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A prescient masterwork of resistance, written by the great Wendell Berry a decade ago and almost unbearably timely today, read by @amandapalmer to the score of a cricket symphony in the summer night.

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The orchestra plays The Symphony Of Love. They release a pure white dove. A call for peace for every nation. Music can bring us hope and elation. This beautiful sound is a gift from above. #vss365.

Helsinki Mahler premier Symphony 1. Nov. 1911 Finnish and Swedish text (Paul Banks/Helsinki Archive).

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Dear @mpetrinah Our bodies together We make a #symphony Good evening 😂😂😂.

In a place with the memory of a dragonfly, it is forbidden. We lean back and let the symphony of smell wash over; so deep in the city we are outside of it, for the space of a song, we absorb what time forgot. 2/2 #vss365.

He believed he was the greatest leader in the history of leaders & his talents were so grand that he conducted the world to play melodic bliss in a #symphony of cooperation. But what he actually produced was an atrocious dissonance, that only earplugs and 2020 could mute #vss365.

I saw u, Once, Standing alone, Moonlight cascading Over ur halo, Illuminating its glow, I knew u Were there To stop the Hands That cut The feelings Out of my Heart, My hands, Holding the Blade, Stealing the Symphony Of life, A spellbinding Feeling, You erased #vss365 #BraveWrite.

They turned a camping tent into a make-shift Bridal Suite. Crickets sang a #symphony. He watched his new bride as she undressed, a blush to her cheeks. There was an ever-present heat between them, and it mingled with the humidity of the Summer night. #Vss365.

#vss365 You thought you were writing a #symphony of destruction; All you did was compose your own funeral march. It was sad, pained, and lonely; and nobody showed up for the ceremony..

Joseph Haydn, Symphony no. 94 Sunshine Flowers Friday 🌿.

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ぼっちオタクアピールしたり一人で反省会してて絡んでくれる人おると思っとるからいつまでたってもあすぺの極み卍みたいな中身なんやろ いい加減みんなほっとけばいいのに.

誰とは言わん人別にわざわざ今月も来月も富山にこんでもいいとおもうよ びは毎日来てもいいけどさ.

Trees reach for mama earth’s bullying breaths elbow seeds from their fists mimicked by rain sown on skylights spindly bramble arms scrape glass cluttering ears shivering thought drafts suck shut the doors claim the house remind you who is the melodist & who the #symphony #vss365.

There’s a symphony in my head Drowning in cacophony of colours Splinters me sweet and sharp Could undo me but then Life’s breath stills Air hangs heavy I held you Became you Mesmerised you Ascension of accord Crescendo of harmony Melody of my life #Symphony in my head #vss365.

I could see it, hear it. Every note, every chord, every beat. The greatest #symphony ever written was right in my head. But when I woke, it was gone. Confined to the void with the rest. Poems, stories, songs and symphonies, destined never to be read nor heard. #vss365.

#vss365 So lonely I became That they opened up to me The trees, the fluting grass & all life that had a heartbeat I was at home, when all Things swayed & chirped Like a well orchestrated #Symphony Adagio trees moaning High pitched leaves Someday, come hear them Sing my.




3am and sleepless, her mind whirling with the agony of “what if”s and “if only”s, she tosses and turns, punching the pillow, throwing off the duvet and hauling it back on. Outside, the first threads of dawn pierce the night, the first bird starts its morning #symphony. #vss365.

We used to play beautiful music It was almost perfect In tune In pitch In melody But now, Our strings became It crumbles It breaks It tears We are #symphony no Because, our hearts refused to listen #vss365.

The line between #symphony and cacophony is a matter of opinion. Hunter never liked Big Trucks playing Mufflers Unleashed. It played over his favorite number - Forest by Crickets ft. Wind in the Trees. But he loved Jax, so they compromised. Trucks, then Crickets. #vss365.

Her black silky hair cascaded onto olive skin. A dancers body, she was a vision of taut power and control, her shape a divine hourglass. She could have been anything she wanted. Brains and beauty a perfect #symphony. Her neck snapped, just like all the others though. #vss365.

And so it cometh With its bright volume rising Heavens symphony Orchestra of angelic In movements prescribed for night Bewitching my mind Calling upon my soulmate Music to fall heavily Upon deaf ears #vss365.

A prescient masterwork of resistance, written by the great Wendell Berry a decade ago and almost unbearably timely today, read by @amandapalmer to the score of a cricket symphony in the summer night.

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