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#Svengoolie So much fun tonight! Thanks @Svengoolie for showing all these wonderful classics. Have a great week #SvenPals and nighty nite!.

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I didn’t know there was a big #Svengoolie Twitter community and now I know what I’ve been missing in my life..

What a fun evening. Great tweeting with you all. Hope everyone has a great week. Stay safe Goolies!!#svengoolie.

That was a blast. Can’t wait until the next show. Until next time, hope all my fellow Svengoolie fans have a great week. #Svengoolie.

Good night everybody! Have a good weekend and be good to yourselves! #svengoolie.

Thanks for the laughs everyone. You always make my Saturday nights better! Onto #MeTVStarTrek #Svengoolie.

Goodnight, Ghoulies! And remember to have hedge clippers handy if you ever turn into a Wolf-person for those pesky bushes. #svengoolie.

#Svengoolie So much fun tonight! Thanks @Svengoolie for showing all these wonderful classics. Have a great week #SvenPals and nighty nite!.

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Love the Pops on the shelf. Got some myself at Awesome Con a few weeks ago. #Svengoolie.

#Svengoolie Thanks Sven and all you Goolies for some See ya next time. 😀.

Now that was classic lol, just caught the last half hour. Have a great weekend Sven Screwies. 😁😁 #Svengoolie.

GREAT NIGHT SVENNERS - #Svengoolie brought Us a great one tonight - next week the 4th Frank - Ghost Of Frankenstein - WOO HOO !!! Seeya then !!!.

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Another great night! Thanks everyone! ⭐️ Have a good week and we will see you next time. 😀 #Svengoolie @lakeprincess.

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@JackalopeJamie That young blood and brains remark is a great bit. #Svengoolie.

What we need today is young and brains. -Bela Lugosi (as Count Dracula) to Lou Costello (as Wilbur), #AbbottAndCostelloMeetFrankenstein (1948). #Svengoolie on @MeTV..

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What’s with the baggy headdresses? Ladies having a bad hair #Svengoolie.

@GneissPetunia Why not buy the whole Abbott and Costello monster collection? #Svengoolie.

#Svengoolie Love Abbott and Costello! When I was young I was fed a steady diet of the 3 Stooges and Abbott and Costello! Bonus Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jr..

@DinsdaleKep All the Mad Scientists have beautiful handwriting in the movies. #svengoolie.

Doctor Frankenstein kept the his secrets of life book in the nightstand? Geez, you think it would be in his safe deposit box. He did have beautiful penmanship, BTW. #Svengoolie.

I need to buy Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein I also wish I could buy this episode of #Svengoolie like a special edition bluray😍📺📀.

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#Svengoolie Hey, MeTV fans, tonight you have a Batman back on Sci-Fi Saturday A Vampire Batman!!!.

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Identification cards were a lot more simple looking back in the day. #svengoolie.

Just got home, turned on #Svengoolie and saw one of my favorite movies of all time, Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein!!! Yaaaaaaassss!!!!!!!.

@NubaumMichael It was slightly more common in the era of silent movies. #Svengoolie.

@WBBZ Ohh My what a treat! Best movie Ever! Abbott &Costello Meet Frankenstein, an Wolfman, and Dracula Too! JOY JOY JOY! LOL #Svengoolie.

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