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MORE TROUBLE FOR TRUMP: MeidasTouch has uncovered footage from a CNN interview featuring new Trump attorney Joe Tacopina from March 2018 in which Tacopina admits to consulting with Stormy Daniels about legal representation several years ago, a potential violation of the NYS Bar..

“If they indict [Trump] on this, all of it but, the 1st one particularly this Stormy Daniels situation — the primary ends right there. He’s the Republican nominee and I guarantee you, he will win the presidency.” -Steve Bannon.

Soros-Funded New York City DA Alvin Bragg Meets with NYC Law Enforcement to Discuss Logistics for Arresting President Trump on Junk Stormy Daniels Charges.

If this was a functioning democracy, Trump would have been charged many months ago with plotting to overturn a fair election, and this Stormy Daniels stuff would be a relatively minor add-on to the many charges against him..

@MaryIrizarry24 The Manhattan DA is the arresting officer. The charges have not been announced. Could be the Stormy Daniels payoff or something else..

@puparulepatan HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ma poi a maggior ragione se viene escluso per cose considerate triviali (sto fatto di Stormy Daniels o evasione fiscale) e non per il 6 gennaio, anche il redneck del Montana si convince a votare Desantis perchè pensa proprio al complotto.

@SpeakerMcCarthy Unfortunately, Kevin, it was trumps justice department that came to the conclusion that Michael Cohen paid Stormy Daniels at the direction of individual 1 and that would be Trump.

@AaronParnas My prediction is he will never see jail time especially for Stormy Daniels. He will make a deal to not run for president and all the other charges will vanish. Then Ron Desantis will run and watch out he is dangerous..

@dabubbby @Jason_Z31 The state considers the method of dispensing the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels to be felony falsification of business records because of the manner in which the payment was transacted through mis lawyer vis-a-vis an LLC created for the sole purpose of wiring the money..

@JesseKellyDC Trump’s issue is the Stormy Daniels payoff out of his campaign funds. Which is illegal. If convicted, it’s a felony. No one is above the law..

@DonnieDarkened @disclosetv 21st of March is first full day of Spring, the charge is from the Stormy Daniels case and Putin was charged with war crimes the same day this was announced..

Stormy Daniels Photo,Stormy Daniels Photo by SpaceGhost,SpaceGhost on twitter tweets Stormy Daniels Photo

Donald Trump says he will be arrested over Stormy Daniels payments via @MailOnline.


Ok #Republicans he is again calling to “take back” the Country…. You may recall how that worked out on 1/6????.

@Mollyploofkins He has done so many other horrendous crimes, why is the Stormy Daniels entanglement, is what is going to get him indicted?.

@nanimoiranai11 ドナルド・トランプ前大統領は、ポルノスターのストーミー・ダニエルズに彼らの疑惑について黙っているために支払ったという主張で火曜日に逮捕されると主張している。 Donald Trump says he will be arrested over Stormy Daniels payments via @MailOnline.

@Googanbear @thevivafrei What crimes? He’s survived everything they’ve thrown at him - because there aren’t back to stormy pathetic..

@cspanwj Is this the news of the year? What will be the most significant news in American history—conviction?.

Trump, in posts on his social media platform Truth Social, referenced reports that he could soon face possible criminal charges in New York relating to a hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels..

Trump paid Stormy Daniels to go away, and this is illegal. But Bidens got billions in bribes and its fake news. Wtf is USA finished..

@RepMTG It’s is not a Biden DOJ. Trump is a serial law breaker, an adulterer, an accused abuser. He threatened Stormy Daniels before he shifted campaign funds to pay for her silence. He made his choices. Now he faces the consequences. We don’t have kings, we all live under the law..

Donald Trump says he expects to be arrested over hush money paid to Stormy Daniels | US News - { Donald Trump says he expects to be arrested over a hush money payment made to adult film star Stormy former US president said .

Stormy Daniels Photo,Stormy Daniels Photo by Eric Thompson,Eric Thompson on twitter tweets Stormy Daniels Photo

Trump claims that he will be arrested next week He is asking for Protest. Not this time. Not a repeat of Jan 6 th. Violence will be met with More Violence. This is called Justice. He is Guilty. The Storm approaches. No one is above the Law in America.

TFG delivers some good news for a change. 😉 #TFG #MafiaDonald.

Indicted ….The DA in the Trump case ignores violent criminals but is determined to get Trump bc of Stormy Daniels affair….

Donald Trump says he expects to be arrested over hush money paid to Stormy Daniels | US News.

Imagine a realistic image of Stormy Daniels shaking Donald Trump’s hand @PixiaAi $pixia #imagine.

Donald Trump says he will be arrested over Stormy Daniels payments 🙏 praise the lord!.

@gtconway3d My wild, outlandish, insane theory: Any indictment will delve into threats directed at Stormy Daniels and her family. You heard it here first..

@bobby_fairview What’s illegal? She took the money didn’t she ? Has she returned it ? This is all about Bragg trying to make a name for himself, who gives a fuck about Stormy Daniels one way or the other.

@TrueGrit10 @johncardillo Committing perjury is more serious than paying off Stormy Daniels. Paying her off wasn’t illegal- they’re just pulling the “in kind donation” card, which they threw out when John Edwards did the same thing. This is a lot of fanfare for little..

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