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Good night everybody. The movie is over but next week the House of Wax! Be good to yourselves! #svengoolie.

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@paul_farkas Goodnight, Paul, Gojira/Godzilla and all fellow #Svengoolie SvenPals everywhere! Enjoyed Sven & Dr. Cyclops (1940)! See you all next Sat. for Sven & his big broadcast premiere of House of Wax (1953) w/Vincent Price on @MeTV! Peace! Hi-Keeba!.

@jntweets Fantastic Voyage by Isaac Asimov. Best scientific treatment he could give it. #Svengoolie.

@chrishambyfilms @MeTV See ya Chris 🤡🙋🏻‍♀️ #Svengoolie.

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This is just the Borrowers except filmed in Costa Rica. #svengoolie.

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Have to charge #MeTVLostInSpace blah. See ya for Buck. #Svengoolie.

Another fine evening. Thanks for making it great. Have an amazing and safe week Goolies. #Svengoolie.

That’s another one in the books my Svengoolie peeps. Make it a great week if you want to. Deuces ✌️#Svengoolie.

Goodnight SvenPals! Meet you next Saturdayat the #HouseofWax. Same Sven Time, same Sven channel #Svengoolie.

Thanks again for House of Wax next week? All of a sudden I feel a cold coming on, would hate to miss work #Svengoolie.

After watching #svengoolie we are all blurred and our minds have definitely shrunk! - fine print joke of the week See you in 7 for House of Wax!.

Big Lebowski on vice land. Gotta do it. Cheers you beautiful people. #Svengoolie.

Good night everybody. The movie is over but next week the House of Wax! Be good to yourselves! #svengoolie.

Weird but wonderful movie. And the jokes were the best!! You guys should take it on the road!! Thank you so very much for the belly laughs!! Hope to see youse next Saturday to *wax* hysterical!! Have a great week!! #svengoolie.

Youare all hilarious! Sorry I went spastic! I got my vitamins today. #Svengoolie.

@ithildin_lady It would have been more interesting if.#Svengoolie would have shown a movie about dr. Zachary Smith escaping from a killer octopus.

I like that Bulfinch is quoting characters from mythology. He wrote the book on it. #Svengoolie.

I think my favourite Cyclops is the Irwin Allen one LOL! #svengoolie.

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Stand here! I will not! Stand here! I will not! Nothing like two adults acting like kids in a sandbox. #Svengoolie.

Did he just measure that pecker peeking out of the Hloryhole? 13 and a quarter!? #Svengoolie.

Is it wrong that I’m trying to figure out under what scientific principle shrinking would actually work? Nah. Never mind. #Svengoolie.

Come on back for your examination? Hell jump in Barbie’s Jeep and get out of #Svengoolie.

This is the prequel to “Lost”. Next the doctor will make a Polar Bear. #Svengoolie.

#MeTV #Svengoolie Now wait a minute, they had time to sew new clothes but Pedro still decided to wear a.

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Whoever did the oversized props really did do a great job on this movie. #svengoolie.

He sounds like the old guy (whose name for some reason is escaping me) from futuramaaaa #Svengoolie.

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