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acting like taylor swift doesn’t have the catalog to do the super bowl is nuts idc.

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@AnujSha113 Taylor Swift and it isn’t close at all. She has a better discography and has more versatility, diversity & creativity showcased in her music also Taylor is easily the better songwriter.

@_nomadic_soul It’s between her and T Swift according to my sources. My source is my mom and she’s a little biased to Twila..

5/11 Calm After the Storm by swift_wind (E) Her strength restored, Ray jumped up, pushing Ben over and hoping that he hadn’t just given his life for hers. Leaning down to his chest, she breathed deeper as the.

@VEGALLIANCE Oh yeah lol. If it is Swift…I don’t wanna hear anything from White people ever again.

Absolutely love it that my girl T Swift is doing the Super Bowl half time show. She’s gonna be great..

i don’t really care about football at all but i hate taylor swift so if anybody starts a petition to make sure she doesn’t perform at the super bowl halftime show send it my way 🫡.

If you say you don’t like at least 1 Taylor Swift song you’re lying it’s true it’s true.

@anitathetweeter I don’t know why it didn’t suffer with a swift visit from the yellow pages as soon as you saw it.

I can’t wait for the sick choreo at Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl show.


1) Went for 10 unique lineups instead of 5, gonna try 5 again for week 3, with lineup in both cash & tournament 2) Changing Swift (Q) for Mixon late was a mistake - don’t sit studs FFS, lost $ 3) Best lineups had 1 very cheap play (Dortch, Likely, Dulin), gonna stick to this.

Probably a blessing cowboys aren’t Super Bowl contenders cause ain’t no way I can get behind a Taylor swift halftime show 😫.

Por parte de Detroit, los siguientes jugadores están cuestionables: -Frank Ragnow -Deandre Swift -Aidan Hutchinson Hockenson Todos y cada uno de ellos son titulares y jugadores clave, veremos si los 4 juegan #SKOL.

All Too Well 10 minute version isn’t Taylor Swift’s best song, but this song does have the best outro. No, I will not be answering questions at this time..

Honestly can’t wait for all the closet incels on here to be 100% haters while Miss Swift absolutely kills it and opens with The Man.

@Nicklovin23 @gabriel_scully I agree but historically that’s been the case. I saw the Stones in chicago & on this tour. During the intermission, Mick would sing a song with a performer that wasn’t with the band. I figured since it was Chicago it either be Kanye or Buddy Guy but no, it was Taylor Swift..

@Blackimus12 So far through their careers, it IS a fact that JT towers over Swift. As I said, If you can find a sample larger than single-digit quarters, then maybe your take won’t be laughably dismissed as no more than a prisoner of the moment reaction.

No one wants to see Taylor Swift perform at the Super Bowl except for Taylor Swift fans who watch the Super Bowl. And I can’t imagine that’s an astounding number..

11/11 Calm After the Storm by swift_wind (E) Her strength restored, Ray jumped up, pushing Ben over and hoping that he hadn’t just given his life for hers. Leaning down to his chest, she breathed deeper as the.

@AshleyShyMiller You can’t bash her and then praise her in the breath! Pick a side & stay there! It’s mostly yt people that stay on the overrated train ever since she stop playing to appease them! Taylor Swift is more overrated but you don’t see us coming for her! Gaga wouldn’t agree with this!🙄.

the turmoil of being a woman is inexplicable but a thousand splendid suns - khaled hosseini, fleabag, little women, mirrorball - t swift, birth of venus (1485), the applicant - sylvia plath, strolling in shorts in toronto (1937)….

taylor swift night at a club an hour away from me next month and i don’t have anyone to go with… which one of u wants to go with me.

@abbymaynard1903 it’s crazy cause I am scrolling through your Twitter full of Taylor Swift and it doesn’t appear she made you loose any respect for her after being all white feminism! but still working with a sexual abuser but Harry dating someone that might or might have not lied it’s the end?.

@lavern_spicer Taylor Swift is one of the most popular (and talented) musicians of all time. 😂😂😂 We all know you don’t like her because she stood up against fascist Marsha Blackburn. I bet she still has tons of MAGAT fans!.

Monsters & Critics: Super Bowl Halftime Show 2023 performer isn’t Taylor Swift, despite fan interest #crime #news.

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also I think that everybody should give taylor swift albums shitty reviews until her fans quit sending death threats to critics who don’t give her perfect scores.

@lauren_n_roth That one you really hate, PUMPKIN. 😋 and I don’t know what other yet. Lemon meringue is my dad’s favorite..

@7foreverlucky Literally search up Taylor Swift overrated and harry styles overrated . I’m a person who thinks harry styles is overrated . People usually just don’t like main stream artists so they shit on them to be cool . Or people have different taste in music so have different opinions.

really weird coming across a tumblr post with like 25k notes that’s essentially just “taylor swift isn’t that good, it’s okay if you like her music but you have to admit her music and lyrics are pretty basic” and i’m sitting here like 😐 thought we moved on from this phase but ok.

@Sid_Seixeiro We can’t have each player having there own goal song either, cause people would bitch and complain….Example only 😂 Nylander having a Taylor Swift song..

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