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Could @AndrewYang end up tied for 3rd in Nevada on Feb 22 despite having suspended his campaign? #StillVotingYang #YangGang

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Newsweek ()

#StillVotingYang trends on Twitter as Andrew Yang supporters refuse to back Democrat rivals

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@scrowder @scrowder #StillVotingYang 🍀👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💪🇺🇸 His democracy dollars policy is the only policy that brings the power of mo…

Augusta Co. Yang Gang 🧢🗳 ()

I’m not the only one to have believed that Andrew is the only candidate that could beat Trump as the nomination. And I still don’t believe another candidate will win. Doesn’t mean all of those votes are wasted. As long as you vote for who you truly believe in! 🧢 #StillVotingYang

Cat Man for Yang 🧢 ()

#StillVotingYang , Yang still have the best matchup vs Trump. Yang/Trump will have a larger undecided base compared to a Sanders/Trump matchup that can be easily swayed over to Yang

NassauYangGang 🧢 ()

It’s on #YangGang! Let the people of Nevada know that #StillVotingYang can make a difference!

Sean Johnson ()

#StillvotingYang, I love that this has been trending. And to all the naysayers, quit insulting us and go vote for a subpar candidate. That’s your choice. Not mine.

Crazyknoll 🧢 ()

People may be wondering WHY the media was trying to hide @AndrewYang from 🤔 #StillVotingYang is trending now!

Human 🧢 ()

Andrew Yang on US in the World Presidential Candidate Interview Series #stillvotingyang #yanggang

EJ 🧢 ()

#StillVotingYang trending will teach some Americans the difference between primaries and general elections--but only if they want to learn.

Alma Vasquez house painter ()

@DHotwheelz yang gang are the best people!!!!!! #StillVotingYang because it is the right thing to do not the popular thing to do. patriots, true patriots, do the right thing not the easy, not the popular the right thing yang is the best candidate i do not care if he is broke i am broke too

Mindia Wichert 🌺🧢 ()

If #StillVotingYang is successful in Nevada, @AndrewYang may continue his suspended campaign. The #YangGang is stronger than ever and determined to shock the world. This primary election has just started. Aloha.

George Washington 💰🧢🌺🤖🌈🇵🇭🖖🏽 ()

#StillVotingYang because he has just a good shot as @BernieSanders

Angelo 🧢☂️🦇 ()

Keep the Yang family in the spotlight. The #YangGang will do the rest #StillVotingYang

Spaghetti With BolongYang ()

#StillVotingYang because campaign or not, his name is the only one on the ballot that stacks up against @realDonaldTrump

Jannah ()

Respectfully-Yang wasn’t my main, but I appreciated his perspective. I actually think #StillVotingYang is OK in the Primary but unfortunate truth is a write-in for him in the General is likely a vote for DT and if we’re talking policy MORE DT couldn’t be further from 🧢values 🤷🏻‍♀️

Jay to the B 🧢🐶 ()

@math_hatter Give me chills bro! Actually had tears of joy I would say!! #StillVotingYang

David Ma 🧢💰 ()

I voted for @AndrewYang on my mail in primary ballot in CA hours before he suspended his campaign. #NoRegrets #StillVotingYang

Kandake Joy 🧢 ()

I’m #StillVotingYang because two sides of the same corrupted coin is NOT a choice, I recognize what MSM does, and I am not convinced that a PREDETERMINED candidate reflects my views.

Melissa 🧢 Empath4Yang ()

#StillVotingYang I mailed in my ballot on Monday. Let’s actually stop and think about how bizarre it is that we allow 2 very white and small states set the tone for election seasons. All bets should be off, especially with a crowded field.

YellowFS 🧢 ()

Definitely still voting Yang. I was heartbroken when he announced his campaigns suspension. I’m feeling much better now that I will be #StillVotingYang !!!

Scott Santens🧢 ()

Another sign the #YangMediaBlackout is finally over is that @AndrewYang has never been more googled than he has in the past week. #StillVotingYang

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Scott Santens🧢 ()

Could @AndrewYang end up tied for 3rd in Nevada on Feb 22 despite having suspended his campaign? #StillVotingYang #YangGang

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Andy #YangEvery4Years 🧢 ♿💰🦅 ()

#StillVotingYang is trending top 5 and Yang suspeded his campaign Bro no doubt we have to be the strongest fan base of all time

ZahOreo ()

#StillVotingYang In the primaries, I’ll make my final decision when we reach the last candidates

Water🧢 ()

@carlieisms HUMAN CENTERED CAPITALISM NOT SOCIALISM, unless Bernie can endorse this then #StillVotingYang

Wolfgang ()

The @BernieSanders fans hate this # but if their guy doesn’t get the nomination most Berners wont vote at all! #StillVotingYang

Christopher McNeil 🧢 ()

MSNBC and CNN viewers, you really need to get a hold of your lives. The issues are bigger and beyond Trump. You still have the opportunity to escape your echo chamber and join us. Together we can defeat Trump and move our country forward because we’re #StillVotingYang

SmokeFace ()

If anyone is #StillVotingYang you should reconsider voting for a candidate who’s vision is somewhat in line with his. My bet is that Bernie will work with yang in his presidency. Also your vote counts hard af right now. BLOOMBERG IS IN THIRD AND THATS DUMB

Lisa Echerd ()

Voting for someone who has dropped out is like throwing your money out the window. Select a candidate still in the race that has a chance. #StillVotingYang

Megan McDaniel ()

@AndrewYang please call for this to stop- I love the enthusiasm but this is too critical of an election for this to be going on. Please endorse another candidate. #StillVotingYang

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