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Separation confirmed. Dragon performing 4 departure burns to move away from the @Space_Station

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Tracking footage of Crew Dragon’s descent, parachute deployments and splashdown

The Boring Blog
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NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley made their return to Earth on Sunday, August 2! 🚀🐉👨‍🚀💦 Read more:

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Ars Technica
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SpaceX now plans for 5 million Starlink customers in US, up from 1 million by @JBrodkin

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SpaceX trae de regreso a casa a astronautas de la NASA en una histórica misión -

National Geographic
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Los astronautas Doug Hurley y Bob Behnken han amerizado en el golfo de México tras convertirse en las primeras personas en pilotar una cápsula Crew Dragon de SpaceX.

Press TV
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#SpaceX brings #NASA astronauts home safe in milestone mission

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İstikbal göklerdedir diyen bir lidere sahipken, kendi içimizde yıllardır süregelen tartışmalara kurban gidiyoruz. Sağ-sol, türban yasağı, lgbt yok ateizm, yok magazin yok bilmem ne. O bunu dedi bu bunu dedi. Keşke tek gündemimiz ilim ve bilim olsaydı. Dünya bizi izleseydi #SpaceX

Covid Chester
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Big up #SpaceX for their recent landing, but if NASA landed on the moon in the 60’s, surely at this point space travel should be pretty routine?

sabakichi|Yuki Kinoshita ✍︎
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Abhishek sharma
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@AUThackeray @SpaceX Waiting for you to land in jail for murder of Sushant Singh Rajput and Disha Saliyan #BabyPenguin #babyPenguinAdityathackeray

The Quint
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The first American-crewed spaceship to fly to the International Space Station in a decade, returned back to Earth.

O POVO Online
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SpaceX: astronautas da Nasa retornam à Terra. Saiba mais:

BBC News (World)
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The moment two US astronauts splash down off the coast of Florida on return from the International Space Station, following a historic SpaceX mission. 🚀👨‍🚀👨‍🚀

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SpaceX returning astronauts to Earth for the first time while Dogecoin is $420M? A big day for @elonmusk.


Deux astronautes américains en route pour la Terre à bord de la capsule SpaceX

Zee News
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[email protected] का ‘क्रू डेमो-2‘ मिशन एक दशक के बाद हुआ सफल, धरती पर लौट रहे हैं दोनों अंतरिक्ष यात्री #NASASpaceX

SpaceX DM-2: NASA Astronauts Earth from Space seen from Crew Dragon 來自 @YouTube

Joseph ()

#asknasa Why did the Crew Dragon perform a loop around the ISS instead of going straight back? @NASA @SpaceX

Jasmeet Singh
Jasmeet Singh ()

@SpaceX @NASA What will be the velocity of Dragon while reentering the atmosphere? #asknasa

Neal C
Neal C ()

@SpaceX my 11 yr old would like to know how you are getting you camera shots & how do you keep the cameras safe on Dragon? #asknasa

TVA nouvelles
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La capsule de SpaceX quitte la Station spatiale internationale pour revenir sur Terre

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Jordan kendrew
Jordan kendrew ()

@SpaceX what is the reason for the long period between now and the de-orbit burn. Could they de-orbit sooner?

@StuRoth ()

@SpaceX @nasa we’re watching Dragon’s return flight. We’d like to know if the return trip home requires any manual maneuvering #asknasa

The PlugSeeker
The PlugSeeker ()

@SpaceX @asknasa #asknasa Do the astronauts get time to sleep during the long return journey ? Perhaps taking turns? From The PlugSeeker EV YOUTube Channel

JDM ()

#asknasa What time is the de orbit burn scheduled for tomorrow? @NASA #SpaceX @SpaceX

ImZahi ()

@SpaceX does the Dragon have ability to land propulsively on land in case of parachute deployment failure #AskNASA

David Richardson
David Richardson ()

@SpaceX why does the dragon capsule move so slow when it is departing for the ISS? #AskNASA

Dmitch1976 ()

@SpaceX could you please explain how the suits are removed and where they are stored in flight.

Mauneel 🦅
Mauneel 🦅 ()

@NASA @SpaceX My little one is how fast is crew dragon coming towards the earth? #AskNASA

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Separation confirmed. Dragon performing 4 departure burns to move away from the @Space_Station

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