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Guys - please join us this Saturday for a brand new #TAHLive ! We are raising money for food banks all over the USA. Tickets here PLEASE !! We need you.

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Léa ()

y’all @pagetpaget’s performance in #TAHLive was absolute perfection give that woman an emmy

Gospodyina ()

This is what YouTube semi-automatically booted me to after #TAHlive, and it is delightful.

Jena ()

The Bristleschmidt ladies (formerly Lynchtrees) - especially @autumnreeser - sound like they’re straight out of Ozark. #TAHLive

Sarah Shay ()

This was such a wonderful rendition -- I used to have the song in my busking rotation, but I was certainly never capable of making it sound this lovely. #TAHlive

Sara😈😎 ()

Me: (waiting for Paget to show up to #TAHLive) 👁👄👁 Paget: *shows up* Me: 😱😫😢🥺

Steph 💙 🇨🇦 #WheelsUp ()

@pagetpaget you were AMAZING in #TAHLive , as always ❤️ I loved the show 🎉 *Clink* 😉

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Dlt12 ()

Stayed up till 1am to watch it live, so worth it you guys were great. Well done on raising $60k for food banks👏 #TAHlive

Megan Salinas ()

That was absolutely lovely! Thanks again @ThrillingAdv for another spectacular show and for continuing to raise money for those in need. You all are the best! #TAHLive

AprilFoolsRebel 💙 ()

@ThrillingAdv Another outstanding #TAHLive - thanks and kudos to all! ( @janetvarney has the singing voice of an angel? How did I not know that? ) But especially well done on the money raised for a good cause!

Monica ()

Spooky @hallublin slow blinking and immediately snapping out of spooky mode was a magic moment #TAHLive

Genevieve ()

Side note: every time someone knows Paget from another of her shows but not TAH I feel personally attacked. Sure she’s great in everything she does, but she was *born* to play Sadie Doyle. #TAHLive *Clink*

Daynabase ()

“What’s more human than expecting others to get you out of your messes?” Sigh. Too soon. #TAHLive

Jason Cassady ()

“What’s more human than getting yourself into fixes you expect others to get you out of?” #Dead #TAHLive

Teresa Sayles ()

“What’s more human than asking other humans to get you out of your messes?” Too true #TAHLive

RuzGofDi @ Home 🏬 ()

“What would Frank and Sadie do?” “Drink.” “No!” Are you sure you’ve been shadowing them for any length of time? #TAHLive

KWoo ()

The shadows aren’t entirely wrong - if anyone would have a freezer of spare organs, I would believe it to be Frank and Sadie #TAHLive

Dalaney 🍀 ()

There are no bellybuttons laying around! There are no extras! 😂😂😂 #TAHlive

RuzGofDi @ Home 🏬 ()

“I have it on authority that your livers are very hardy.” Ain’t that the truth. #TAHLive

Karina the friendly Hufflepuff ()

Your livers are very hearty and your hearts are very lived in. Frank and Sadie Doyle: a summary #TAHLive

Anny Carrico ()

Paget’s Busy Phillips is so spot on it’s scary! #HailSadie #TAHLive @ThrillingAdv @pagetpaget

Andi Kichinko ()

I’m LIVING for how excited my twin sis is for @MarkProksch #TAHLive

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Daynabase ()

@MarkProksch shows up and you know the level of understated wacky is going through the roof. #TAHLive

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Alisa🦉 ()

AHHHHH!!! Mark Proksch!! @m_proksch !!! #TAHLive ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

JJHoFan ☘️🚀🌼🚀🌨️🚀🍃🚀🦉 ()

Oh no, they answered the door! Never answer the door. #TAHlive

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RuzGofDi @ Home 🏬 ()

“We’ve seen them open the door plenty of times.” But you missed how often they have tried to not open the door first. #TAHLive

Eleni ()

Ok @pagetpaget impersonating @BusyPhilipps’s flighty shadow might be my favorite thing ever #TAHLive

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Stevie Jackson 🏳️‍🌈 ()

I mean it when I say: @pagetpaget deserves another Emmy nomination for this performance. #TAHLive

Janet Varney 🏳️‍🌈 ()

I fear the waterproof eyeliner freckles I made for Brownie Finn didn’t show up on our #TAHLive stream. So here is proof they existed!

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Paget brewster ()

Guys - please join us this Saturday for a brand new #TAHLive ! We are raising money for food banks all over the USA. Tickets here PLEASE !! We need you.

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