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With Lou Whitaker, Alan Trammell turned 751 double plays. The four-time Gold Glove winner speaks about what a privilege it was to play alongside Sweet Lou LIVE in the booth. #DetroitRoots.

I’m not crying. Ok. Maybe a This #SaturdayCigar is for you Sweet Lou..

Sweet Lou Photo,Sweet Lou Photo by Tiger Kev,Tiger Kev on twitter tweets Sweet Lou Photo

The Tigers are retiring Lou Whitaker’s number 1 today. One of my favorite ball players ever. Well deserved Sweet Lou #DetroitRoots.


👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Tram and Sweet Lou belong together on that wall. #Tigers.

@tigers This brought tears to my eyes. I spent my childhood listening to Ernie Harwell describe Lou Whittaker’s greatness every night in the summer. We loved the @tigers, and we pretended we were Lou, Tram, & Lance in the yard. They were our heroes in Detroit. Sweet Lou is Detroit. 🐅⚾️.

I WILL be in Cooperstown when Lou Whitaker finally gets into the @baseballhall and that wrong has been corrected. Wish I could be in Detroit today, stand and yell LOUUUUUUUUUUUU one more time as the @tigers retire his number. Congrats to the greatest 2B of all time, Sweet Lou!.

“Sweet” Lou Whitaker’s Number retirement and “The Reveal” @tigers #Detroit.

Sweet Lou Photo,Sweet Lou Photo by Mark S. Lee,Mark S. Lee on twitter tweets Sweet Lou Photo

Lou Whitaker’s #1 in the process of being retired! Ron gave me my nickname “sweet lou” in his honor! Happy Day!.

Very grateful my family moved to Michigan in time for me to watch Lou Whitaker in person. This ceremony has been amazing. Long overdue and well deserved Sweet Lou- now put him in the Hall of Fame!!.

Sweet Lou got his number retired today. And can we all agree that he needs to be in the HOF in cooperstown. #getloutocooperstown.

My personal favorite Tiger. Congratulations, Sweet Lou, and thanks for everything..

@fsutoby Said it many times before, but there is only one Sweet Lou..

Sweet Lou Photo,Sweet Lou Photo by Doc Charles,Doc Charles on twitter tweets Sweet Lou Photo

Hinch turned Saturday into a history lesson for his players, making them look up Whitaker’s stats. Alan Trammell expressed his gratitude — saying his No. 3 would never be retired if it weren’t for No. 1. On Sweet Lou, cemented in Tigers history..

Tigers honoring Sweet Lou (and Trammell to a lesser extent) by hitting into 3 should be double plays in 1 inning is just too perfect.

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