these no-fan shows! HHH, Cross, Miz/Morrison, Asuke, you need a buzzing commentary desk to get the energy up! #SmackDownOnFox

Evan ()

Nikki Cross on commentary was equally as strange, as it was entertaining. Solid match between Bliss and Asuka too, that was fun. #SmackDown #SmackDownOnFox

Leeann kimberly💀 ()

Never get tired of seeing @mikethemiz and @TheRealMorrison on my tv ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #SmackDownOnFox

ProWrestling.net ()

Grade tonight’s #WWE #SmackDownOnFox in our weekly post show poll:

Yaboibunnie ()

When u send yer video to audition for #SmackDownOnFox #FridayFeeling

ChrisR521 ()

What did everyone think of #SmackDownOnFox?I thought it was ok. Nothing special but watchable.

AR1 ()

@LightsCameraPod Friday Night SmackDown. #SmackDownOnFox #SmackDown

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Angel.999 ()

Finally WrestleMania Ladder matches make a return! Should be one every year tbh #SmackDownOnFox

Jack Bottomley ()

If that goes ahead (genuinely not sure how it will all go from now on in, this WM build has been the craziest ), that match is a cracking one on paper! Triple threat ladder match! #SmackDownOnFox

James Ellsworth ()

Fan reaction is the best thing about wrestling, or any sport/entertainment for that matter Can’t wait till there’s live interaction again! Truly not the same without it #SmackDownOnFox

DougEShow ()

Damn @StephMcMahon looked fine in that 2016 @WrestleMania flashback match. #SmackDownOnFox

DJ Radar ()

Am I tripping but does @WWERomanReigns eyes changed colors #SmackDownOnFox #Smackdown

⋆: ☘️𝑅𝑒𝑒𝓈𝒾𝑒:💚⋆ ()

I felt that hesitation from Sasha in seconds 😂😂 #SmackDownOnFox

Annaaa ()

This was so smooth! 🔥 missed the DDT so much , glad to see it again! Such an incredible match @AlexaBliss_WWE @WWEAsuka #SmackDownOnFox

Ashlee ()

Unpopular wrestling opinion: I still don’t like Roman Reigns as a wrestler. Respect Joe, don’t like the character. #SmackDownOnFox

☘️ David Moody ☘️ ()

Is it just me or does @MichaelCole get all the action at ringside? Well @NikkiCrossWWE had a blast. #SmackDownOnFox

Adam Smith ()

Watching all these throwback @TripleH Wrestlemania matches on the hot tub time machine is making me miss @StephMcMahon that much more. #SmackDownOnFox

Ryan Richee ()

@WWEonFOX @AlexaBliss_WWE Nikki Cross is all of us when #CoronaLockdown is over with. #SmackDownOnFox


I can’t wait for this virus to be over I’m tired of wwe showing old matches it’s starting to piss me off #SmackDownOnFox

Cookie ()

Um does Cole even know that Reigns has pulled out of his match with Goldberg? #SmackDownOnFox

✨💛jo💛✨ ()

imagine if @TaminaSnuka won the Smackdown women’s title at would scream with joy. @WWE #SmackDownOnFox

Life is Debateable! ()

What is @MichaelCole doing during the match recap? I hate this! I want normal wrestling back!!! #SmackDownOnFox

Dan ()

@FightfulWrestle Oh that was bad, wow like a cheap death scene from an 80s soap opera lol #SmackDownOnFox #SmackDown

Nikki Cross ()

Tonight @WWEonFOX #SmackDownOnFox Go Lexi!!!!! @AlexaBliss_WWE ❤️😁❤️😁 pew pew pew pew !!!! Get her!!!!!!

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