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Stormi please take that ghetto attitude to VH1 we don’t want it over here it’s not needed #LAMH.

Nope. Stormi wants to be THAT girl but she’s been clocked by Tiffany (of all ppl), Trisha and Destiny. Such a flop! Mel’s flunkie is just that 👎🏾 #LAMH.

Somebody direct Stormi to VH1 or Zeus. Go over there and get buck with the likes of Joseline and them people. F*ckin clown 🤬 #LAMH.

Stormi, Ms. Ma’am… imma need you to settle down, this the wrong “Love and” franchise 😂 #LAMH.

Y’all dislike for Destiny and Tisha is fine but to act as if Mel and Stormi wasn’t on bullshit at that table is laughable. Mel you don’t have to like Tisha but stop with the constant digs and then lying about what happened at the pajama party. #lamh #loveandmarriagehuntsville.

CANDIDS: Kylie Jenne passando com a Stormi no tapete do ‘Billboard Music Awards 2022’ em Las Vegas. #BBMAs  | 15 de maio..

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Stormi is beautiful. So is her nose and her beautiful brown girl features. Y’all are some haters. The self-hate amongst black women is real. Sad #LAMH.

So we gon act like Destiny being aggressive was okay? Stormi went tit-for-tat with her and she fell right into it, proving her “misconception” #LAMH.

Y’all please send Stormi to Marriage Bootcamp or Love And Hip Hop….this ain’t the show for her. #LAMH #LoveAndMarriageHuntsville.

Everybody mad at stormi for jumping into the conversation between Destiny and Mel but Tisha literally did the same thing #LAMH.

UNS FOFOS! Travis Scott terminou sua perfomance e ja correu para os bastidores para encontra Kylie e Stormi. 🥺💗.

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Love how kris jenner is making a generation of stars mimi ni wa kumfwatilia hivi stormi???🥲.

Stormi literally looks like this, and got the nerve to be inserting herself in mess and checking people with her ugly arse. I can’t stand her 🤬 #LAMH.

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😂😂😂😂 Wait did Stormi say you ain’t got enough to come at me?? Ate her up with that! #LAMH.

Stormi is absolutely on the wrong show. Get her gone somebody. At this point, I’m even rooting for Tiffany. #lamh.

Stormi said one thing right she definitely ain’t a sweetie she a whole sour puss #LAMH.

I know it’s other ppl in Huntsville who can take Tiffany and Stormi place bc they ain’t hitting on shit! #LAMH.

A família mais linda! Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott e Stormi no #BBMAs.

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I am glad they didnt fight, but it seems like Stormi is doing wayyyyyyy to much to take Mel side #LAMH.

Wait a minute…Mel is saying that Tisha turned hood but we not talking about Stormi’s behavior?#LAMH.

Somebody needs to give Stormi a crash course training in reality tv. Drag this newbie outta here🙄😒. You and Mel don’t talk about the others?? footage at the reunion will show that chiles #LAMH @OWNKeepItReal.

Stormi is doing the most. Tisha and Melody have known each other for years. They have a history. You just got here #LAMH.

They’re going to make DD (Detroit Destiny) come out. Stormi better leave her alone. #LAMH.

This show really didn’t need any of these new women that they’ve added over the years. Destiny, Tiffany, & Stormi add nothing of substance to the show. #LAMH.

@revlaurelj You’re right. And, Stormi’s doing way too much playing to the camera. Melody will keep her around just in case she needs to use her home again for a music video. #LAMH.

Did Stormi join the show to be Melody’s bodyguard? She’s way too feisty. Let Mel handle her own mess that SHE started. #LAMH.

Stormi needs to be slapped in the mouth…. Mel is going to turn on her ass too #LAMH.

MY SISTER DIDNFT KNOW i ws like gay GAY cuz last time we spoke abt it i told them i ws questioning and i was like no im gay and they were like stormi ur just like mommy baby STOP THIS MADNESS 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

Sooooo Melody has another lap dog, Stormi, since Destiny has branched off from her grasp. #LAMH.

@DmndNdaRuff820 She was letting her know they were all around so keep the same energy. I believe Tisha when she said Keke told her it was Stormi who brought her name up. And still Keke was trying to backtrack her words..

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