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A few years back, @StephenKing wrote some kind words about a show of mine and I about buckled at the knees. Happy 75th birthday to the master, Stephen King! #StephenKing.


Happy birthday to a true master of horror, Stephen King! 🎈👑.

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Judge Bates specifies no “leadership”, “no property destruction” and “no violence” on Jan 6 by Stephen Ayres. And judge reinforces; this is a misdemeanor case. Not a felony..

I mean…. When Stephen A right, he be right 🤷🏾‍♂️ and he was correct in every single thing he said here..

Stephen A Smith destroyed Malika Andrews after they got into it over Ime Udoka scandal 💀💀💀.

@ClayTravis Not a Stephen A fan. But he is right. Why not talk about and persecute Brett favre also? Why not? Explain.

Stephen A. Goes IN on the Celtics organization about Ime Udoka likely facing suspension for the entire szn. He right too 👀.

@barstoolsports Stephen A just ranted it’s racially motivated lol. 🤡🌎 is undefeated.

At one time the CIA channelled more than three billion dollars to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan- has there ever been a more naive “intelligence” organisation in the world ?.

Nobody is better at making something that has absolutely nothing to do with race about race than my man Stephen A.

@vinvillano @Canal_Televen Enzo pudieras saludar a mi hijo John Stephen en pueblo nuevo Tachira y hablar sobre la presencia de Venezuela en la United Nations creo que 2024 algo así Islandia pudiera ser rival allí.

@TheHerd @ColinCowherd Once again using a subjective poll to fit your narrative. This old school way of thinking. If we go by popularity then you would be considered somewhat unpopular based on your shows numbers compared to skips or Stephen A. Since your act is exactly like theirs.

I don’t always agree with Stephen A Smith. But I do agree that…. WHY TF IS THIS ANYBODY’S BUSINESS? Seriously. People defending the amount of coverage this personal matter has gotten and it’s insane to me..

@gladwell Inspired by your Iodine story. Did you know we can save $21tn dollars over the next 55 years by literally flipping a switch? BTW it’s completely free & instantaneous. Here’s Stephen Fry to explain but you really need to hear the backstory Malcolm.

Y’all remember when Stephen A Smith grilled D’Angelo Russell for his video showing Nick Young admitting to cheating on Iggy Azelea? Just keep that in mind when y’all wanna talk about his opinion if the Ime Udoka news. He don’t care bout the victims, only the narrative..

Stephen should have just said why are we even talking about this when Brett Favre has helped funnel welfare funds in the poorest state to build a volleyball stadium that cost a fraction of his earnings as a player..

@StephenFlynnSNP Stephen do you fancy putting your money where your mouth is? I say you are talking rubbish and willing to back that up to the tune of a £5,000 bet that shale gas will be flowing in England before Scotland is independent. You willing to back up your claim?.

Stephen A. just race baiting for ratings and Nothing new here.

@jeremywilsonnn It’s Stephen A. While he’s not wrong, he does bring up the race card any chance he can..

Stephen A. NOT SOLD on Tua 👀.

He would have been a collaborator in Nazi Germany and May well be one in Nazi Amerikkka. He could have a tight bond with Stephen Miller..

@Phil_Lewis_ I agree wit Stephen A. once this time, facts only the niggas they do this to! 💯.

Stephen King regresa a la fantasía por todo lo alto con una novela magnífica sobre un inesperado héroe que deberá tomar parte en la épica batalla entre el bien y el mal. 👉 🐧🎧 @StephenKing.

The new camera on iPhones is always a driver for me to upgrade and Stephen did a fabulous write-up on the new iPhone 14 Pro camera upgrades. He also explains where the 2x came from (we now have 1x 2x and 3x):.

FIRST TAKE | Stephen A. fully believes Giannis will lead the Bucks back to The Finals this season.

FIRST TAKE | Stephen A. says Bucks are team to beat if they trade Middleton for Westbrook.

Não há como ter LeBron James e Kevin Durant fora do meu top Não existe o inferno de 5 jogadores no mundo melhores que LeBron James e Kevin Durant. Isso é impossível! — Stephen A Smith.


@stephen_richer Had one that hung out in my moms backyard. Didn’t like it so much when I saw it grab a baby bird out of a nest and run away with the baby bird hanging out of its mouth..

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Rare Stephen A Smith W My top 5 rn in order Giannis Steph LeBron KD Jokic.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk recently claimed that “Patents are for the weak.” Partner Stephen E. Murray thinks you should take Musk’s stance with a grain of salt. Read our latest blog to learn why #patents are often vital to the success of a business..

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