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I HAVE MY THOUGHTS. But I’m glad this is being put to bed. See ya next year stagecoach..

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@LCH912 - Hi Liam if you email the details to @ we can look at it for you..

@balockaye_h Such a shame they didn’t show Kristina talk about Caelynn making out with another dude the night before you. I was at Stagecoach. And I saw. I respect you both. But you BOTH deserve the same respect.

Caelynn “dated” Blake from Jan to Mar, but in March cries on tv about how heartbroken she is for Colton. Then hooks up w Kristina’s date @ stagecoach in Apr, next night hooks up w Blake, says she’s cool, but cries to the world that he played her. #BachelorInParadise.

I do not believe Blake deserved time in the hot seat. All he contributed to this season was disdain for Stagecoach. #BachelorInParadise.

I only experienced this 3 times when I tagged @PethDerek in my Stagecoach post a couple days ago, I can’t imagine what @kayyorkcity is going through because I was annoyed but I only got it a few times 😂.

Did Caelynn Miller-Keyes Hook Up with Mark Dohner at Stagecoach?.

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Me - I wonder if bachelor contestants ever have like a reunion night where they all meet up one night off camera My boyfriend - yeah, its called stagecoach #BachelorNation.

Honestly, can we send a camera man to stagecoach? @BachelorABC @BachParadise 🤔.

@Autotrappic @MikeJohnson1_ was robbed and I guess I can tell him that face to face when we see him at Stagecoach..

Hey @Stagecoach, now would be a really good time to drop your lineup with all this free bachelor promo. Just sayin 😇.

Stagecoach and Blake are my favorite couple from this season. #BachelorinParadise.

Why is Blake a “Villain” for what happened at Stagecoach, which happened before Paradise, but Demi comes on while already in whole relationship and is a Hero. @BachParadise @demi_burnett.

it’s mid September but I’m already so excited for #stagecoach 2020 in April lol.

@SmellLikeGirl @BachelorBitchin Bc maybe he didn’t own up to anything. Not the Hannah G trip. Not trying to woo Taysha at Stagecoach. Not trying to keep his options open w Kristina. Not one thing..

@LTM_On_YouTube @PlasmaUkt If you go to MK, you might get just that with Stagecoach Midlands on X91 to Silverstone and Brackley, and X6 to Northampton 😏.

I hope Blake owns more than one pair of STAGECOACH!!! #BachelorInParadisefinale.

@Sayitt_Aintso @cyh1290 He didn’t deserve the treatment considering Caelynn slept with the guy Christina took to Stagecoach the night before Blake. The show edited it out. Christina called Caelynn out on it. Double standards..

So, what exactly is the relationship between “Stagecoach” and “Bachelor in Paradise?” Inquiring minds want to know. 😏🙃.

Can we have #bacheloreinparadise at @Stagecoach next year? That’s seems to be where it’s all at @BachParadise.

in case anyone forgot that my grandma’s the cutest person ever-she’s been watching bachelor in paradise all season and she just called to have me explain what stagecoach is.

From this season finale of @BachParadise I never heard of @Stagecoach & trust me I will never go. 🥵.

I guess BiP doesn’t need bloopers this season since Stagecoach was the biggest blooper of all #bacheloreinparadise.

@BGaytion Yeees! Was waiting for someone in the peanut gallery to open their mouths and say that! Talking stupid bullshit about pinatas and Stagecoach for hours but the minute someone needs to hear something real, *crickets*..

I HAVE MY THOUGHTS. But I’m glad this is being put to bed. See ya next year stagecoach..

The hookup texts from Stagecoach should have never been posted. End of story. #BachelorInParadise.

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