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Pretty confident in saying Bruce Cassidy is a better coach than Don Sweeney is a GM, so.

Companhias para ir ver Donna Summer, A Pequena Sereia, Sweeney Todd, Naked Boys Singing.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but Don Sweeney should not be making any Bruins related decisions now or ever again..

The Bruins plan to keep Don Sweeney as general manager. Cam Neely announced the team hopes to sign him to a new contract soon..

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@Classicbritcom Just watched him last night in an episode of Redcap. Superb actor 👏.

i hope all my fellow sydney sweeney lovers have a very beautiful day.

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Ve başlıyoruz! Kargoculuktan, Sweeney Todd tarzı pastacılığa kadar(!) uzanacak yayın baş la dııı!.

@FlutoShinzawa No heat for Don Sweeney who whiffed on 1st line centers in 2015 and wasted the last halves of Chara, Krejci, Rask, Bergy and Marchy’s careers tho. Complete joke..

@ConorRyan_93 The Sweeney signing is a double down on all that is currently wrong with the the young talent overcome the GMs love affair with AHL talent?.

Can’t believe the Bruins are bringing back Don Sweeney. Writing about how big of a mistake this is soon, in my next column. #Bruins #NHLBruins @NHLBruins @DWSportsBoston.

@JPeslar Že Don Sweeney potřebuje zavolat paní Krejčí, že pokud by paní stačilo před věcnou dovolenou bydlet ještě chvíli v Bostonu, tak že má luxusní rezidenci k dispozici!.

Tielemans injured and still no place for Soumare on the bench 🤔 3-5-2 I don’t mind as long as the wing backs get forward Iheanacho and Vardy up top together did well last season. Barnes and Lookman off the bench if we need to switch up the system.

@justyouknowhyyy I know has a comment - but I can’t believe how far the fire Sweeney discussions are going. Yes, he fucked up a draft years ago, but who do you see as a better option ???.

So let me get this straight. The plan as of now is to extend Sweeney and get rid of Bruce? BRO WHAT..

@CoachJGrice Wait, what did I miss with Dabo “I’ll quit if they pay players (sike)” Sweeney.

Cadê os homens otários online? Consegui comprar um ingresso pra Sweeney Todd porém não era meia, o que significa que eu preciso de dois lixos me mandando ao menos 30 reais no pix pra não pesar no orçamento do mês 😘✌️.

Ryan Melley says the plan is to frame Don Sweeney for murder so this can’t happen..

@TGOT_msp @BostonGlobe Yeah it’s Cassidy’s fault that he only had 4 legit top 6 players and 3 legit defence men. Cassidy told Sweeney to go out and get a bunch of bottom D and forwards that can’t score as puck possession is more important than scoring. What a joke. Another 40 years for a Cup.

I can’t believe the @NHLBruins are sticking with Don Sweeney. It’s always the guys that should know the most that are the most clueless. @985TheSportsHub.

@Chiggs7 @RP3sViews Mike in Wutown, Petrov Mac and Not Don Sweeney are three of the expert accounts that fit this category.

@rv31416 @EKarinC A dangerous orchid? Never heard that before 😆 A calming voice like lavender, forget-me-not eyes and a chrysanthemum mouth….

@ShukriWrights Blame Jacobs. Can we get crafty Bob to buy them or better yet Steve Cohen. Everybody wants to blame Cassidy or Sweeney. The biggest problem is absentee ownership.

Sweeney getting a contract extension in the next 1-2 days?!? In this economy?!? #NHLBruins.

Liliana Porter, Argentine, born 1941; co-directed by Ana Tiscornia; music composed and performed by Sylvia Meyer; videography by Kathleen Sweeney; edited by Jeffrey Marino; lighting by Thomas Moore; Fox in the Mirror (El Zorro en el Espejo), 2007; digital video;.

@thetapeleader @McguirePetrov Those picks were necessary sweeteners to dump his free agent signings WHO SUCK. Matt beleskey(nash) & David Backes(Kase). He had to repeat it again last year with John Moore(Lindholm) & he’ll prob have to do it again with nick foligno. Sweeney is the🤡 of the nhl GM circle.

O maior erro do teatro brasileiro é não ter no Spotify as músicas das peças em português Só queria as músicas do Sweeney Todd em português. Sei lá prefiro algumas músicas com nossos artistas doq o original da Broadway..


@BruWINZ46 @bruinscoverage_ Like brought up Bruce to fill if they fired him, They will do the same damn thing, with Kevin Dean. They will go cheap again. SWEENEY GOTTA didnt make this team soft , or over pay for NF#17.

@TimSweeneyEpic Mr. Sweeney, have you ever considered make a OHV park in Mitchell country? It would help the economic growth of the community, and it would insure that there would always be someone watching your land..

@mlmcclin That’s the dilemma. It’s not that it can’t be done. But let’s see how it goes. Sweeney has been better at trades than drafting..

@_TyAnderson Neely does not want his buddy Sweeney to get fired. Shouldn’t he do what’s good for the team, not protect his friends ?.

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