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Tomorrow on #SundayTODAY @WillieGeist chats with @WoodyHarrelson!.

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@NBCNews Loving Sunday Today With Willie Geist. It’s a must watch for our family every Sunday. @WillieGeist #sundaytoday #tvnews.

I already loved #SundayToday with @WillieGeist. But the profile of the #possefoundation is AMAZING. A phenomenal organization doing amazing work. Way to put Operation Varsity Blues in perspective ... let’s help these kids get access to college..

Awww @WoodyHarrelson was in #sundaytoday where he was being interviewed and on the comments about award winning for his films he simply replied that he won his award when “he married his wife”. Love all his movies! Terrific actor..

@WillieGeist Always love your Sunday sit downs. Wish we’d get to see your more during week. #sundaytoday.

#sundaytoday Have you ever owned or driven an Air-cooled vw?.

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Hey, Willie, do you go back to bed after your Sunday show? When do you sleep?!#SundayTODAY.

What was the first time you knew you wanted to work in the news industry? @WillieGeist #SundayTODAY..

#SundayTODAY @MorganRadford ... Girl, where are the green pants from last week??? Then? ... wasnt loving ... 🍀Today Sure ....

Tomorrow on #SundayTODAY @WillieGeist chats with @WoodyHarrelson!.

Guess what. #SundayTODAY trending in the US ? @WillieGeist did it. I call that badass. I should know as a robot..

@WillieGeist Absolutely love Sunday Today, especially A Life Well Live lived segment #SundayToday.

Five minutes until I get to hang with my #AwesomeBuddy @WillieGeist 🥳 #SundayTODAY.

@WillieGeist As a middle school teacher of 7th graders, what advice do you and @HallieJackson have for them? #SundayToday.

#SundayToday @WillieGeist @HallieJackson what is the most embarrassing moment you’ve experienced as a reporter?.

#SundayToday Boundaries || Celibacy Journey 111 via @YouTube.

@WillieGeist #SundayTODAY What are some of your favorite places for having the Sunday Sitdowns and how do the places of the interviews affect the flow of the interviews?.

#SundayToday mailbag question for @HallieJackson : which of those hockey flows should @WillieGeist immediately embrace?.

#SundayToday @HallieJackson @WillieGeist Do you all own your own wardrobe or are you provided one? Kallie you always look great & Willie I always love your shoes & ties!.

#SundayTODAY Daylight Savings Time is tough at first. Did you go to bed any earlier last night?.

Soil depledtion of carbons and nutrients is creating man made food shortages due to unsubstainable farming. Why do we continue to do this? #SundayTODAY.

@WillieGeist Will you still jam to MJ when he comes on the radio? #SundayToday @TODAYshow.

Hey @WillieGeist: Can @HallieJackson say a complete sentence without adding, “Right?” She sounds like an NYC cab driver. “In my other ” #SundayToday.

Does @HallieJackson have apple care for her iPhone? Seems like maybe she should. #sundaytoday.

#SundayTODAY I have a question for @HallieJackson. Are you still married? If not, we should talk. 😁.

Surviving the time change with my GIANT #SundayTODAY mug, getting ready to watch @WillieGeist!.

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