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ONE MORE DAY .... swatcbs SEASON 3 FINALE ... 10pm on @CBSTweet 🔥🔥🔥 Don’t miss it 👊🏽👊🏽💪🏽💪🏽 #swat

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Aaron Rahsaan Thomas ()

The last #SWAT theme song for the season. Hope you all danced, nodded your head or generally just vibed with the flow. @swatcbs @SWATWritersRoom

Aaron Rahsaan Thomas ()

So, that impressive plane crash? A product of very hard work by our #SWAT production and VFX family. @SWATWritersRoom @swatcbs

Crane Gma ()

West Coast new episode of #SWAT starts now @swatcbs @SWATWritersRoom Finally. Back tonight.

4 News Now ()

DEVELOPING: Spokane Police and SWAT team members are surrounding a house near 23rd and Howard where they say a domestic violence suspect has barricaded himself inside.

Ken2_Black ()


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モモカズ ()

@KEISATUJINSEI 日本の警察もどんどん米軍とかSWATみたいになっててビビりますね…

Tamera Wise ()

@Ryan_Milliron @DanielPantss I served in the military too and they are weapons of mass destruction!! No one should have access to these weapons except the military, swat or police!!!

みやさかみこと🌖🦅🎠 ()


しずく@FF14夢番地2D00-00F1-ECF8 ()

@Wat_Swat_FF14 前回だかぼっこぼこに出来て飲んだったたけど、今回はやられとるわ

J ()

@stabbityjoe Why is it not too like did they privatize, can u just call airstrikes on people now instead of having to swat them

SWAT_Odakyu ()

想像以上にクリエイティブ重症やんけw 新しく追加されたクソかっこいい扉をBRUTE Warriorsのマップに追加しようとしたけど、 あれ接近しないと開かない設定なのもムカつくしドア仕掛けは適用されないし今んとこ人が使うためにしか設置できない。 しかも環境破壊なしのはずなのにBRUTEがぶっ壊すしw

Frost ✰ 🚕 ()

@seanfromhell aye that’s cool but remember that time i saved yo grandma from getting hit by that swat car in a police chase

平和への道@彡トシピコ彡 ()

防衛ビジョンとして 自衛隊は重武装でなく、 軽武装・非武装路線に! 人間の安全保障による 平和構築にとって、 必然且つ重要な過程である。 自衛隊は災害救援部隊に、 捕獲目的のSWAT部隊に 自主防衛で編成すればいい。 信頼醸成すれば、 非武装化できる。 恒久平和を実現する。

Ryan M. Spencer ()

Looks like Hondo is batting 0 for 3 in the steady relationship department. First, Jessica, then Nia, and now it looks like Nichelle is focusing on her work now. Will Hondo find the right one? Nia made an overture to him when he started see Nichelle. Who knows! #SWAT @swatcbs

ω๏๏∂y ()

Recap: Did the Season 3 Finale Leave Anyone Hanging Until 2021?

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ソラノカケラ ()


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PrettieKittie26 ()

Hondo pushed Nichelle away because of his fears when absolutely nothing was wrong. I look forward to seeing him really heal in season 4. #SWAT

Kayla © ()

@xRubyDaCherry The police have the place surrounded, it sounds like they have one in custody already, but wait for the swat team and officers to come in and get you out! Stay safe 💞 we are all thinking about you

Katie Acton ()

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ✅ Season 2 On My Ipad Guy’s Grocery Games ✅ Food Network Chicago Med ✅ Season 5 Nbc Chicago Fire ✅ Season 8 Nbc Swat ✅ Season 3 Cbs Rugrats ✅ Teennick Dance Moms

AJ Kerbel (Text Trump to 88022) ()

I have just watched the Season Finale of I really wonder what will be happening with Daniel Harrelson, the team, and others, at LAPD next time. #SWAT

SDarnell ()

@TheKennyJohnson @LinaEsco So happy to get to watch SWAT tonight. I also dvr SWAT so I can get my dose of sexy 😊

PrettieKittie26 ()

@Shanice_Alsina It is but he really needs to heal so he can stop sabotaging his relationships. I feel it for him. #SWAT

日語能力測驗 ()

當我舉起這隻手 這是一隻代表玩家要課金的手 今天它不買到SWAT它不會放下

Abigail ()

When you wanted to live tweet #swat tonight but couldn’t look away. Bravo. @SWATWritersRoom

Habbo Times ()

Reopening: The classic agency known as SWAT is reopening their doors after closing several months ago. The agency originally opened in 2013. They are hosting interviews to anyone who would be interested in joining or rejoining the classic agency! #Habbo

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Doswallo ()

11:00 already? Wow, time flies. Flies. Made a friend with a fly once. I was very young. A fly was buzzing around my head. Instead of trying to swat at it, I just stuck out my hand. Eventually, it landed there and stopped. It was taking a break. I felt good.

Monique ()

Love love that Street and Chris scene at the end. 😍 I’m so ready for them to become a couple. #SWAT #Stris

Shemar Moore ()

Who’s ready for some NEXT LEVEL ACTION tonight in our swatcbs SEASON 3 FINALE?? Tune 10/9c on @CBSTweet #swat 🔥🔥💣💣💥💥

Shemar Moore ()

You Feelin’ Lucky ... Rabbit? We ain’t messin around Tomorrow night 10/9c on CBS!!! 🔥💣💥 #swat swatcbs

Shemar Moore ()

ONE MORE DAY .... swatcbs SEASON 3 FINALE ... 10pm on @CBSTweet 🔥🔥🔥 Don’t miss it 👊🏽👊🏽💪🏽💪🏽 #swat

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